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Hug Club

‘Can it be that after 9 years of Bar Wotever we have finally cracked it? It’s Not a Queer Club. It’s not a Cabaret Club, It’s a HUG CLUB!!!!’ I wrote on the Wotever World wall Wednesday morning. The morning after the day before, the day before that was our Birthday Celebrations!

The thinking came from all the hugs and affirmation, the familiar and the unknow, each hug was spectacular on that Night. Not a bad hugger in the room….

I’m coming from a family who hug a lot,  instead of giving up the right hand to shake when meeting a stranger, pretty much ALL in my blood family stretch our arms out ready to embrace and hug, if the stranger so wish.  Many times people have been surprised by this way of greetings, but we like it. So, when doing these events like Bar Wotever on Tuesday, Hugs are never far away.Most people do like hugs, but those who don’t, that’s ok too. Respectfully and consensual hugs is the key….

So, as there was our Birthday party, there was indeed hugs a plenty last Tuesday, as so many huggable people turned up…




This Hug was shared On stage in front of everyone – It lasted a loooong Time and it was a QUALITY HUG! You know, a hug when you just love… David had just shared a lot of intimate and insightful thoughts and reflections for us all and  in the room,  packed full of queers, energy just flew back and forth ….. ‘With Hugs we can for a moment feel a bit better, the touch and honest embrace that makes us for one moment do that kinda thing, the hard thing we most of the time are so afraid of as we running around this life to stay strong, show a sorted exterior and at least make people believe we know what we do and talk about… 

Then, a hug, and sharing heartbeats, breathing and for a moment not feel alone. The release and the comfort of a genuine hug – Priceless. 
This Hug in the pic happened on stage last night. It was Lovely, it was a great hug between two people who for a moment was THERE and THEN. 
Bar Wotever turned Nine, and we talked, laughed and hugged. 
Thank You!’
Pic by Miss Cairo Mascara
Huggers: David Hoyle & Ingo

1908228_10152052616673505_13008296_nMichael Twaits hosted and was utterly charming and professional, with no less than FIVE! sparkly dresses to show us! Plus he did the piece Stonewall upon my request – it always gives me goosebumps and as usual it made the room erupt! Roxy Stardust travelled down from Glasgow to sing about her love for Coffee, specially the latte boy named Trevor.  David Hoyle was giving a Wotever Talk about depression, creativity and he gave us the story how Divine David came about. It was brave, naked and so wonderful. Standing ovations and the roof raised for the Legend and a Queer Hero. There were singing from Krista Papista and our mega huggable and lovely Residential DJ Jo Bunny made us dance til closing time….

1913224_10152052613778505_1190613860_oIt was a packed RVT of Lovers, Friends and Newbies who were there, all together creating an amazing Birthday Celebration… Thank YOU! XXX

Voices & Quotes From People who were there. I wanted to collect them, as a memory and a moment in time where everything was Perfect and Amazing, something to look back to in days of doubt and worry…

‘Last night the hugs were electrifying! full of sparkle, full of love and full of joy!’

‘What a fabulous night at Bar Wotever. Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you for queer community. Thank you old friends. Thank you new ones. See y’all when I’m back from Australia x’

‘Thank you for having me, it was coming home.’

‘Thank you for yet another glorious evening of love, passion and queer spirit!’

‘Thank you for embracing me within this glorious community!’

‘Bar Wotever Rocked tonight, having their 9th B-Day with some great acts and of course the amazing David Hoyle. Happy B-Day’

‘Thank you for all your hard work too.  Was great to see so much love and support in the room.  xx’

‘Lastnight was a Fab’

‘Thank you for continuously opening my eyes and mind and helping me grow as a human being in a safe and friendly environment. Much, MUCH Love, Kxxx’ 

‘Congratulations to everyone at Bar  Wotever for creating an amazing night. What an amazing energy to take forward for the rest of the week.’

‘A fabulous night at Bar Wotever and an honour to be in such wonderful company and be part of the 9th Birthday celebrations. I love you Bar Wotever! I am also totally in love with Michael Twaits!!’

‘Dragged my sorry backside down to the RVT and was welcomed by a heap of wonderful friends and to top it all an inspiring talk from the wonderful David Hoyle! Cheers everyone, love you all x x’

‘There was so much love in the room it was bursting in the seams! Wotever is like a dose of chicken soup, a hug fest and amazing cabaret and entertainment.’

‘NINE queer years!!! Amazing!’

‘Barwotevers 9th birthday Was on fire last night soooo much family lust I am branded to my heart by all the Love shown by so many beautiful people to me.
My time there has been short a mere 7 years out of the 9 but it’s been intense thank you Barwotever for my part in the journey huge Love to everyone here’s to another 9 electric mad wonderful years!!! Xx (=^.^=)’


‘Have to Say What A Real Pleasure & Honour it was, to be Invited to be involved in Last Nite’s Bar Wotever 9th Birthday Celebrations. ALL Day I’ve been Wondering what to Say about it & Succinctly! So I’ll Say:- A Beautiful Event, attended by Truly Beautiful People & What was Created, was LOVE. Thank-You Ingo & ALL Bar Wotever Collective. To Me Last Night was A Challenge & A Break-Through!=ThanX Again, Happy Birthday & I Can’t wait For The 10th Birthday Celebrations = See You There! Lurve-David XXX. ThanX to ALL Friends & Supporters for BEING THERE! XXX’ David Hoyle

————-How some of us involved described it—————–

‘We are overwhelmed with all the Love felt in the RVT last night for our 9th Birthday!! It was a queer star studded event with beautiful creatures wall to wall and we had 4 count them 4 photographers to capture you all! DrJ Oscar Marchock Rosie and Luuuxor huge Love to a veteran of barwotever Dj Jo bunny they played foot stomping hits all night long!
The beautiful words of David Hoyle wove their way thru the club and struck us dumb with their truth and resonance Mega star Miz Kimberly came and sung us Happy birthday thank you to AJ for all the yummy cakes! 
Michael Twaits was our compere last night and dazzled us not only with a string of sparkly dresses but his performance piece stonewall as always brought the house down! 
We had Roxy Star dust all the way from Glasgow treating us to her desires for Taylor the latte boy please come back and do more! And the Dramatic vocal stylings of Krista Papista 
the raffle was a huge success with amazing prizes won and re gifted and the money raised will go to Queer African voices well done everyone who brought tickets thank you to Dru,Kerry and Neko for their charm and running around selling tickets
huge thanks as always to the fabulous crew some new some old all amazing Ingo Cando Liam Mercer Maria kinsella DrJ Neil Chakravarty Puja and Theresa
And lastly thank you to the audience last night you were smashing and electric see you all next week!! Xxx’


‘Thank you Thank You Bar Wotever last Night!
As we all know, it’s not easy to create this mix of events and people week after week in a big city like London where there is ALWAYS sooo much going on, and then there is time and money and oooh going out on a School Night, I better stay home and wash my hair….and queer, what is queer? Will I fit in, or why is there not more of * * * & *’s there…. always things to complain about and wanna have done different and time, who have time? Where is my Lust and where is the Passion? 

Tell you what. Fuck it! We Do It Anyway and we LOVE It! After all these years there is only one thing we know for sure… Make it or Break It! The best Crew in the world (♥) is passionate and loving, full of spunk and glitter! And we are you and do it with and for YOU as YOU are part of that spectacle that is Bar Wotever, our show and our music. 

First night of the rebranded and refreshed Bar Wotever was a Hit with Sparkly dresses and glorious songs, nipple tassels and heartfelt talk about depression. Vegan Fairy Cakes and Swedish Speed Raffle (chaos on legs!) + Community News and Happy Birthday songs! Bar Wotever was pretty Fab!

Thank You All who were there, who stood by us in the storms and who support and like what we do and bring, you who make this weekly Queer Night mean something! So Thank YOU! and see you all again for a different night, but the same…. next week. Special Love for Performance and Work last night, it would def not have been as amazing if it wasn’t for you; Maria KinsellaLiam MercerAlfonse DebonairJo GattenbergMichael TwaitsRoxyStardust BurlesquerDavid HoyleMzz Kimberley,Krista PapistaDru FrancalanzaPositive ChangeNeko Barrett,Oskar Marchock and Royal Vauxhall Tavern!’

Pictures by Lee Butler

Bar Wotever – Michael Twaits, David Hoyle and more…

Our Weekly Queer meet up space, with show, community news and plenty of music.
Tonight we celebrate our Ninth Year Birthday!

To Do so, we invite you to a packed event, filled with SHOW with and by People we like and admire. This is also the week we start charging a door fee.

Yes, we need to move with the times and charge on the door for our events. Bar Wotever was proud and free for nine whole years, but after a lot of hazzle, and thinking how we could keep it going without paying Performance and Crew properly for all their hard work and professionalism, we decided we have to charge a small fee. Fair Pay for Fair Work we say! And I know we are many who understand that this was the only way forward, to survive and keep Bar Wotever running. It was the ONLY way. So, I trust you are all with us on this!

Various Tuesdays will have various door charge as we try to be as fair as possible, some Open Mic nights will still be Free! There will always be space to ask and collaborate with us for cheaper entry if one is without much cash – we know this way to well… So, join in, help us out with this. We never ever want Bar Wotever to be a money making mega thang, but we want to survive and thrive with more and better shows to offer our Queer & LGBT fans here in London and all over the world.
Thank YOU for understanding!


Michael Twaits, holds the whole London Cabaret and Performance scene in his hand and tonight he hosts a hot, smart and marvellous event!


David Hoyle, yes THE David Hoyle!! NO stranger to the stage at RVT, he has promised us to join us to talk about Performance and how to survive those dark moments of questioning and uncertainty…


Krista Papista, Electro Pop Princess with the most amazing voice! See her here before she become to big for us!


Burlesque Performer Roxy Stardust share her Glittery Self with us this celebratory event!

DJ JO BUNNY! Pop Hits and Streisand Tunes mixed with dancey 80s and Proud Mary…


Bar Wotever presents a weekly every Tuesday at The RVT open stage for up and coming queer talents and established names to show off.

“Wotever World seems also to be a state of mind, a very friendly and welcoming state of mind indeed.” Remotegoat

“Erasing all boundaries and stereotypes from the blackboard this innovative night featured a wealth of the smartest, sexiest and most unique performers who encourage different ways of gender expressions.” QX Magazine

“Everyone on my first visit just before Christmas 2013 were so open, accepting and so, so friendly. What an amazing energy.” Bobby G

Entry £7 / £5 in advance (no booking fee!) HERE

With respect and welcome to one and all.
No matter what identity, or multiple identities a person may have or choose.