Queer Experiment themes

Each Queer Experiment has a theme.

The next Queer Experiment is…

31 March 2016 –  Non Binary

Looking at, Non Binary and Beyond, the non binary body….

Join us for an evening with Talks, Show and Art by specially invited performers, writers and thinkers.

Past Queer Experiments have been…

24 February 2016 – QUEER Femme

Powerful and Fearless but yet so invisible?!
Join an evening to Queer Femme Thoughts & Expressions, past and present!

28 January 2016 – Cine Erotica

Theme: Cine Erotica, part 2
What Do We Watch?

18 November 2015 – Cine Erotica

Theme: Porno – Cine Erotica
What Do We Watch