ReBirth – Non Binary Cabaret

Rebirth! A celebration of the new chapters beginning in our lives.

Non Binary Cabaret is home to queer performance art and cabaret. Set in intimate venues across London, we invite you to get comfortable and learn a little lesson on how to celebrate and embrace gender, sexuality, and love. This is a sit down cabaret show full of organised surprises! On a Thursday Night with a bunch of great people and acts! Tonight we themed our show around Rebirth! A celebration of the new chapters beginning in our lives as individuals and as a collective of humans.

Come down to celebrate the life of Non Binary people in the cosy safe space that is The Glory Basement this Thursday 15th August! This is living history and we will be sure to go down in the history books!

Our gorgeously talented line up tomorrow evening! So excited to welcome you all to Non Binary Cabaret – Rebirth! Some tickets still available online!

On Stage;

Beau Jangles – a sharp-dressing, whisky-swilling ladies’ man. He came all the way from the 1940s to let his jazz wash all over you
Frankly Desires – spaniard member of Haus of Royalz, graduated of The Art Of Drag and Luscious Burlesque Course and current winner of Pride’s Got Talent Cabaret
Sebastian Angelique – Masculine, Feminine and everything in between.
Sebastian is the cheeky harlequin angel with an audaciously neo twist

Tayris Mongardi – Singer, Dancer, Lipsyncer, and Comedienne!
Will Actually – Invading LGBT spaces since 2019 on his quest to butcher rhymes, stress iambs and boldly split infinitives, Will Actually’s transgressively heterosexual poetry dares to push the boundaries of what it means to be queer.

Plus, this is hosted by Benjamin Butch!