Bar Wotever online shows during Covid 19

Strange times indeed, 

In March 2020 we were all set to celebrate our Magical 15 Years of weekly Queer Shows, we were prepared with Amazing Line ups with favourite performers and artists from near and afar. When we came to our third week in March we hosted a show on stage, but already then, 17 March, people had started to isolate, and stay in. And as we all know, by 19th March 2020 London, UK and many places on this planet went into a lockdown. A lockdown that meant No Shows, No Social Settings and no interactions. 

For all of us at Bar Wotever this was a hard blow, but we were lucky enough to have a LOT of archived, filmed shows. So, quickly we started to curate online content for our beloved Tuesday night gatherings. The videos on this page are all those videos we released and shared on a weekly basis with our friends and followers. These videos are filmed and edited by Orlando Myxx. You can watch and share and see them as many times you wish. During some weeks it was such a comfort to sit and watch, all independently, but still together. And seeing Royal Vauxhall Tavern in all it’s glory and finery, hearing the audience reactions and being ‘there’ even when you were not. This was also a very welcome weekly event for all of our loyal followers that for various reasons can not be there in person for the shows… So, this meant we reconnected with many who live outside London, and or rarely go. 

During this period we also set up a PayPal tip jar where we could help our acts & crew with some monetary support when needed. 

Now, July 2020 RVT is opening up again, but it will take some time before we have full on shows again, so keep an eye out, support and check in for updates and most of all, stay safe and hope you are well. 


If you can and want, feel free to support our Crew and Performers.


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