Bar Wotever

Bar Wotever
Weekly Queer Variety Show at RVT

Bar Wotever started back in 2005 and every Tuesday night at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern we put on a full cabaret show with some of the best performance artists in London! Many names started out at Bar Wotever and we work with a huge group of up and coming residential performers. Bar Wotever is one of the hottest shows in town and it happens every single week without fail, it is part of living queer history! You can expect to see drag kings, drag queens, drag without gender, live music, poetry, dance, burlesque, different bodies exploring and celebrating many different art forms. All we ask from our audience is that you expect the unexpected because each week is spectacularly different – no two shows are the same. After the cabaret show music is played and the dance floor is open up until midnight so you can dance the night away with new and old friends! Get tickets for the most talked about queer show in town either online or on the door. Full List of who is on via our Facebook Page/Bar Wotever

Royal Vauxhall Tavern is a Grade II Listed Historical building and well worth a visit in its own right. 

Online Content (5/3/2020)   As all our events and social meetings are on hold atm, due to Covid -19 we work behind the scene to create online content and go through our digital documentation. Thankfully we have a lot to share and show from all our years. Here’s a video created in 2015 when we all were working

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Bar Wotever Online (4/7/2020) Due to Covid 19 all our regular weekly meetings are postponed, but we have many videos in our archives, and every week we do a Bar Wotever Online. Here is tonights show! Max the screen size, up the volume and come with us for a night out at Royal Vauxhall Tavern! You will see, Crystal

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Upside Down at Bar Wotever Are you one of the Humxns of Bar Wot? (2/10/2020) A Call Out and a question if you want to help/be part!! BAR WOTEVER turns 15 in MARCH! and we will celebrate all month! Keep your eyes peeled for our line up announcement along with our headlining hosts, but we also wonder if you who have been, on or off stage would like to share

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Cabaret in the Theatre (12/9/2019) The Bar Wotever Blow Out Show at OvalHouse brought fabulous acts and interesting stand points to the audience and the stage. There was a range of Spoken word, Dance and  Song. We performed in the rubble and almost demolished stage and theatre room… It is def a building site. ‘A fitting tribute to the history

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Cabaret Challanged?! (11/6/2019) What if we never see and think we should make an effort and go and see Queer Cabaret, other than Drag Queen Cabaret? Last night at Bar Wotever a woman came and sat next to us, we started chatting and yes she was visiting and yes she had been recommended to come to Bar Wotever

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We Won! (10/14/2019)   …and here’s SOME of us…Bar Wotever is made by/enjoyed by/participated in by a load of people. This is some of us there on the night. See more Photos from QX Cabaret Awards    
Fabulous Line Up this week! (9/2/2019) BAR WOTEVER THIS WEEK Will Be Hot Hot Hot! Our host Shakona Fire with our headline acts for Tuesday, Jordan Charles, Mawaan Rizwan, Cerise Rei and Oedipussi! Come down to Bar Wotever, as you seriously don’t want to miss this line up!! Doors at 7pm, show from 8.30pm all at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern  Tickets

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Vote for us in QX Cabaret Awards 2019! (8/30/2019) This is really lovely, Bar Wotever is up for Best Collective, and Ongoing Cabaret in QX Cabaret Awards this year. As are Ingo Cando for Producer/Promoter as well as Lysander Dove! Plus there are PLENTY of our Amazing Performers and Acts nominated in various Categories, As well as our Non Binary Cabaret!  So, if you

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Audio Description Cabaret (7/25/2019) From 30th July 2019, all Bar Wotever events will have audio describers for the visually impaired members of our community. We are working with the wonderful organisation Quiplash to do this. At first, the audio describers will be in training, so please allow for that. Once trained, they will become part of the Bar Wotever

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Bar Wotever in Boyz Magazine (5/29/2019) Ingo and Lysander answered a few questions about Bar Wotever for Boyz Magazine this week. Here you find out a bit about what we actually think about our audience, and The Royal Vauxhall Tavern… Plus what you really have to do to get on to the stage one Tuesday! You see photos of Caroline Smiling,

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