The Queen of Queerlesque

Amazing Tuesdays in November!
Ingo sat down and did a quick hot shot interview with the amazing Rubyyy Jones who host Bar Wotever this month, here it is. And yes we would def like to see that show too! Dream cast… 
1. A Quick Introduction of yourself. 
Hello hello hellooo! I’m Rubyyy, you may have heard of me? You may have heard I’m a ‘unwashed’ ‘American’ ‘lesbian’… Well, let me tell you: I’m Rubyyy, that’s with three Y’s Jones, I’m the ‘hairiest burlesque performer in the world’, ‘the Queen of Queerlesque’ and I’m a big, fat, fabulous, Queer Canadian! Youuu’re Welcome! 
2. What’s your relationship with Bar Wotever / Wotever World?
I’ve been performing off and on and all over the place for Bar Wotever and Wotever World, and more especially over the last six year at the beginnings of my cabaret career. So much of my new work and new directions have been started or trialed at Bar Wotever and on it’s very important stage. So Bar Wotever is very special to me and it’s amazing to see what it has grown into over the years, how packed it gets on a Tuesday and all how much the team has grown as far as energy and expectations! 
3. What and who can we expect to see on stage these Tuesdays in November?
People I adore! People I have mentored! And people I think are amazing entertainers and educators, sometimes at the same time! Editor note, you’ll see Benjamin Butch, Billie Butch, Chiyo Gomes, Gem D’Souza, Vlad, Sam Reynolds, Mark Anthony and many many more
4. If you could create your  own dream show what would it be like?  And which four acts/performers, living or dead, would you like to invite onto stage with you? 
Goshhh! I would love to direct and produce a cabaret starring: Divine, Frida Kahlo, Josephine Baker, Gene Kelly and Moi! WHAT A SHOWWW!
5. Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for having me back! And thank you for being a safe space for my Queerlesque graduates and Qids!
One thing is clear – Do Not Miss Rubyyy Jones this month!