Cabaret Challanged?!

72892103_3023198417696053_4425983207485210624_oWhat if we never see and think we should make an effort and go and see Queer Cabaret, other than Drag Queen Cabaret?

Last night at Bar Wotever a woman came and sat next to us, we started chatting and yes she was visiting and yes she had been recommended to come to Bar Wotever because we host ‘Drag Shows’. She was very fluent and eloquent in why she loved drag queens so much….
I said, ‘I do not think you will see any Drag Queens on stage this evening It is just how it is, Bar Wotever show all sorts of variety, and as I recalled none where specifically DQ in the line up tonight…’
And she looked a bit sad.

Then the show started, and went on and the power and importance of all the people on stage, no matter what they identified as – but one thing was very clear. This was SO MUCH Power!! So much Joy And Celebration! Sadie Sinner hosted and had the room lapping up every word, and every tune. The Female empowerment was touchable. It was a show that gives Energy to all who are there in the room and sharing it with you.

And then when it ended, our new friend - the visitor beamed, gave me a big smile, two thumbs up and said This was SO much better!

So, my point is – Do Not snow in on one type of cabaret you go and see. Expand your horizon and be adventurous, see a variety and celebrate the fact that you are lucky enough to have the option to see and experience this and more….

Big Up to Sadie Sinner The Songbird (The Cocoa Butter Club) who indeed are a fantastic host and performer, making everyone feel seen, touched and special in the audience.

Thank You for another Fantastic Tuesday evening that meant something.

Photo by the equally fantastic Henri T Art, thank you for capturing this joy and perfect end of a Fabulous Evening out in London.

I have loved Bar Wotever since day 1, and I can’t believe I still feel this so hard almost 15 years later. Still fighting for giving space and platforms for a variety of expressions, on stage and in the audience. // Ingo x

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