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Queerest of the Queer

We are Proud to be part of THIS MEGA PARTY!


12 HOUR ALL NIGHT PARTY celebrating London’s vibrant queer scene. With attitude to burn, punk and proud QotQ is a DIY mash-up of a festival showcasing:

LATRICE ROYALE – with an EXCLUSIVE one woman show from RuPaul Drag Race Season 4 Miss Congeniality

The Family Fierce – Meth, Lolo Brow, Ruby Wednesday, Lilly SnatchDragon, Maxi More, Bourgeoisie, Scarlett O’Hora

The Fabulous of Unicorns, Adam All and Apple Derrieres, House of Grand Parade – Lydia L’Scabies, Crystal Lubricunt, Rococo Chanel, deux furieuses, Virgin Extravaganza, Ajah UK, Playing House, The S.L.I.T.S., Baby Lame, Squid and the Krakens, Seth Corbin, Daniel versus the World, Amber Bree, Snake Fervor, Josephine Krieg, MIRI, Luke Meredith, Killers Riches, Opehlia Bitz, Le Tomatique, Lesley Kershaw, Kerry Leigh, Ali Brumfitt, Rosie Garland, Danny Ash, Alexander Geist, DopeBoy, Marnie Scarlet……AND MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!

To find out more and get tickets via Queerest.co.uk

Smut Wotever: Ophelia Bitz with ArtWank + Cameryn Moore!

An evening dedicated to Smut in all it’s glory!

No shame for Passion and Lust, here is an event packed with saucy visuals and dripping words..

For One Night we Get TWO of the sexiest and smartest Smut peddlers in one room, on one stage!

Ophelia Bitz & ArtWank

‘Erotic Award winning production ArtWank and its host Ophelia Bitz will explore the hidden history of vintage pornography, coupling it with cutting-edge pop cabaret to examine the impact of erotic cinema on the digital generation and those who came before.’ http://www.artwank.co.uk/doing-it/

Cameryn Moore and Smut Writing

Side Walk Smut
With and by Cameryn Moore. Interactive pieces of writing For YOU specially! In a one -to – one set up Cameryn creates your own porn!

It will be special and very Hot indeed!

Bar Wotever – Royal Queer Variety Show!

Wotever goes all BRISTOL!!!

Yay! We are out on the roads again, this time we bring our unique set up of Queer Performance Art, Interactions, Films and Music to BRISTOL!!!

In the afternoon we do a WS re Drag and Queer Spaces
Then we screen the film Mirror, Mirror by Zem Moffat, about the start of Wotever and 5 Performance Artists involved and part of the start…After Film Q & A with Ingo, behind Wotever World

Then SHOW!
Ophelia Bitz host an array of amazing queer artists on the Cube stage, we have

Duncan O’Dnut
Crimson Skye
Jason Baker

and much much more…
After Disco!

Bar Wotever: Shiny Shiny & Ophelia Bitz with Artwank!

Royal Queer Variety Show, 
Tonight with Aussie duo Shiny Shin and their new show ‘The Iron Maidens’ plus an hour of Ophelia Bitz Award Winning ARTWANK!

This is a Queer event, ie for all LGBTQIA XXL people, so please respect our needs for acceptance, gender diversity and open minds! You are welcome!

Shiny Shiny at Bar WoteverSHINY SHINY
Shiny Shiny’s new project – “The Ironing Maidens” is a multi-media, eclectic electronic arts piece that is resonant, relevant and thought provoking. Using unconventional gestural controllers and hacked hardware this explorative piece travels through gender roles, queer and women’s issues and technology.

The project deconstructs the role of the archetypal housewife, incorporating household items, primarily the domestic iron, to highlight the clear association with women and subservience. The domestic iron is sampled, deconstructed and repurposed to form and modulate layers within the creation of electronic music.

The show follows the narrative of a young maiden who is enslaved in her home, being driven insane by the doldrums of domestic duties. The resonance of the piece relies on her capacity to transform her labour into art and explores the boundaries of gender, sexuality, power and purpose in the world. Projected visuals, costumes, humour, theatrics and social commentary are threaded through the entertaining performance.

It’s Electro Housewife fun that will iron out those 50’s ideas and electronically transport you to a Shiny new future.

Qphelia Bitz and ArtWank at Bar WoteverOPHELIA BITZ AND ARTWANK

Welcome to ArtWank: award-winning, ground-breaking events and media for sex geeks and humans everywhere.

We here at ArtWank seek to stir debate amongst you dashing modern people about the nature of human sexuality. We also like to make you hoot with laughter at every available opportunity. Rolling in the aisles helpless with mirth is vigorously encouraged, even for snort-laughers. More Info

Bar Wotever
Royal Queer Variety Show

We work with some of the best LGBT & Queer Performers in London, UK and the World, plus encourage newcomers and beginners with great attitude and things to say. We also champion a big group of Residential Performers who are invited to our stage time after time, just because we totally adore them and their craft. Every event also host Community News for and with our London LGBT & Queer Community.
Live Music, Cabaret, Talks, Films and Spoken Word, we do it all!
This is a night for friendly and open minded people who know how to pay attention.

Bar Wotever – Queer Tuesdays at RVT
Doors: from 7pm, Stage program from 8.30pm – 10.30ish. Then DJs play until we close at Midnight
Entry: suggested door donations Full Price £5
What’s On?
Full eventslist at: https://www.facebook.com/WoteverWorldLtd
Entry £5