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klub fukk got pants….

On Friday night we saw the kinky inclined Queers come out for another night of klub fukk.

It all started with a great and well attended (SOLD OUT) workshop on role play and participants talked, shared and was lead by The Bruiser in another successful and well informative event.

Then it was time to play – and as rules has it – Whatever Happens at Klub Fukk stays at Klub Fukk! – I can’t share much what happened in those rooms before closing time… BUT, I can share with you a preview of our new hot pants! And Tshirts…


PowerBall – klub fukk

klub fukk is back!

Friday 17 october we open the doors for two floors of Fun & Frolics.

Dj Vicki Lester and the Crew is ready for you and your playmates!

It is Queer. It is Respectful! And we do look after each other.

If you have never been before, please make your self known via klubfukk [at] gmail [dot] com for more details and info.

‘The venue was superb – very conducive, with just the right amounts of display and anonymity, and the mix of people and genders and styles of clothing helped make me more comfortable, because it made it very clear that there was no one way guests were expected to be.’ Punter

READY?! from Wotever World on Vimeo.


Now you can become a member of this club… but of course you do not have to – as usual you can buy your ticket/s in advance as long as they last (we tend to sell out, so get yours whilst you can).

For Membership you have to provide Name, Address, Email and dob

facebook_event_1481821892066629Membership for one year give you the right to buy tickets in cash on the door for you + a friend (you are in charge of your friend and responsible for their behaviour during the evening) This is great for all of you who might decide last minute if you go out or not.

Membership will also add some great perks to itself with a few few very very special offers coming up….

To get link to Membership and Tickets, please email us.

Fukk Crew
a Wotever World Production as we believe we need great spaces to go and explore in….

Dress CodeTo Become a Member for twelve months of klub fukk; cost £5
Entry between £5 (early bird) -15 (full price)

Accessibility, The Hoist is on two floors, where the ground and entrance floor, include cruising & changing area, DJ and bar, is step free. WC is with slightly narrow cubicles, not space for a big chair. The venue is dark with low lighting, and is narrow at some points re cruising. Please get in touch with venue if special access needs. And/or email us , and we try to help with further questions.

What People have said about us in the past:

‘I loved the sexy queer atmosphere – this was one of the most exciting play parties I’ve ever been to!’

‘Thanks for organising something at hoist. It is nice to have a change from sweat and deviant, and i feel like there’s a good range of options for queers.’

‘I missed kf it was great to see it back’

‘I would love this to continue, I had a fantastic time and really appreciate the work you put in to make it happen.’

You can interact online with people going to klub fukk via our Facebook Page, or on www.FetLife.com where we have a group called Wotever kink. Feel free to find us and catch up with regulars and newbies.

Am I welcome?

There is a new klub fukk coming up soon, and I get a lot of requests from interested possible punters.

Usually I get questions like ‘ I’m a ….(gender) …. (sexuality)…. Sub – would I be welcome?’  I rarely get questions from people describing themselves as Switches and/or Tops… goes figure… Answer is normally  Yes, as most respectful LGBT BDSM people are very welcome to klub fukk.

Today I got one I haven’t seen much of before…

‘Please send me some more information about Klub Fukk… how many women do you get there? I am a …. (gender)…. (sexuality)…. (Role)…. so happy with all sorts, but the trailer was sort of man heavy so just trying to find out if I’ll be out of place”

‘…but the trailer was sort of man heavy…’

READY?! from Wotever World on Vimeo.

I made the trailer – I know exactly how many men there is in it and how many who are not men… (answer is you can say about 80% of the people in the video does NOT ID as men)

Being Queer, Female,  Visible, and the problems we are having…
The above is a Comment abt the kf trailer.
Is it the actions done in the vid? The Toys we use?
The disguises we use or our fetishes…?
When Women Behave Differently! Not Expected.
If we say Woman friendly and the skirt you hook up to your hips is a kilt, the legs are muscular because of training and your cock is made of rubber… how much woman are you then if you get a blow job by a skinhead with bound down breasts hidden in a Fred Perry shirt and mega big kick ass boots… How much is the scene Women Friendly? ‘this scene is actually filmed as part of a bigger project/porn film called CuntCruising’

How many Women go to klub fukk?

And how do we Express ourselves as Women?

When at a sex club? Run by and with and in awe of Women – ALL KINDS OF WOMEN, Lesbian, Bi, Trans  and Queer Women AND men and trans*…

Where we are allowed to be allsorts of our dreams and fantasies. When we do what we want to do because we feel good about it! We feel strong, sexxy and hot as fukk!

And Women?

Being on the border I would say Im there and my  gender is F – but I’m so much more Trans and on a different kind of F. Im packing. I fukk. Im the Daddy.

———- IF you are interested in the next event, please email klubfukk [at] gmail [dot] com for more details. Or look at the event 17 October on this website———————–

klub fukk: Vauxhall Sling

klub fukk is back for another night!
This time in the middle of our Wotever Sex series…

We have sorted a bit more lighting, a raised bed and a few bits and pieces we thought was missing last time around…

This is Queer Sex in theory and practise!!
We specially would like to invite all academic types who write about, talk about and study sex and sexual behaviors in all it’s forms. We would like to invite you to a night where you can let your hair down so to speak and enjoy the physical sides of your OWN theories.

We also would LOVE to see all of you who are specialicing in double entendres on stage and in life in general… this is proper down and dirty!

and Lastly we would absolutely LOVE your company this evening if you have a sense of humor and feel a need to mingle with other sexy, brave, sharing & caring Queer Folk.

This is klub fukk!

Venue: The Hoist,
Railway Arches 47b and 47c
South Lambeth Road,
Vauxhall, London, SW8 1RH

Date: 15 August
Hours: 22:00-03:00

This is a ticketed event! All tickets have to be bought in advance. Last time sold out – so get yours NOW!

Tickets: £5-£15, with cheaper early bird tickets available as long as they last

How to get Ticket/s: email klubfukk@gmail.com

Event produced and run by Wotever World.

Are you gonna Come?