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FMAS 12 – Queers On Film!

Female Masculinity Appreciation Society!
Opening Night party for Wotever DIY Film Fest! This evening is in aid of Female Masculinity, for all of us who are, all of us who want, all of us who live, breathe and play with it.
If you want to join, please follow the rules:
~Snap Suave GLAM shots in our Hollywood Parlour~
~Arm Wrestle ~
~Dress to Impress~
~Enjoy the Light Entertainment~
~Sweep them off their feet with your dance moves~
~Interact in Classic Conversations~
~Watch Moving Images from the past~

It would not be FMAS without a bit of Arm Wrestling, Prepare yourself for the GAME and Let’s see who will be The GALA Winner!
Arm Wrestle start 21:00, if you want to wrestle or cheer on, be there in good time for prime spots!

We create a Photo studio for Xtra GLAM shots!
Professional All the Way – SO, Dress Up, Get In and make Memories of this Night to Live with you forever!
Open 21:00-23:00

The Award Winning Host of FMAS, Stephanie Goldberg Welcomes you all to this Gala Event!
Show with and by Drag King Cole and our All Time Favourites Adam Apple & Apple Derrieres, Plus a few very HOT Surprises!
Show start: 22:30

Our resident DJs will make the Dancefloor heave and the Party Atmosphere Up til 03:00!
There will be a Phat Mix Of Tuuuuuunes, Happy Songs, Indie classics and Alternative Freshness! You know they know their stuff! FMAS DJs since the beginning!
So come and enjoy
DJ’s Hug The DJ & DJ Jo Bunny!!

FMAS #12

£8 on the door

Advanced Tickets:
£7 + booking fee https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/fmas-12-gala-party-tickets-17440147952
Advance Ticket gives you a chance to Join the VIP club and Q-Jump in to the event!

VIP TABLE, free entry for 6ppl + a bottle of bubbly: £60 + booking fee ***SOLD OUT!****

Get your outfit sorted and come to this Mega Event!!

Presented by Wotever World

Drag King Cole, Apple Derrieres & Adam All back in 1872




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