Twice last night I said to acts, keep on being political, do more shows THAT HAS A MESSAGE! Say something with your art otherwise it’s just fluff and fairy dust… Nothing wrong with fluff, but I LOVE ACTS with a message, a political point, an experience, a Eureka Moment involved! Get Inspired and Do Acts THat MEAN SOMETHING…

We live in times where we have freedom to raise our voices! Still we can gather and we can create change… Change in others opinions, our own behaviours and how we see the world.

Use your platforms for what you believe in!

Sometimes these tests and trials on stage and off, might go slightly wrong… BUT as an artist – your drive should be to expand minds! Not just make everything as it always have been….. there is NO progress in standing still and ‘safe’. Bar Wotever welcomes you and we are ready to forgive if you learnt from it. So get up again!

For this I loved johnsmith’s piece last night, and I was enthralled by Pi the Mime. I thought Auburn was a great band and by doing what they’ve done for all these years based on a wish to create music I adored them! And our hostess Aletia, who tested and stepped out there last night I applaud for bravery and risk taking. NOt all how I would have chosen how to do it, but by doing it made people wake up and react, and THAT is important! Our stage is a Platform for Change, and expanding minds! And Bar Wotever would NOT like it any other way!

If Open mic spots at an event like Bar Wotever last night is anything to go by we Definitely have AMAZINGLY talented AND Political Artists amongst us!
A welcome return by Holly and her MAGIC Guitar technique! Thank Fuck there were ppl in the music biz there last night to hear and see her skills!! ANd Travis with their Amazing Spoken Word piece about a Blow Job that had so many layers of race, privilege and work ethics in it – it literally blew me..

BAR WOTEVER at RVT is not just a SHOW night. It is not just a MUSIC night. It is Not just a COMMUNITY Gathering… It is…. All the above and more.

Hence the Listing for RVT is important, to keep on doing events in, but have a place to call home, a playground to test things, a space to learn and meet up in. We heart RVT and we wish this old building many more Happy Queer Years!

Last Night Community struck big time! Big surprise when Samuel, a regular Wotever goer for many many years came with ¬£250 he collected via fundraising for Bar Wotever and what we do.. He raised the money by cycling from London to Bristol. It took him two days and he brought the money and the signatures with him last night! AMAZING Community.. Bar Wotever is not just a show…. IT is MORE, don’t you agree?
The money will be split between Out and Proud Diamond Group (fundraiser for them next week at BW) and the Uganda Sanctuary House, we pay rent for.


Auburn at Bar Wotever photo credit, Joe Pop
Auburn at Bar Wotever
photo credit, Joe Pop

Fairy Lights on stage… who would have thought?!
Last night was also a Night packed with Older White Dudes, some were absolutely AMAZING, one Pete who did the Lighting for Auburn , actually was at RVT already 40 years ago and did the lighting for the venue back then too. By the end of the night he came and hugged me and said he had the most amazing time… not queer or LGBT, he just felt so at home he said. And he will be back. AND we will nick his Fairy Lights on stage idea! It made it look totally magic!
The other Older White Dude to mention was Justin, Auburns tech and sound guy, An absolute MARVEL in the tech booth, but also an amazing teacher of Tech in Brixton and his experience working with people who learn shone through 100% and he was the most amazing person to meet… We’ve got his number and he will be back with us and we might start collaborate so more LGBT and Queers get a chance to learn sound tech…..

These two, Pete and Justin was a privilege too meet.. Then we could live without the two grumpy White Men who just took space and did not get us at all…
But not all do…. we know… some just DO not get us… and that’s fine too. Plenty of spaces and places in London!

As always Bar Wotever felt like a micro cosmos in our womb of RVT. A place where we meet, fall in love, argue, learn how to get along because deep deep down, we are all humans and for a moment in a big city like London we meet each other and we are HERE and NOW!

Tiddeli Pom, Ingo x


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16 September 2015

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