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We Heart Acts with a Message

Twice last night I said to acts, keep on being political, do more shows THAT HAS A MESSAGE! Say something with your art otherwise it's just fluff and fairy dust... Nothing wrong with fluff, but I LOVE ACTS with a message, a political point, an experience, a Eureka Moment involved!

Last Night it was Sunny!

What a privilege! How amazing was last night? How much did we learn, feel, laugh & cry? Sunny Drakes show was a pleasure to behold, a sparkly moment in a life, city & time that is tough, hard and sometimes unforgiving... But, here for a brief moment we had things explained to

Sunny Drake at Bar Wotever

Critically acclaimed Australian theatre maker, performer & educator- Sunny Drake at Bar Wotever with a full length show of 'Transgender seeking.....' This is what he say about his show... 'I'm a romance-a-holic. I am quitting though - cold turkey. That’s why I’ve come to this meeting, for support". An exposing, absurd, funny

Hot Rock Gets us Going

We sounded and looked so hot last night at Bar Wotever! Great evening with our all new sparkly house band, Battle of You, a group of talented and super sweet musicians. If it feels good. Do it! They brought with them a great set up of music and words, the evening