Sitting and organise this autumn.

10672190_10153164060760760_7141298860512624501_nIt will be one of the busiest so far if all goes well.
Wotever World is a concept that is created by all of us.
Wotever Create – Create Wotever!

But it is also a very well oiled machinery with a crew who add hours upon hours to make this happen. Week after Week…
We have done this for many years and it is an organic amoeba hard to grab, and get to know.
Dip In. Dip Out. We only do it because it’s Fun! And still very Important! It is for all of us who at some point or everyday feel a bit Whatever… Not 100% this or that… we are flexible, we move about and we are stronger together when we do it. ALl our journeys have started somewhere and are on their way towards something… Concious or not – who knows…

We just DO!


And you can join, with your ideas and passion if you want…

10641238_730014109256_1441001806388302351_nI want to say a massive Congratulations to Wotever DIY Film Festival that just finished their third annual festival. This year it was way  bigger than any before and the crew who made it deserve all the applauds in the world! Well Done Theresa, Tara, Puj, Skye, Jai,  Dru, Stephanie, Leanne and all others involved! It was Fabulous!


16 September 2014

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