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Ingo Chat with Lyndsay about QUEER FAYRE

Queer Fayre is Wotever World's crafts market/indoor boot-sale for and by queers, where many meet and sell their ware and collections.  Lindsay is a regular contributor at Queer Fayre and over the years we've met at many Wotever events, but Queer Fayre stays a firm favourite for her, she says, because

Handicraft and Vougeing

For you who do not know me Ingo, who run Queer Fayre and Wotever... I'm coming from North of Sweden where Handicraft is/was a lifestyle and a way of living... You Create what you need and use. I myself know how to knit, make pottery, am a silversmith and can

Want a Stall? Queer X Fayre

Crafts Market Saturday 7th December Royal Vauxhall Tavern Queer Fayre is an institution amongst all of us queers/LGBT people who like hand crafted, home made and very special stuff... Here you find things you might not see at any other crafts market, cards with trans positive messages, baby t-shirts for kids with two