When we created this video, we had held three events named Female Masculinity Appreciation Society already. We have met up, arm wrestled, knitted, giggled and danced. We have had conversations and seen shows…we like FMAS A Lot!

See video here, with a soundtrack by Beyonce and Andre 3000: Female Masculinity Appreciation Society

On Friday we held no 4 we held meet up number 4! RVT was packed with brilliant people who totally got involved. On the dancefloor and with eachother….

One can wonder why we do like to do these events so much… Is it because we want to highlight an invisible and rarely celebrated group in our society? Is it in opposition to something else? Why are we not doing a Female Femininity Appreciation Society event? So far we haven’t but I think we will in the future, just because we can! When we are at it, why not use our sense of humour and continue having fun, celebrating that we are indeed here, queer and alive! The society are forcing us into boxes, gender stereotypes and ‘how to behave’… Wotever started as a WE DON’T WANT TO BE BOXED IN!!! We are this, that and everything inbetween… For all who 100% are happy as who they are, meeting up with others who do enjoy who they are is a luxury indeed…. and for you who feel like you wanna belong and be part. Please do! You are so WELCOME! Our Door is open for you!

And yes, we like it! And we will do more, as long as you join us!

Next Female Masculinity Appreciation Society meet up take place September 13th at RVT.  This might also be when we celebrate Club Wotever and our 10 year anniversary… so, it will be special!

27 May 2013

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