Bar Wotever is back in Brighton! With a new fresh show packed with things & important issues plus people we like and love!
Tonight you get a Queer Varity Show full of Power and Sass!
Non Binary Cabaret with the best at Theatre at Marlborough!
Joining us this evening are our Favve Performers Plus hopefully a few new ones who took part of our Workshop in the afternoon… Freshjly baked Acts!
FKA_Trans POwer
Our Line UP
FKA – THE BEST Non Bainry Performer with the biggest heart that we know! When they ar enot touring the world DJing, they are Performing heartfelt acts touching topics of Mental Health, Domestic Abuse and The Right To be Allowed to Be YourSelf!
BRIGHTON – You are in for a treat with FKA!

Musician Seth Corbin who played Bar Wotever and plenty of London gigs before he moved down to Brighton and decided to study. Now he join us again with his guitar

DragKing with Sass and Sex – Sammy Silver!! Another one of Bar Wotevers favve Performers who always bring Queer Topics up in their acts

Fabulous Dee Dee La Femme who sing Live whilst seducing the audience with her movements and skills of undressing.. It can always end one way – we are in LOVE!

Plus More from our Workshop!

Welcome to join us for this show!

Length 80 minutes
No interval
Limited number of tickets available.
Entry £6

29 September 2017

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