Wotever Sex:: Filled with cream

Queer Cabaret

Start 7.30 and then we roll!

CN Lester – Music
Arkem – Performance, A RVT Poem!
Vikki Chalkin – Accademic Performance
Jacqueline Appelby – Erotica
Lick It! – Film by Ingo
SnakeBoy – BellyDancing
Rubyyy Jones – Life Skills & Thoughts, Performance

Wotever SexDJ inbetween, before and after: DJ JoBunny

Come and be part of it all!

For the Forth year running we take part in Hot August Fringe with fresh, thought provoking and amazingly sexy stuff. We invite some of our favourite Performers and give them free hands to work within our theme, and this year it is:

LIFE – what is a good life, what sort of Queer Life do we strive for? Are we happy? Life Skills for QueerBrains…..

LUST – my lust, your lust everyBODY lust? Lust that scare and lust that hurts, in lust we love and trust…

DEATH – one thing that is so human. We are all gonna die. What is death, how do we celebrate the ones who died. Straight Death vs Queer Death. Bed Death and Beds Alive…

Three Tuesdays that are connected and clever, Different and Diverse. Erotic and Potent. Queer and Normal.

plus More Films, Music and Party!


Tuesday 13th
At Royal Vauxhall Tavern
Doors 7pm
Entry £7

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