Bar Wotever Crew


Linnea Frank

WebDesigner, Photographer and fellow Fika Lover. Joined our crew 2016 –  Website





13310518_10153453746716721_6752624640038205387_nLysander Dove

Manager of Bar Wotever!

Handy Helper at Bar Wotever (and Wotever events) since Feb 2015, then Bar Wotever manager since June 2017. He’s doing a fabulous job and we love him!

Best thing with the job? ‘Seeing acts develop and our wonderful audience’

Worst thing with the job? ‘People late for soundcheck’


13316986_10153852147888393_2390859351136356983_oHarry Venson

Sound and Light Technician, started summer 2014 by learning from Liam, prev techie.

Favourite thing by being a techie?  Touching knobs. Make people sound banging.  Doing flashy lights. Learning stuff as I go. And meeting all sorts of interesting peoples.

Dream gig? Essential Logic, because i like her saxophone skills.

11219138_898475206873424_4716660765302983852_nJo Bunny

DJ at Bar Wotever since 2006.  It runs in my blood as my Dad was a professional DJ.  I now mentor newbie DJ’s and lead a pack of fabulous DJ’s with a fabulous variety team of DJ.  Different music every week!  Tune I always play? Proud Mary. ‘Nice and Rough!”

Top Tips for aspiring DJs? ‘Know the music you are playing, enjoy it and watch the crowd!  Its party time and it’s your floor’!!  WebSite





Kevin, The DoorBear

Been with Bar Wotever since Spring 2014, welcoming you all at the door and make sure all act and involved gets paid by the end of the night.

Favourite costumer? Anyone who avoids paying with shrapnel.


Ingo Cando – Wotever World Manager


The brains behind Bar Wotever and Wotever World.  Best thing about the job?  There’s always something happening, I love that my job is to be curious! Having the chance to come up with new things to do and knowing people who can make my ideas possible! I love saying YES to new experiences!Worst thing about the job? I have to be so versatile, and it’s hard sometimes to follow up and remember things and… to budget!

Benjamin Butch – PA to Ingo Cando

bb fmas

Benjamin Butch has been working with Wotever World for the past year. He is Ingo’s right hand man and keeps them in check with spreadsheets!

Best thing about the job? Meeting and talking to extraordinary people every day! Worst thing about the job? I have developed a huge love for Halloumi Cheese!

Kaye Medcalf – Stage Hands

Kaye has been helping Lysander with Stage Management for the past couple of months. Kaye is the magic mover of the props, sweeper of the glitter and mopper of the liquids in between acts at Bar Wotever!


Helen Alazhar – Photographer

Helen is our resident photographer, they snap up the atmosphere of the evening, the performers, and the audience! If you don’t want your photo taken on the night, you can let Helen know and they will be happy to keep you out of shot!