Wotever Manifesto

The Wotever Manifesto dictates that respect will be given to all sirs, madams and wotevers…

Wotever, as a principle, abhors rules and boundaries, but this manifesto outlines the core beliefs that Wotever is based upon. August 2nd 2003 we opened the doors to the first Club Wotever night.

Respect and welcome to one and all. No matter what identity, or multiple identities any person may have or choose, Wotever welcomes them. This includes, but certainly is not exclusive to: drag kings, trans, queers, non-binary, women, mtf, femmes, trans, butches, gay, drag queens, dykes, bisexuals, ftm, men, straight…..Wotever etc. All will respect all.

No matter whomever, however, or wotever you are in any moment, we ask all to respect all others, no matter whomever, however or wotever they are.

Though we are open, we firmly discriminate against discriminators.

ABSOLUTELY NO racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ageism, disablism ….woteverism!

Any Wotever event or venue will abide by the above rules and require all those who attend to do the same. Wotever calls on others to do the same. Open dialogues and spaces for all wotevers!

We want to create a safer space for all and everyone. Our communities are constantly shifting, and our ideas and thoughts evolving, and not everyone will always agree. This is of course how we can grow and learn. We at Wotever want to encourage openness and dialogue, but with that can come risk. Our open door means that anyone can come in, and occasionally you may find that others shock, offend, or upset. We cannot guarantee absolute safety from that and no one ever can. But we promise to work to create community spaces committed to the principles of anti-discrimination, anti-violence, and anti-hate and we will always challenge anyone who breaks these principles within our walls.

Sense of Humour. We hope that you will have one and share it with us all. Wotever likes nothing more than a laugh, a giggle and a guffaw. I mean this may all read very seriously, and it is, but we are all very serious about having a good time. Seriously. Imagination and an open mind.

Wotever hopes to inspire the imagination and open the mind through the initiation of all of the above.

Perform, enact or just be Wotever. We welcome all forms of expression, on stage, off stage, visuals or installations.

Wotever Create! Create Wotever!

Wotever is a NON-PROFIT organisation and we want queer art, performance, lifestyle and theory to be out there in the WORLD!


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