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Last Night it was Sunny!

What a privilege!

How amazing was last night? How much did we learn, feel, laugh & cry?
Sunny Drakes show was a pleasure to behold, a sparkly moment in a life, city & time that is tough, hard and sometimes unforgiving… But, here for a brief moment we had things explained to us….
Honesty IS the answer…

and getting out, sharing it with a room filled of strangers, friends and fellow quirky queer, gender & poly mashed up bodies. That was Awesome!

Thank You all who came and paid, understanding these things cost, and our stories might not be free all the time. Thank You all who Took Part. and Mega Thank YOU to Sunny Drake for your moving performance and Multi Media show. And a mega mega THANK YOU to the tech team, who worked the whole day to set up, sort out and then with a mega hour of concentration produced a seamless flowing show! Thank YOU Jo & Liam! You did brilliant last night!
IMG_7634-th IMG_7673-thAlso mega thank you to our Fab Ragina Lumpitwat for such powerful dancing, Flying in green light at a spooky and Halloween filled RVT. Brilliant!

Thank You to Maria who lead and encouraged the community news plus was the sunshine at the door, and thank you to Miss Cairo Mascara for your thank you to us. Bar Wotever and Wotever World. We are touched and moved that you enjoy what we do and create, so your thanks goes a long way sweetie.

IMG_7517-thAnd thank you AbsolutQueer Photography for a mega quick turn around of fab pics from last night.
And my last thank you is to all of you who came up and shared your music last night. The dancefloor rocked with a mega creative mix, made by all of you! So, Thank You!

Ingo x

Sunny Drake at Bar Wotever

Critically acclaimed Australian theatre maker, performer & educator- Sunny Drake at Bar Wotever with a full length show of ‘Transgender seeking…..’
Sunny Drake photo by Tania Anderson (735) Big File

This is what he say about his show…

‘I’m a romance-a-holic. I am quitting though – cold turkey. That’s why I’ve come to this meeting, for support”. An exposing, absurd, funny and tender look at queer relationships including run-ins with the polyamory police, online dating mishaps, not quite living up to our ideals and how relationship scripts and bigger political systems like policing and prisons affect our relationships. ‘

“Beautiful, articulate, well considered and very sophisticated…Complex and difficult subjects are delivered in the most accessible and authentic way. It’s light hearted, fresh and wank free…. Sunny Drake is a progressive queer visionary.” (Samesame.com, Melbourne, Australia)

Bar Wotever, where Queer Arts & Culture meet
This evening 29 October: Doors 7pm, Show start 8pm sharp!

+ we charge on the door to help covering Sunny’s travel costs, It’s only £5 / £3 conc, and no one turned away due to lack of funds. As we are so many looking forward to see Sunny’s Show, you can now book your seat! Get tickets in advance HERE!

So, doorcharge between 7pm-9.30 for all who are coming to see Sunny Drakes show

Free entry from 9.30pm til Midnigh

Meth AnyAn evening that already looked good, now looks even better!! Our absolute Favve Drag queen Meth Any (formerly Mr Mistress) will turn up around 10pm.

“Meth is taking the UK Drag scene by its jugular in a relentless display of weird and wonderful, lip-syncing extravaganza!
She is rapidly gaining notoriety as the freakiest drag queen this side of Sharon Needles and is showing no signs of slowing down.
Join Meth this Halloween as she shares her love of All Hallows Eve and every tacky, spooktastic cliché in the Book of Shadows (available now at all good fancy dress retailers)
Risk a trick, indulge in a lot of treats and revel in the spine tingling, bone chilling, blood curdling antics of Londons top, Gothic ghoulfriend.
It’s gunna be a scream!”

Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY London

Tuesday 29 october

Doors 7-Midnight
8pm: ‘Transgender seeking…’ start 8pm prompt!
10pm: Meth Any
DJ: Bumlord


Hot Rock Gets us Going

We sounded and looked so hot last night at Bar Wotever! Great evening with our all new sparkly house band, Battle of You, a group of talented and super sweet musicians. If it feels good. Do it!

Battle of You

Battle of You

They brought with them a great set up of music and words, the evening Rocked and we got the party feeling by all the balloons in the room. Around 3 000 balloons in blue, yellow and hot pink was hanging about…

Seth Corbin band played some of our favourite tunes and The Cut Outs Rocked the house down being super tight with great voices. Spoken word by Jake Hawkey gave us time for reflection to his words softly spoken. Having a room filled with rock lovers all quiet and listening to words about hard times and suffering is a skill, and Jake def had it. Plus the love stories…

All who was on stage at Bar Wotever last night.

All who was on stage at Bar Wotever last night.

The main attraction Battle of You came on and delivered a brilliant set, heavy on bass and super strong vocals. I’ve loved Mel’s voice ever since the first soundbite was sent to me as a ‘can we come and play’ request a few years back. I am so proud and happy that these talented musicians, great people have have chosen Bar Wotever as their new ‘home’ we will make this house Rock for sure!

Bar Wotever continue to be an exciting exploration of Community, Performance and Shared Longings and ideas.

One could classify it as any other regular pub night with some stuff happening on stage, and ‘I just popped in after work for a pint’ if one so wish, but the strength within Bar Wotever is so much more than that if one care to look. The collaboration and care taken of performers who come and start out, get a space to be themselves and grow is also happening on the floor, not only on stage, but as you could see last night if you were lucky enough to be there and witness it, it was a true schoolbook example of how we need to take care of each other, support one and other and our talent and skills.. The band, Battle of You, contacted me, Ingo curator and director of Bar Wotever back in 2011. They were still at Uni, looking for gigs of their new band, two female friends, with strong vocals and a sound cloud link. I booked them, and they came and played their third ever live gig at Bar Wotever. Since then I have followed them, and they have been back and played with us many more times, plus all around UK and London… they have established themselves, found back up musicians they seem to gel with, they are tight, smart and with great tunes. Last night they entered the stage, with a night they had put together, they entered the stage at Bar Wotevers home, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, as our first ever Residential band.  We have seen them grow and we have been there… Bar Wotever look after the LGBT & Queer artists we work with and who want/need it..

Party Debris after a Great Night

Party Debris after a Great Night

Living in this fast flowing world, it is easy to think, just as ‘coming out’ is the end of one drama, you are now ready and free to be and live as you want, one forget that you keep on growing, and we who have gone beforehand, found our spaces need to give back, share our knowledge and skills with others. So, Bar Wotever keep the community spirit going and are open, not only for new fresh ones, but also encourage all of us who have been around for a bit, to join in, share, learn and keep on growing…

So, see you a Tuesday down at Bar Wotever, a true unique event in the London Queer Calendar.