Like to see more Queer Film?

Like Queer Film?

Have opinions about LGBTIQA+ films?

Are over 18, but under 30?

Are  good at giving feed back and have opinions. Both written and verbally, about said films?

I am looking for a few people, based in London and under 30 (and over 18!) to help me and be the core of a focus group with ha new project I am working with. Meet up 1-4 times/year to chat about the films/content I show you/share with you online.  All films are in short film format, and rated 12A & 15 and of general LGBTIQA+ interest such as Romance, Love,  Family and Identity.
If interested, please email me with name, preferred pronoun and why you would like to be part. Please write to before Monday 11th March 2019
Cheers, Ingo x