FMAS – Cocktail Hour

Female Masculinity Appreciation Society – Cocktail Hour

On the 9th March Female Masculinity Appreciation Society is BACK! We will be hosting in The Apple Tree, a cute and queer friendly, quirky pub, which is perfect for a cocktail or two! Plus they have a great Mocktail and non alcoholic selection to choose from too. 

Female Masculinity Appreciation Society is about feeling loved, safe, heard and welcome and socialising amongst likeminded individuals. It’s a celebration of ourselves, of our history, and of our future, we are here and are taking up the space we deserve. This is a mingle and relaxed kind of Saturday night with plenty of space to throw some shapes on the dance floor! Engage in classy conversation, make new friends, dance the night away, highlight the joys within life.

Iron&Sparks_sexAs special guests we welcome Iron&Sparks to provide some hot and steamy entertainment. Iron&Spark create dance performances from the queer perspective. They display equality in their dancing as a political statement. By performing and competing they aim to open the eyes of the audience to think differently about partner dancing and what it reflects in society. Our DJs for the evening are our favourite music spinners, DJ Jo Bunny & Hug The DJ, who brings all the joy to the dance floor when we all show off our dance moves. You will also be able to sneak to our Love Boudoir Photo Boot set up by Linnea Frank, for a memory snap with your chosen company. 

FMAS is a place to dress up in your best glad rags, feel empowered by yourself and the people around you, and make living history! Here, we don’t hide away, we take pride in what we stand for, we inspire ourselves and others, we dance until early hours, we talk until early hours, we laugh, joke, cry, and love until the early hours. The feelings and energy we create in the room will carry with you into the night and stay with you. Female Masculinity Appreciation Society is more than just a club night – it’s a memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

FMAS 9th March 19:30 – Midnight at The Apple Tree. Vegan Food served til 21:30. Music play til we go home. Entry £8 via this link, a few £10 tickets will be available on the night at the door on a first come first served basis.



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