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All too often Queer History is forgotten and we at Wotever World do not want this to happen to us. We want to remain in the forefront of everyone’s minds, to be celebrated and treasured by our performers, audience members, and crew, and to be cherished by future generations to come. 

Wotever World and the Bishopsgate Institute archiving team will be sifting through the Wotever World history from the very beginning, 2003, to create a catalogue of all of our events, milestones, and celebrations. The content will be available both in digital and physical form through the Bishopsgate Institute later when we are done. This will allow for researchers, audience members, performers, and whoever else wanting to learn more about UK queer history, to have access to our over 16 years worth of content – all in one place. The aim is to have a ‘proper’ Wotever Archive up and running in 2020.

 The collection of, leaflets, photographs, footage, etc will take place over the next few months. If you have anything you would like to contribute to the archive or if you are happy to have an informal interview with either Ingo or Benjamin about your experience with Wotever World (you know we have done many events), please contact us at woteverworld@gmail.com or woteverworldbiz@gmail.com 

djwdc2jdwsjq8y8“Bishopsgate Institute holds internationally recognized and consulted unique special collections and archives relating to the development and activities of LGBTQ+ communities and sexuality in Britain from the nineteenth century to the modern day. These include the Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive (a collection of over 300,000 press cuttings relating to LGBTQ+ history) and the archives of organisations and individuals involved in queer activism, lifestyle, performance and culture. We are also home to the only dedicated LGBTQ+ Library in Britain, which holds over 8,500 books, pamphlets and journals from the 1950s onwards.

We are absolutely overjoyed to be able to provide a home for the Wotever Archive, documenting the wonderful Wotever World in all is  guises from when it all began in 2003.

The archive will be a treasure trove, not only for those who have performed at, attended and engaged with Wotever World, but also for future generations of researchers, performers and anyone wanting to know about LGBTQ+ culture, performance, art and life at the beginning of the 21st Century. I can’t wait to see the archive grow, be added to, inspire and enthuse everybody who gets to see it!

 The Institute is always keen to expand its Special Collections and Archives on the histories and cultures of LGBTQ+ communities in Britain. We believe that history is what happens every day and are committed to capturing contemporary experiences as well as those now considered historical. If you have papers, ephemera, photographs, diaries or letters, we would love to hear from you. All our stories matter and it is important that we document them – and make them available to inspire and inform future generations. Material can also be closed for the time being.

If you would like to donate materials in general or to the Wotever Archive, pop into the Library during opening hours or get in touch at: library@bishopsgate.org.uk or 020 7392 9270.”

– Bishopsgate Institute


At the moment we are three people from Wotever volunteering part time on this. IF you would like to contribute and help with some practical support and donate some cash towards these travels and outlays, please feel free to donate via this PayPal Link

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