Female Masculinity Appreciation Society
A Celebration Party

Female Masculinity Appreciation Society (FMAS) is a celebration of female masculinity. For all of us who are, all of us who want,  and all of us who live, breathe, and play with it. We are partial to a game of arm wrestling, a small show, and a hell of a lot of dancing and classic conversations! This is an event for anyone and everyone who celebrates female masculinity in all its pride. Don’t be afraid to wear your all time favourite outfit!  

These events are irregular and with different set ups and in different venues. See updates about FMAS below.


Dandy Crush! (5/29/2019) DANDY CRUSH Welcome to our next Cocktail Party! Dress Up and Join us for a very special FMAS event, for and by all who like to Dress UP and Be Entertained! An outing to a new Fabulous LGBT+ friendly Pub in Clerkenwell!   Two Floors, Groundfloor with bar, Dance Floor and restrooms is Accessible. Plus

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Dandy Tribute event (5/17/2019) “Dandyism is a sunset; like the declining daystar, it is glorious, without heat and full of melancholy.” (Baudelaire [1863] 1995) Senem Yazan explores the little-acknowledged realm of the female dandy that existed in Paris and London from the 1840’s to the 1920’s. Publicity photograph of Vesta Tilley as a man, late 19th century. © Victoria

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FMAS – Cocktail Hour (3/1/2019) Female Masculinity Appreciation Society – Cocktail Hour On the 9th March Female Masculinity Appreciation Society is BACK! We will be hosting in The Apple Tree, a cute and queer friendly, quirky pub, which is perfect for a cocktail or two! Plus they have a great Mocktail and non alcoholic selection to choose from too.  Female Masculinity

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The Cocktail Hour (9/15/2018) We had a Fabulous Time last Saturday at The Apple Tree  Luckily our photographer of the evening found a lovely sofa as a back drop/studio set up. We will def do more events like this at this lovely and friendly pub. More Photos from on our FB Page, Female Masculinity Appreciation Society
Dream Scenario – A Story (9/7/2018) Dream Scenario – A Story A story landed in our inbox prior the Saturday event…. ‘Full disclosure: I am a Femme who loves Butches, Dandies, Tombois and all manner of MOC babes. When my lover reveals her arse clad in tight white boxers, I tell her “I am objectifying the fuck out of you right

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FMAS – The Cocktail Hour (8/30/2018) Female Masculinity Appreciation Society Cocktail Party Special! A Social Saturday Night in good company. Dress up in your favourite outfit, your comfiest outfit, or that outfit you have been wanting to wear for ages but never had the right moment to wear it! This is a super special FMAS event as we are in a

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