Why Queer Fayre?

Queer Fayre started when Ingo Cando of Wotever World, wanted to reach out and highlight the creativity in our LGBT community further, a creativity beyond stage and party, so Ingo (they/them) invited Arts & Crafts people to gather and sell/share their craft at Queer Fayre markets, hosted as pop ups in various venues all over London and Brighton. Spaces already known and used by the Queer and LGBT+ community, like Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Hackney Attic, The Eagle, The Marlborough, The Apple Tree and Tate Britain.
These Queer Fayre events have proven highly popular and have seen a rise in establishing queer artists and creators via Online shops like Etsy & other Markets and in shops, some making a living of this now, something that once started & began at Queer Fayre.
Queer Fayre Pop Ups events are are for and by Queer people, our families and friends at places we like and love. ⠀
Picture, Ingo had their hair cut by Klara from Barberette, on stage at RVT a Saturday daytime 2011⠀
Come and meet more sellers, creators and AMAZING Arts & Crafts people this Sunday when we do Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen for the first time! This one will also be the biggest one so far with over 30 stall holders and LGBT organisations involved! See some of them in this link; https://www.facebook.com/events/2815849658426985/ 
Support your LGBTIQ+ Community!
If you want to be one of our sellers/stall holders at planned Queer Fayre Pop Ups in 2019, please make sure to join our sellers email list here for info when and where.