When we were cover stars!

Yes, it’s 2020, end of June and we just downsized our Wotever World webpage. This means less of a cost and everything is slightly up in the air. But I guess it’s like this for a lot of you all. 

What a year!

In the beginning of 2020 I thought it was so cute and such a nice ‘number’ But hey what a drama it has been so far. Covid 19! Who would have known…

How are you? We are as most freelance, diy and small scale event creators and LGBT warriors put on hold. A massive on hold ‘holding’. In march this year we were turning 15 years of Queer Cabaret and shows. And we had worked so so hard to make this happen and showcased all the we are, have been and want to be during the month of march. But after the first two Tuesdays, we knew it would not hold, and March 17th was our last Bar Wotever for now….. We were a few who turned up and enjoyed a fabulous show case with our friends in LGBT Africa group, with host Caroline Smiling and music, comedy and so much laughters. Then two days later the whole of UK went into a LockDown! And, no more shows… 

Photo from our QX cover in celebration of Bar Wotever turning 15. Read the whole Article here

More in freshen up this webpage soon. But for now, if you can and want to tip us at WOTEVER WORLD, click on the link and PayPal us some cash. 

Take Care and look after you! // Ingo 30 June 2020

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