Dream Scenario – A Story

Dream Scenario – A Story

A story landed in our inbox prior the Saturday event….

‘Full disclosure: I am a Femme who loves Butches, Dandies, Tombois and all manner of MOC babes. When my lover reveals her arse clad in tight white boxers, I tell her “I am objectifying the fuck out of you right now” and she grins and blushes. It works both ways, of course. Put me in a room full of queer masc peeps and I am likely to become very giddy indeed. All those closely shorn heads and t-shirt sleeves rolled up over biceps, or pert little bow-ties paired with long lashes makes me a very happy Femme.

Here’s my dream scenario: I begin by femming up to the nines – soft fragrant skin, lacy underwear, vintage frock, lacquered hair, red lips and high heels. I arrive at a plush, welcoming queer venue to a sea of shirt-sleeves and butch energy, decent music and cocktails at the bar. Here is a crowd of queers in all their finery, each feeling spectacular in clothing and hairstyles that marks them as different in the shady heteronormative world but which, in here, makes us Kings and Queens. We flirt, we dance, we laugh, comfortable in our own skin and lusting after everyone else’s.
Luckily for all of us, such a place exists’

Female Masculinity Appreciation Society
Saturday 8 Sep at The Apple Tree, 45 Mount Pleasant, WC1X 0AE London

Entry £8 on the door, cheap tix in advance here


Words: Stephanie G is Co-Producer of The Femme Diaries
Photo: Three Dandies at a previous FMAS event
Event: Produced by Wotever World