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Bar Wotever Royal Queer Variety Show

Bar Wotever: Open Mic Night

Our Queer Royal Variety Show 
Tonight: Open Mic – Anything Should Happen!

Come at 7pm and sign up for a slot, we only have a limited numbers of slots, so be early.
On stage from 8.30
You get max 5 minutes

Open for Music, Comedy, Spoken Word, Poetry, Dance, LipSynch, Acrobatics and Performance Art.

Rules are:
* You Leave a Mess – You Clean it Up
* LGBT friendly & inclusive
* All Acts will be recorded and you get your own video link if you so wish

We help you with Tech, bring instruments, backing tracks etc…

7pm-Midnight, on stage 8.30
Entry £5/£3, £0 for people who go on stage.

Bar Wotever, weekly Queer Art & Culture