Wotever Cabaret Icon Photo

Time Flies when you are having fun…

This picture was taken as a promo pic. We were asked to take Club Wotever and our Wotever Cabaret on tour. We had gigs in Warsaw and Stockholm coming up and we also had a show at Hackney Empire planned…

The set up was easy, I just called the venue where we had started Club Wotever, a venue called Bar-B-Lo, and asked if we could come in and shoot against their brick wall.

Photographer Sam Nightingale, who also was part of the original crew took the picture. We were all in our performance character, showing who we were via costume and attitude. Jacq, the Fabulous Drag King Trevor 4 Ever, one of the absolute funniest people I ever met. Seriously, Jacq have such a big heart and always made it easy with plenty of humour and easy going attitude. She brought tons of skills from touring and performing in Melbourne. Me, Ingo in the middle. I am my alter ego Red Viking, a Drag King with political pathos and somewhat boxer instincts (Red Vikings story later became part of the show & film The Lovers & Fighters convention), To the right, Lazlo, Lazlo Pearlman, the showman and performer extraordinary, he did his Gender Magician and travelled around with a big box. .

Sitting you see Josephine, the lovely Josephine Krieg (was Wilson) Matrix Calm, Dancer and Accademic – she brought style and diplomacy to the group and her talent as a performer have only grown over the years.  Maria, DykeMarilyn, the brain child of Jimi Hendrix and Marilyn Monroe, she performed with such a style and such class.

Picture is from 2004.

promo pic for Wotever Cabaret
promo pic for Wotever Cabaret
















The Picture was also picked up and used in Metro, Warsaw when we went there an ddid a show. This is us, Front Page.

We are in Warsaw Metro
We are in Warsaw Metro



Queer Fayre: Harvest

Welcome to another QUEER FAYRE

After a long and vibrant summer, we will reap what we’ve done. Sell what we no longer need, and share our crafty skills. All Sellers are highly amazing! You will find things you had no idea you need here!
There might be a BBQ, and there DEf will be FIKA. We are spreading the Swedish way of getting a coffee, mix it with some cake and plenty of chatting…

+ RVT keep the bar open for your refreshment needs

Saturday 21 September

Doors 2-6

Entry £2

Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY London

All welcome!

Want to BOOK a Table?
Get it Now, via this link:Stalls only £10
Want to BOOK one?
Get it Now, via this link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/8090325381


What is Family?

It can be many things, people we are related to , people we love, and people we chose. One of many definitions google gives us are: ‘Two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another, and reside usually in the same dwelling place.’

I think WE are Family.

Wotever have during the years become somewhat of a very  chaotic family, where cousins & siblings come and go, where we get visits by distant relatives from afar now and then,  and we keep in touch via emails, reading each others tweets and status updates on FaceBook.. Recognise ourselves and others by the videos and photos we share widely. See the resemblance in our looks and oooh and aaaah over how utterly Different we are, yet the same. It’s something about the eyes…and the hearts. There is def a Family resemblance between us all.

We support each other to learn new things, educate ourselves if so within art, performance, music or biology, we share meals together and we are there when the depression gets us down,  and our bodies are not so able,  and, together we def stay stronger…

Who is what within our Family is up to each and everyone of us to decide as generations meet, connect and roles vary and change. Together we grow up. We swap ideas and hugs on a frequent basis, and we share joyous moments as well as sad ones with each other. Not everyone know each other by name – but we are connected! Over borders, distance and TIME. And this Family is always open for new members, people we pick up, meet and who wanna be part… This is NOT a clique, we all come from various strands of stories and backgrounds…. we simply chose this. At the moment. For awhile. Just NOW! And some of us stay longer… It’s Family

Wotever Family!

Wotever Family
Wotever Family

This portrait was taken the other week by Sara Davidmann. She had asked me to be part of a book re Trans & Relations and I had this idea of taking a pic with me and some others with our tops off as in saying, our body is not our gender and I wanted this to be with friends and people I know… The idea to snap it on stage one Tuesday during Wotever Sex came up and we did set it up. I thought, why not take a Family portrait, with clothes on, as well when we can. So, on the evening 20th August 2013 I invited everyone that was there at RVT to join me IF they wanted, I said, If you like what Wotever stand for, If you feel part of Wotever, if you want to be in this Wotever Family portrait – you are welcome to be part. And people came to the stage. So many! We filled it and I think there are many people we can not see in the picture, as this was overwhelming… Pretty much EVERYONE came up and wanted to be in our photo. As, we ARE Family!

And yes, we snapped the half dressed pics too, but that you will see in the book when that is out. I just want to say a MASSIVE thank YOU to all of you who took part of that shoot. You all look amazing!

with Love & Respect, //Ingo x


FMAS #05

This year Club Wotever celebrate ten years of queerdom and amazing parties!
Female Masculinity Appreciation Society #05 will be celebrating this!
FMAS #05 is a Mega GLAMOUROUS Celebration!


On Stage we see favourites like Duncan D’Nut & more tbc
Music provided by Westlake & Hug the DJ!


Inspired by well dressed, daring and active women and men who like to socialising.


Female Masculinity Appreciation Society

This is an evening, all in aid of Female Masculinity, for all of us who are, all of us who want, all of us who live, breathe and play with it…..

If you want to join, please follow the rules:
~Dress to Impress~
~Enjoy the Light Entertainment~
~Sweep them off their feet with your dance moves~
~Interact in Classic Conversations~
~Watch Moving Images from the past~
FMAS05Friday 13 September

Doors: 8pm-1am

Entry: £7
Adv Tickts £5 here

Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY London


It will be HOT! Well Dressed! And Fabulous!

Wotever Talks


Talks about what makes us tick!

Wotever TalksWelcome to our series where we create a platform and share Queer Knowledge!

Things we know, are passionate about and think others would benefit from knowing. This is inspired by TED talks, which we are big fans of.  Topics should be very varied and the reasons for talking about them should be personal and passion. Queer Issues (your PhD?!), Body Activism, Food, Hobbies, What you work with…. Talk about what makes YOU tick!

Sharing is caring, and no matter what you will talk about, or what’s your field of expertise I am sure you will inspire and make people think. And that is Never Ever a bad thing!!

Would you like to be part?

What would you talk about? Want to share?

Talk can be anything up to 15 minutes. Normally with a short Q&A after.

Dominic Davies gives a talk and insight to Pink Threapy
Dominic Davies gives a talk and insight to Pink Threapy

Most of the filming/talks will take place at Bar Wotever, our Tuesday events at RVT, but some can be filmed elsewhere too, depending on time and set ups etc.

Videos will be uploaded firstly on our youtube  and vimeo channel under their own Wotever Talks umbrella. But will also be shared in collaborations with other queer web based magazines/blogs and social media.

Fancy a spot? Want to be part of this?

Please email: woteverworld [at] gmail [dot] com with proposal of what you want to talk about, a bit about you and when it might suit you.

The legend Michael Brown who came and talked about LGBT history with us. Sadly he passed away 81 years old this summer, but we can still hear him in our recorded videos from his fabulous talks. R.I.P dear Michael.
The legend Michael Brown who came and talked about LGBT history with us.
Sadly he passed away 81 years old  in 2013, but we can still hear him in our recorded videos from his fabulous talks.
R.I.P dear Michael.

Since we started this in January 2013 we have had so many amazing talks on such a variety of topics like, Jammology, Pink Therapy, Bear Community, Capitalism, BDSM, LGBT History, Polyamory and the moving and touching story of ‘My Child Came out as Trans*’

Topics Vary as much as our Community is filled with a variation of humans… Share what makes YOU tick!

Thank You in advance!

Wotever Create – Create Wotever!

We celebrated it all…#woteversex

Now it’s over… we did three evenings packed and filled with things, thoughts, ideas and people we like.
DSC_0210First, thank you all who came and did it with us. Thank You all artists: Sophia Blackwell, Brian Lobel, Stav Bee, Rubyyy Jones, Rhyannon Styles, Faggot, Arkem, Jacqueline Applebee, SnakeBoy, CN Lester, MIss Cairo Mascara, Meth Any, The Fierce Family, Rosie Lugosi and The Dream Bears
Thank you Audience for being so lovely.
The topics Love Lust and Death, was looked into, discussed, shared and enjoyed
1-24 1186026_10153295480730727_278979122_n Rubyyy-130813-18 550292_10153295480680727_1932789706_n 547209_10153295480720727_468579127_n 558021_10153294390850727_1482626360_nThe other  Night 20th Aug
– we took a Family Photo, it was joyous, all who wanted got up on stage with Ingo and the Wotever Crew, took our tops off and screamed ‘Our Body is NOT our Gender!’
– we saw people looking for love
– started with a Bang by Fierce Family and the Classic Madonna tune Like a Prayer. Gold
– had a mime artist (Gem Skii) showing skills Charlie Chaplin would have been proud of
-didn’t make it clearer if we are dancers or indeed Humans? What we knew tho is that Adam All have a girlfriend called Apple. CuteThe other  Night
– DreamBears were DreamGirls and we believe them
– We had so many snap happy skilful documentarists in that room. Thank you for keep on snapping us, what we do and how we change over the years. Sometimes photos lie. But we love you snappers! (AbsolutQueer Photography, Sara Davidmann, Oskar Marchock and holding the camcorder so well DJ Jo Bunny)
– Heard tales of joy and survival from Rosie Garland
– Enjoyed new project, SoundPorn
– shared a bottle of True Blood with Meth Any
– Enjoyed yet another Roaring Belly Rippling DanceBonanza by SnakeBoyDSC_30107 DSC_30094During the whole evening
– we saw old and new friends of Wotever World be welcomed by the door from the Fierce Princess FelineQueer, aka Maria and her loyal companion Neil
– we celebrated CJ Bruce’s amazingly Joyous News!
– we were looked after by the tech crew, Joey, Liam & Serena. Louder we said! And they turned it up
– we wrote pieces of poetry and thanked all things/people we like and love

Towards the End of the Night
– we were there, holding Miss Cairo in our arms
– we learnt important lessons from Rubyyy Jones and got to finally see their BreakDance Skillz. Mega!
– we lifted the roof of RVT when the DreamBears became Nicki Minaj and ROCKED THE HOUSE!
– we kept on dancing to the tunes of Puja Maniar, aka Hug the DJ
-Wotever sex have been awesome and we ended this sge of Life Lust and Death With a Bang!


Last night we went home with a warm fuzzy feeling, a happiness you can not measure and buy. Love Life before you Die!

My Body is Not my Gender.

Welcome to the Family!

We will be back with MORE! Make sure you catch it!




Thursday 26 Sep

Sweat – queer playspace for women, trans* and genderqueers.
Join us for more fun times when we welcome you back to yet another hot and steamy, different, night out.


What people said after the summer event;

‘Thanks to everyone I met last night and to the organisers — what a brilliant event.’

‘Sweat keeps on getting better and better. It’s the most consistent great night out!’
‘Sweat was sensational, I will certainly be coming regularly!’
‘Thanks everyone. Had an amazing time, and what a group scene! ;)’
‘Yes Yes Yes!’
‘It was a brilliant night, just what I needed. Can’t wait till the next one.’
The venue is secret if you have never been but is in south/central London:
details when you book your ticket.

Please note: this is a sex and BDSM play space and the event is only for
women,trans people and genderqueers (whether assigned male or female at birth).

Tickets cost from £12.50 to £22.50, with a very limited number of the cheaper tickets
available only for early bird bookings.
You will notice the prices have gone up by £2.50 on the cost of each ticket. This is the first price rise in the 2 years since we have been running the event and is something we regret having to do, but the venue rental costs have been going up every time and we just had to do it. You still get a fantastic evening with lots of hot people, in a great space with your own locker, a towel, the possibility to bring in your own drinks and food (no glass bottleTickets can only be purchased online.
Please note that tickets are non-refundable.

If you want to get in, you have to on our mailing list, get vetted, and then you will get access to ticket link. Email: sweatlondon [at] gmail [dot] com

You also find us on FetLife in our group SweatLondon, there you can chat with others who go and ask questions etc..


Wotever Sex, so far

Over the last weeks we have written notes and messages for people and things who have passed, People, ideas and stuff we have lusted after. And tomorrow we will write notes about people, stuff and things we are thankful for.

For the Forth year running we take part in Hot August Fringe with fresh, thought provoking and amazingly sexy stuff. We invite some of our favourite Performers and give them free hands to work within our theme, and this year it is:

LIFE – what is a good life, what sort of Queer Life do we strive for? Are we happy? Life Skills for QueerBrains…..

LUST – my lust, your lust everyBODY lust? Lust that scare and lust that hurts, in lust we love and trust…

DEATH – one thing that is so human. We are all gonna die. What is death, how do we celebrate the ones who died. Straight Death vs Queer Death. Bed Death and Beds Alive…

Three Tuesdays that are connected and clever, Different and Diverse. Erotic and Potent. Queer and Normal.

plus More Films, Music and Party!

The first two weeks have been filled with amazing acts, words and celebrations with Sophia Blackwell, Brian Lobel, Stav Bee, Rhyannon Styles, Rubyyy Jones, Faggot, Arkem, CN Lester, Jacqueline Appelbee, Snakeboy and much more Rubyyy Jones.  

Wotever Sex 2013 Photo Paul Grace
Wotever Sex 2013
Photo Paul Grace

This week we do the last one with even more LOVE, LUST and Celebrations. On stage 20th August is Rosie Lugosi, Duncan D’Nut, The DreamBears, Gemski, Adam All, Listen. – Audio Porn, Miss Cairo Mascara , Meth Any, Rubyyy Jones with her Fierce Family

Wotever Family Photo with prof. Sara Davidmann – Interaction

Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Show start 7.30

Entry £7 or £5 HERE


We did a party for UKLGIG in May

…and this is the message I got from them.

Dear Ingo,
UKLGIG is extremely grateful for your amazing support for our 20th anniversary party. It is the general consensus that it is the best party we have ever had. One of the reasons for this is that there was a mix of ages, classes, races, genders and sexualities who all happily mixed with each other. Everyone’s enjoyment was enhanced by the cutting edge entertainment and the excellent DJ. The management you provided before and on the night was fantastic and it could not have been the success it was without you.


it was always our intention that as many as possible of those we work with could attend and this could not have happened without support. It is gratifying that you and the others understand the importance of this and hopefully you saw that their presence made it the exciting event that it was.

We and our clients are very grateful to you fot making the night so enjoyable for everyone.

IMG_7518-me IMG_7607-me IMG_7535-meKind Regards,

Erin Power
Executive Director www.uklgig.org.uk

Ingo is always up for using all their experience in helping out and creating special events for you and your workspace. If you ever need a hand with creating a welcoming and exciting atmosphere. Do not hesitate to contact them on woteverworld [at] gmail [dot] com

IMG_7511-me IMG_7512-me IMG_7501-me

Wotever Sex last night…

Rubyyy Jones, Wotever Sex
Photo: Paul Grace

When we do it together, nothing can stop us.
When Beauty gets on stage, share stories and move us so much we have to take a break and just be for a moment.
Wotever Sex: Filled with Cream last night was one of those nights. London need to wake up and appreciate the beauty they have within! Mega Super Massive Smooches and LoveFilled Balloons to CN Lester for not only amazing music but also for the most glittery cupcakes, Arkem doing RVT proud, as Arkem in RVT wearing Arkem at RVT… Mind boggling on the smaller scale. Films of beauty and Lust in Ingo‘s special Queer Feminist Pornos, Applewriter with so much creaminess the nipples grew hard and we all needed a break to breathe. Beautiful!
Rubyyy Jones with more tales from the outside, the need of family and how DragQueens saved her life! And then Shoes…. I want shoes too we cried! SnakeBoy, SnakeBoy Hips don’t Lie, these are extraordinary hips and they shake, move touch and make the room so hot and steamy…. What a Night! Wotever Sex last night was indeed LUST! Plenty of LUST!

As always the crew did a FAB job with smooth moves, flowery displays and great tunes! Thank YOU For it all!
Let’s do it again! Let’s do a show next week (20th Aug) that end this years Wotever Sex series with packed rooms and with a massive BANG!

Till then!
Thank You and Bless this QueerLustFilledLife!

If you like what we do, and have a few quid making noise in your pocket. Feel free to Donate HERE for Wotever World upkeep and many more events in the future.