Wotever Malmö

2021 see the start of our newest little adventure, Wotever Malmö. This is a small art / culture set up with its base in Malmö, Sweden.

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24 April – Screened shortfilms with QueerBee at Panora Cinema as part of Malmö Queer Film Festival.

15 August – Ingo was asked to host Var Du Queer Redan Då, a filmprogram put together with and for RFSL Malmö seniorprojekt and Malmö Queer Film Festival at Panora

16 – 20 August – Ingo hosted Political Riot for Malmö Pride. Five events for grassroots activists in our community. part of WorldPride

7 October – Wotever Malmö hosted the film Rebel Dykes at it’s screening at Panora, Ingo and Lou Mattei from Page 28 did the intro and interviewed the film makers.

12 October – Ingo created Remember ReAct – a cabaret for the NOT forgotten at Inkonst for Malmö Pride during Malmö Forum

15 October – Wotever Malmö hosted and introduced Swan Song at Panora

Ingo as interviewed for Copenhagen 2021 pod #YouAreIncluded, have a listen when they talk about the beginning of Wotever, why it’s created and how they have made this happen all these years. Click on the image for a listen.

Were here, and we are Queer here too!

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