Sissy that walk..

Wot if I was big solid and built like a brickhouse? Deep down I always wanted to be a Drag Queen. I am a Bearded Drag Queen within.

I glorify stereotype crossovers and somehow Drag Queens always seem to be where it’s at. I am a Drag King, but I love the Glamour that I can have and be as a Queen…

Me getting a face by Darren, the most glorious Make Up Artist I know!
Me getting a face by Darren, the most glorious Make Up Artist I know!

Gender. Is given and expected to stay within a given frame. When growing up you get formed by media, family and within situations where you are – school enviroinment and leisure activities.. You learn behavior based on fictional and real people around you… you try to adjust YOU and who you are. You learn who you should fall in love with, based on your genitalia…..

It is all rather tiresome and at some places there are spaces were you can break all those assumptions if you grow up, if you survive and move to adulthood…

Me in Drag getting ready for a Dance Piece I did at Tate Modern...
Me in Drag getting ready for a Dance Piece I did at Tate Modern…

Starting all over with a new found set of ‘rules’ and assumptions, learning and taking what you need from that to be more you. A more honest and true you…. This will go on and on for many years in my case…

But who are you when the options are many and varied.

You Are Everything!

All in one Go or now and then, bit by bit…

One of my inspirations are RuPaul. I have followed him and his career over the last ten years or more… SuperModel on sky high heels, strict coach in ‘But I’m a Cheerleader’ acting a male role. I watch his RuPaul Drag Race, I have seen him give confidence and human survival strategies to men, women and all and beyond. I’ve seen him being slashed by people who don’t like him, and I’ve seen him OWNING IT! Strong and Glamazonian. I heart RuPaul = True!

‘We are all born naked and the rest is Drag!’ Is one of his many smart, clever and amazing catch phrases… It is true! We are born naked. We are brought up in Drag and we live hopefully in the drag we like best, feel most comfy sexy and amazing in! For everyday and party! And when we mix it up, borrow from ALL our Sources and inspirations. And we do it like Ru. OWNING IT!! Without shame or second thoughts.

Do not let others tell you what you are and should wear. And use those hips, belly and arms in your walk, smile and Own the World!

And then, Judith Butler! ‘Nobody is a gender from the start.’

It’s says it all really.

My name is Ingo, I am 51 years old, dyslexic and with another language as my first, so be prepared it might be a bumpy ride and a grammar police’s nightmare. My thoughts are mine and I only represent myself. I run Wotever World as Gender and Drama is my Passion!

This was Day #07 of my Blog Challenge.

7 May 2014

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