A Lot of Non Binary Cabaret this November!

Non Binary CabaretNon Binary Cabaret 5th Birthday Celebrations at The Glory

Wotever World presents Non Binary Cabaret 5th Birthday Celebrations. We welcome you into space to experience the electric vibes that is non binary cabaret, Binary as static and here and now nothing is, we move between genders, countries and expressions. Prepare to be entertained, educated, and energised as we take you on a living history journey. Non Binary Cabaret is a place for our performers to tell their individual stories, a place for sharing, and a place to feel connected to others.
Stories shared, verbal and nonverbal all held together with the fire and notion that we are HERE & NOW and we are counted, curated by Wotever World ‘s Ingo Cando it is Queer Theory in Practise.

Every week (6th, 14th, 20th, and 27th) in Novemeber, we will be celebrating!

On Stage Are:
Each week you will see different acts on stage, no two shows will be the same! Expect performances of comedy, lipsync, strip, spoken word, dance, singing, kings, queens, and everything in between. Each week will be themed, but of course our running theme is being kick ass Non Binary Rebels! All held together and presented by Drag King Benjamin Butch.

 On the line up:

6th – Caroline Smiling, Prinx Lydia, Oliver, and Mr Cookie

14th – Shakona Fire, Jada Love, Pan Sexual, and Sakura Cyanide

20th – PJ Samuels, Cyro, Dr Dr, Mark Anthony, and Otto Rose

28th – Beau Jangles, Oedipussi, Bee Jamming, and  Lx Motley

Each week there will be a lipsync battle for audience members to participate in where the winner will go home with a Wotever World Goodie Bag! Lucky Dcky!

Many express and share the feeling of being more able to be oneself ON STAGE than off, as with the mic in hand, the lights towards you – ‘You Rule’ you can say what you need to say without explaining anything and you can share your message without anyone questioning you, as it’s YOUR Story, idea, truth. In seeing a performer sharing their story honestly, our audience automatically respond in a way of seeing, as in Yes I see you and yes I know what you are talking about/ I’ve been there/ I learn from you. Wotever World continues to work with and highlight these voices/stories, as Cabaret and within the Theatre.

Tickets available in advance via Outsavvy!
£8/£10 advanced HERE or £12 on the door.

Doors 7pm, Show start 8pm.



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