WoteverWorld_LogoIn my inbox this morning I had a message from youtube;

‘Hi WoteverWorld,

Good news! UMG has just released their copyright claim on your YouTube video.Video title: “The Wau Wau Sisters” – The YouTube Team’

Thankfully I had not worried about this too much, but anyway – it made me happy, as then even more than the 78 000+ people who’ve already seen their act performed at Bar Wotever in 2007, have a chance to see it. It’s so old that we even use our myspace (!!) address as contact for future performers… It was also shot live at our first Bar Wotever space, Central Station, in King’s Cross…

The Wau Wau Sisters are a duo and they are Sisters in real life too who back then in 2007 was getting big in US after many years hard craft & work… (Now they are MEGA STARS in La Soiree and La Clique and travel & perform in style all over the world) and we could NEVER EVER afford them. But we are happy that we met them back then as they were absolutely darling and brilliant to work with, see the video how they incorporate the somewhat narrow stage space they have and the wall behind what looked like a curtain, true professionals!
They came to us and Bar Wotever as in June 2007 the DVD release of Shortbus was happening. Shortbus the film with all it’s Queer Dreaminess and Quirks (See it if you haven’t!! Google it and I bet you find it online for free somewhere!) Shortbus is written by John Cameron MIchell who also wrote Hedwig and the Angry Inch – a true classic…
But, back to Wau Wau Sisters and how they ended up at Bar Wotever…
They was due to help spreading the word of the film/DVD as they are in it and part of the film. Michael D had their contacts and asked me if I would see it fit for them to come performing when  in town and in between, many other engagements to raise the profile for the film. I said yes. I pretty much say yes anything as you as a regular Bar Wotever goer very well knows – If you wanna do it – DO IT!
And then they came, did their show we all fell in love with them and Loved them…
AND, this is the best – They Said ‘BAR WOTEVER was like and felt like SHORTBUS!!’ That we had the same feeling. I used that quote a lot back then…
So, if you want to see a great act from back in 2007, with ok copyright’ed music – sit back and play it loud!
Big Hello to the Fab Live Audience who gave them a standing ovation out of Love, Respect and Admiration.
And The Wau Wau Sisters – Thank You for being part of our Wotever history!!
BAR WOTEVER is Still Going, Every Tuesday with shows and great Acts! But now we are in the Fab and Grade II Historically Listed Building Royal Vauxhall Tavern!
Don’t Miss Out on Great Acts! Brilliant on video but AMAZING Live!


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8 October 2015

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