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…playing a poignant cover version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

This landed in our inbox recently.

Hey 🙂 I was at the RVT last night, it was my last night in London on this very emotional visit, used to live here. I was completely taken with the performances. Couldn’t help recording a bit of Miri doing Cyndi Lauper. This is what I wrote when I got home last night:

My London guide for May 2017:

Bar Wotever AudienceGo see Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf before it closes. This is acting.
Go see Elton John’s collection at Tate Modern. This is photography.
Sophie Calle at the Photographer’s Gallery is also photography, and much more, if you have ever lost a loved one. Go see that.
See Hockney at Tate Britain, they tell me, though if they try to sell you a ticket to enter 4 hours later then, like, fuck it.
Spend time with friends. See what they’re up to.
Go to the places you went to with friends who are now gone.
Try again the things you have quit.
Go somewhere that’s very green, then go somewhere that’s very grey.
Go to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern on a Tuesday. The people are different but it smells the same.
Listen to a Saudi-Lebanese 20 year-old Business student express his fears about the future of the world.
Unprompted, tell someone you have decided you prefer American hypocrisy over English passive-aggression, then worry that you’ve offended them.
Ride the tube, at rush hour, from Bank. Be like, there are too many people in this city.
MIRI at Bar WoteverListen to the sound of bus tires on puddles, again and again, filtered through your headphones playing a poignant cover version of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.
Go home.’  Shahaf Ifhar

Here is the Soundcloud link to that Cover Version of Girl;s just wanna have fun with MIRI

Have a Listen and write your story of London. If it include us and what we at Wotever World do, please send it to us to read and maybe share.

Queerest of the Queer

We are Proud to be part of THIS MEGA PARTY!


12 HOUR ALL NIGHT PARTY celebrating London’s vibrant queer scene. With attitude to burn, punk and proud QotQ is a DIY mash-up of a festival showcasing:

LATRICE ROYALE – with an EXCLUSIVE one woman show from RuPaul Drag Race Season 4 Miss Congeniality

The Family Fierce – Meth, Lolo Brow, Ruby Wednesday, Lilly SnatchDragon, Maxi More, Bourgeoisie, Scarlett O’Hora

The Fabulous of Unicorns, Adam All and Apple Derrieres, House of Grand Parade – Lydia L’Scabies, Crystal Lubricunt, Rococo Chanel, deux furieuses, Virgin Extravaganza, Ajah UK, Playing House, The S.L.I.T.S., Baby Lame, Squid and the Krakens, Seth Corbin, Daniel versus the World, Amber Bree, Snake Fervor, Josephine Krieg, MIRI, Luke Meredith, Killers Riches, Opehlia Bitz, Le Tomatique, Lesley Kershaw, Kerry Leigh, Ali Brumfitt, Rosie Garland, Danny Ash, Alexander Geist, DopeBoy, Marnie Scarlet……AND MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED!

To find out more and get tickets via Queerest.co.uk

Bar Wotever: Miri, Ragina, Dave the Bear and Mister Meredith

Royal Queer Variety Show!
We Love working we talented and amazing artists and tonight there are a big bunch of them up on that stage…

Miri – That Voice! Ever since we first heard Miri we have loved her voice, attitude and approach to Music. https://www.facebook.com/mirihersh?fref=ts
Tonight she will come with a full band.
Mister MeredithMister Meredith – Queer Singalong! This music and cabaret man is bringing tons of experience and camp loveliness to us. And we will all sing a long!
Dave the Bear – The saucy Cabaret performer Dave will bring show and music, yes you can buy his soulful tunes on itunes! http://www.davethebear.com/


Ragina – Our resident Ballerina will share a very Classic piece with us tonight! We are all for the classics!

+ Community News and Updated Knickers

Bar Wotever presents a weekly every Tuesday at The RVT open stage for up and coming queer talents and established names to show off.

Doors 7pm-Midnight, On Stage 8.30pm
Entry £5/£3 (Get Tickets in advance,  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bar-wotever-18-march-tickets-10936291743)

Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY London 
This is brought to you by Wotever World

“Wotever World seems also to be a state of mind, a very friendly and welcoming state of mind indeed.” Remotegoat

“Erasing all boundaries and stereotypes from the blackboard this innovative night featured a wealth of the smartest, sexiest and most unique performers who encourage different ways of gender expressions.” QX Magazine

“Everyone on my first visit just before Christmas 2013 were so open, accepting and so, so friendly. What an amazing energy.” Bobby G

Bring Your Own Queer!!

Poly, Solo, Coupled, FreeFlying, Fabulous and very Friendly?!

We come in all constellations and this evening Let’s Celebrate that!!

BYOQ_ritzyBring your own queer is a Friendly Poly and Free of coupledom evening…. Couples are welcome, but this is mainly for other constellations and set ups, singles and friends, lovers and part time partners, fuck buddies and flirts… It’s not anti Valentine, but more of a reminder how we have to look after eachother and ourselves. Friends Rule!!

Live Music by the Amazing Keith Anderson, who a few weeks ago totally blew us away at Bar Wotever. Since then he have had plenty of Radio Play and soon he will be a mega super superstar everwhere. Tonight we are lucky to have him with us at Ritzy. https://www.facebook.com/kandersonmusic?fref=ts

We are sooo soo happy she have agreed to be part of this evening! Miri have the most amazing voice and we absolutely LOVE her style! You are in for a rare treat by this North London flower! http://www.miriofficial.com

Our friend Nick Field will also join us!!
LoveMap is a performance lecture about love, sex and neuroscience that explores the gaps between knowledge and the unknown. As neuroscientists make more intimate discoveries about how we love, is it the remaining hidden mysteries that still define us?

+ DJ Malteazer spin the music, he is the Happiest of DJs around. You will Dance!

Doors 8pm, come early and get a seat. We start our programme at 9pm. You don’t want to miss it!
Evenings entertainment end arnd 10.30 and then we play discs for you who would like to boogie with a Queer.