Cabaret in the Theatre

IMG_2272The Bar Wotever Blow Out Show at OvalHouse brought fabulous acts and interesting stand points to the audience and the stage. There was a range of Spoken word, Dance and  Song. We performed in the rubble and almost demolished stage and theatre room… It is def a building site.

‘A fitting tribute to the history of radical performance in this building.’ said Owen Calvert-Lyons, OvalHouse Head of Theatre and Artist Development about our show.

Now will Ovalhouse in Oval close down, the staff be moved to new locations in Brixton, and in a year or so – a new space and theatre will see it’s light.

Onwards and Upwards! And Thank You for all the moments we’ve had together OvalHouse!

Cabaret is great in the Theatre!

Main photo; Mal Content, by Henri T. Art from Bar Wotever Blow Out Show at OvalHouse Theatre 5th Dec 2019

Below, Photos of performers Ebony Rose Dark, Monsieur Cookie, Mzz Kimberley and Midnight Iris.

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