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We celebrated it all…#woteversex

Now it’s over… we did three evenings packed and filled with things, thoughts, ideas and people we like.
DSC_0210First, thank you all who came and did it with us. Thank You all artists: Sophia Blackwell, Brian Lobel, Stav Bee, Rubyyy Jones, Rhyannon Styles, Faggot, Arkem, Jacqueline Applebee, SnakeBoy, CN Lester, MIss Cairo Mascara, Meth Any, The Fierce Family, Rosie Lugosi and The Dream Bears
Thank you Audience for being so lovely.
The topics Love Lust and Death, was looked into, discussed, shared and enjoyed
1-24 1186026_10153295480730727_278979122_n Rubyyy-130813-18 550292_10153295480680727_1932789706_n 547209_10153295480720727_468579127_n 558021_10153294390850727_1482626360_nThe other  Night 20th Aug
– we took a Family Photo, it was joyous, all who wanted got up on stage with Ingo and the Wotever Crew, took our tops off and screamed ‘Our Body is NOT our Gender!’
– we saw people looking for love
– started with a Bang by Fierce Family and the Classic Madonna tune Like a Prayer. Gold
– had a mime artist (Gem Skii) showing skills Charlie Chaplin would have been proud of
-didn’t make it clearer if we are dancers or indeed Humans? What we knew tho is that Adam All have a girlfriend called Apple. CuteThe other  Night
– DreamBears were DreamGirls and we believe them
– We had so many snap happy skilful documentarists in that room. Thank you for keep on snapping us, what we do and how we change over the years. Sometimes photos lie. But we love you snappers! (AbsolutQueer Photography, Sara Davidmann, Oskar Marchock and holding the camcorder so well DJ Jo Bunny)
– Heard tales of joy and survival from Rosie Garland
– Enjoyed new project, SoundPorn
– shared a bottle of True Blood with Meth Any
– Enjoyed yet another Roaring Belly Rippling DanceBonanza by SnakeBoyDSC_30107 DSC_30094During the whole evening
– we saw old and new friends of Wotever World be welcomed by the door from the Fierce Princess FelineQueer, aka Maria and her loyal companion Neil
– we celebrated CJ Bruce’s amazingly Joyous News!
– we were looked after by the tech crew, Joey, Liam & Serena. Louder we said! And they turned it up
– we wrote pieces of poetry and thanked all things/people we like and love

Towards the End of the Night
– we were there, holding Miss Cairo in our arms
– we learnt important lessons from Rubyyy Jones and got to finally see their BreakDance Skillz. Mega!
– we lifted the roof of RVT when the DreamBears became Nicki Minaj and ROCKED THE HOUSE!
– we kept on dancing to the tunes of Puja Maniar, aka Hug the DJ
-Wotever sex have been awesome and we ended this sge of Life Lust and Death With a Bang!


Last night we went home with a warm fuzzy feeling, a happiness you can not measure and buy. Love Life before you Die!

My Body is Not my Gender.

Welcome to the Family!

We will be back with MORE! Make sure you catch it!


Wotever Sex last night…

Rubyyy Jones, Wotever Sex
Photo: Paul Grace

When we do it together, nothing can stop us.
When Beauty gets on stage, share stories and move us so much we have to take a break and just be for a moment.
Wotever Sex: Filled with Cream last night was one of those nights. London need to wake up and appreciate the beauty they have within! Mega Super Massive Smooches and LoveFilled Balloons to CN Lester for not only amazing music but also for the most glittery cupcakes, Arkem doing RVT proud, as Arkem in RVT wearing Arkem at RVT… Mind boggling on the smaller scale. Films of beauty and Lust in Ingo‘s special Queer Feminist Pornos, Applewriter with so much creaminess the nipples grew hard and we all needed a break to breathe. Beautiful!
Rubyyy Jones with more tales from the outside, the need of family and how DragQueens saved her life! And then Shoes…. I want shoes too we cried! SnakeBoy, SnakeBoy Hips don’t Lie, these are extraordinary hips and they shake, move touch and make the room so hot and steamy…. What a Night! Wotever Sex last night was indeed LUST! Plenty of LUST!

As always the crew did a FAB job with smooth moves, flowery displays and great tunes! Thank YOU For it all!
Let’s do it again! Let’s do a show next week (20th Aug) that end this years Wotever Sex series with packed rooms and with a massive BANG!

Till then!
Thank You and Bless this QueerLustFilledLife!

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