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Get our Popular Tshirt!

Happy Tshirt Shopping!Everyone asked for it – Now it’s here!

Wotever World is a Queer Art & Culture community
Since the start in 2003 we have created meeting spaces, shows, platforms and places for LGBTQ people & friends on a regular basis, mainly in London, but also all over Europe.

People who visited us and our events sometimes asked if we had any merchandise they could buy for themselves, or bring back home for friends and lovers… as memorabilia.

Last year, I designed the first ‘I am Wotever’ Tshirt and printed a few that I gave to crew and performers. It became very popular and many asked where they could get one too…. AND NOW YOU CAN!!

How to ORDER this and Other Wotever Merchandise

klub fukk got pants….

On Friday night we saw the kinky inclined Queers come out for another night of klub fukk.

It all started with a great and well attended (SOLD OUT) workshop on role play and participants talked, shared and was lead by The Bruiser in another successful and well informative event.

Then it was time to play – and as rules has it – Whatever Happens at Klub Fukk stays at Klub Fukk! – I can’t share much what happened in those rooms before closing time… BUT, I can share with you a preview of our new hot pants! And Tshirts…