the story how we got to meet the Wau Wau Sisters at Bar Wotever

WoteverWorld_LogoIn my inbox this morning I had a message from youtube;

‘Hi WoteverWorld,

Good news! UMG has just released their copyright claim on your YouTube video.Video title: “The Wau Wau Sisters” – The YouTube Team’

Thankfully I had not worried about this too much, but anyway – it made me happy, as then even more than the 78 000+ people who’ve already seen their act performed at Bar Wotever in 2007, have a chance to see it. It’s so old that we even use our myspace (!!) address as contact for future performers… It was also shot live at our first Bar Wotever space, Central Station, in King’s Cross…

The Wau Wau Sisters are a duo and they are Sisters in real life too who back then in 2007 was getting big in US after many years hard craft & work… (Now they are MEGA STARS in La Soiree and La Clique and travel & perform in style all over the world) and we could NEVER EVER afford them. But we are happy that we met them back then as they were absolutely darling and brilliant to work with, see the video how they incorporate the somewhat narrow stage space they have and the wall behind what looked like a curtain, true professionals!
They came to us and Bar Wotever as in June 2007 the DVD release of Shortbus was happening. Shortbus the film with all it’s Queer Dreaminess and Quirks (See it if you haven’t!! Google it and I bet you find it online for free somewhere!) Shortbus is written by John Cameron MIchell who also wrote Hedwig and the Angry Inch – a true classic…
But, back to Wau Wau Sisters and how they ended up at Bar Wotever…
They was due to help spreading the word of the film/DVD as they are in it and part of the film. Michael D had their contacts and asked me if I would see it fit for them to come performing when  in town and in between, many other engagements to raise the profile for the film. I said yes. I pretty much say yes anything as you as a regular Bar Wotever goer very well knows – If you wanna do it – DO IT!
And then they came, did their show we all fell in love with them and Loved them…
AND, this is the best – They Said ‘BAR WOTEVER was like and felt like SHORTBUS!!’ That we had the same feeling. I used that quote a lot back then…
So, if you want to see a great act from back in 2007, with ok copyright’ed music – sit back and play it loud!
Big Hello to the Fab Live Audience who gave them a standing ovation out of Love, Respect and Admiration.
And The Wau Wau Sisters – Thank You for being part of our Wotever history!!
BAR WOTEVER is Still Going, Every Tuesday with shows and great Acts! But now we are in the Fab and Grade II Historically Listed Building Royal Vauxhall Tavern!
Don’t Miss Out on Great Acts! Brilliant on video but AMAZING Live!


We Heart Acts with a Message

Twice last night I said to acts, keep on being political, do more shows THAT HAS A MESSAGE! Say something with your art otherwise it’s just fluff and fairy dust… Nothing wrong with fluff, but I LOVE ACTS with a message, a political point, an experience, a Eureka Moment involved! Get Inspired and Do Acts THat MEAN SOMETHING…

We live in times where we have freedom to raise our voices! Still we can gather and we can create change… Change in others opinions, our own behaviours and how we see the world.

Use your platforms for what you believe in!

Sometimes these tests and trials on stage and off, might go slightly wrong… BUT as an artist – your drive should be to expand minds! Not just make everything as it always have been….. there is NO progress in standing still and ‘safe’. Bar Wotever welcomes you and we are ready to forgive if you learnt from it. So get up again!

For this I loved johnsmith’s piece last night, and I was enthralled by Pi the Mime. I thought Auburn was a great band and by doing what they’ve done for all these years based on a wish to create music I adored them! And our hostess Aletia, who tested and stepped out there last night I applaud for bravery and risk taking. NOt all how I would have chosen how to do it, but by doing it made people wake up and react, and THAT is important! Our stage is a Platform for Change, and expanding minds! And Bar Wotever would NOT like it any other way!

If Open mic spots at an event like Bar Wotever last night is anything to go by we Definitely have AMAZINGLY talented AND Political Artists amongst us!
A welcome return by Holly and her MAGIC Guitar technique! Thank Fuck there were ppl in the music biz there last night to hear and see her skills!! ANd Travis with their Amazing Spoken Word piece about a Blow Job that had so many layers of race, privilege and work ethics in it – it literally blew me..

BAR WOTEVER at RVT is not just a SHOW night. It is not just a MUSIC night. It is Not just a COMMUNITY Gathering… It is…. All the above and more.

Hence the Listing for RVT is important, to keep on doing events in, but have a place to call home, a playground to test things, a space to learn and meet up in. We heart RVT and we wish this old building many more Happy Queer Years!

Last Night Community struck big time! Big surprise when Samuel, a regular Wotever goer for many many years came with £250 he collected via fundraising for Bar Wotever and what we do.. He raised the money by cycling from London to Bristol. It took him two days and he brought the money and the signatures with him last night! AMAZING Community.. Bar Wotever is not just a show…. IT is MORE, don’t you agree?
The money will be split between Out and Proud Diamond Group (fundraiser for them next week at BW) and the Uganda Sanctuary House, we pay rent for.


Auburn at Bar Wotever photo credit, Joe Pop
Auburn at Bar Wotever
photo credit, Joe Pop

Fairy Lights on stage… who would have thought?!
Last night was also a Night packed with Older White Dudes, some were absolutely AMAZING, one Pete who did the Lighting for Auburn , actually was at RVT already 40 years ago and did the lighting for the venue back then too. By the end of the night he came and hugged me and said he had the most amazing time… not queer or LGBT, he just felt so at home he said. And he will be back. AND we will nick his Fairy Lights on stage idea! It made it look totally magic!
The other Older White Dude to mention was Justin, Auburns tech and sound guy, An absolute MARVEL in the tech booth, but also an amazing teacher of Tech in Brixton and his experience working with people who learn shone through 100% and he was the most amazing person to meet… We’ve got his number and he will be back with us and we might start collaborate so more LGBT and Queers get a chance to learn sound tech…..

These two, Pete and Justin was a privilege too meet.. Then we could live without the two grumpy White Men who just took space and did not get us at all…
But not all do…. we know… some just DO not get us… and that’s fine too. Plenty of spaces and places in London!

As always Bar Wotever felt like a micro cosmos in our womb of RVT. A place where we meet, fall in love, argue, learn how to get along because deep deep down, we are all humans and for a moment in a big city like London we meet each other and we are HERE and NOW!

Tiddeli Pom, Ingo x


I did not win, but I felt like the Biggest Winner of them all!

Yesterday Planet London hosted their 2nd Annual Community Awards ceremony.

It was GALA!

They hashtagged it #LesbianOscars,  in general terms it was an LBQ event. For all the Cis* and Trans* LBQ community – to highlight and shine on to all of us who are part, create things and make shit happen, on stage, behind the scene, as a volunteer, via radio or writings….It was in short the  sort of community event, London (UK) should have had every year for a long time! I know there are Stonewall awards and Pink Lists and such… BUT this one was filled with grassroots awards, Social meetup organisers won, as well did struggling comedy artists, writers and small charities. Plus club nights, Events and Performers who do stuff, many times with no more in their pockets after the event than a glowing applaud and a pat on the back from the punters saying Thank You.

Naomi and Katie Planet LondonSo, FIRST OF ALL. THANK YOU Naomi and Katie to make this happen!! You have created and done a great thing for our Community! Let’s hope the Social Networking, exchange of details and camaraderie of last night will lead to better and bigger more collaborative events in and around London.  It was Great to be part!


Planet London’s New and Freshly launched Website

I was Nominated in the category Role Model of the Year, and even tho I know many of you voted for me, I did not win, but came in proud second with a honourable mention after blogger Megan Evans.

So, even if I did not really Win – I truly felt like a Winner! Seeing so many of my ‘babies’, events, performers and People I care about getting Nominated and Awarded, plus just the feeling of being part of this community, still standing and still doing all this…. It sure made me feel special and very very PROUD.

So, here is my Thank You Speech;

Thank You for Nominating me, a Fat Dyslexic None Englishspeaker as a Role Model. I pick my nose when no one watch, I’m a daredevil when it comes to take risks with absolutely no money outcome, I’m homeless, and I like Creative Chaos. I stand before you as a Gender Bending, Sex Positive , Curious for life and FunLoving Role Model. I’m over 50 and I like my Life. So, thank You for Nominating me and thank you all who voted.

What I’ve learnt and would like to give to you as a Role Model are; 

Make sure you work with NICE people! In the long run, they are the ones who stand by you no matter what!

What Goes around Comes around! Treat others as you want to be treated and met.

Don’t assume anything! Get it in writing!

Say YES! Say yes to collaborations, and new ideas. If you have time and energy to do it, DO IT! You never know who is in the audience that night and where it lead..

Stay True to Your Roots! Once a Punk, Always a Punk! Break norms and think outside the box. Don’t copy others, Do Your Own Thing! You are the one who have to live with your decisions.

Look after Yourself! Being on the scene all the time is tough, so days off to watch crap telly and do nothing is essential!

Do It! No matter how much you talk about the event you are gonna create, or the act you want to perform… If you do not DO IT – It is just words!

Actions speaks more than words! What and How you do it is actually what people will see and remember!

Create a Crew! You can do a lot by yourself, but nothing nicer than sharing with others!


Wotever Sexand on that note, I would like to thank each and everyone I’ve worked with over the years,  all who have been part of the crew, and all of you who have been to any of the events; Bar Wotever, Queer Experiments, Female Masculinity Appreciation Society, klub fukk, Wotever DIY Film Festival, Queer FayreGenderSwap Workshops, Wotever Xtravaganza, Drag King Workshops, Wotever Winter Ball, Club Wotever, Wotever Sex, One Offs and many many more.

Thank You to all of you in London, Glasgow, Bristol, Brighton, Leicester, Middlesex, Stockholm, Warsaw, San Francisco, Iceland, Berlin and any other location and city we have visited and where we have created a bit of queer  punk magic!

Here is where You Find out what we do Next: Wotever World Page packed with info and events in the future and from the past.

Follow us on Twitter @woteverworld

Or just join our email list: woteverworld [at] gmail [dot] com for irregular (1-3 times/month) info.

Thank You for making me your Role Model!!!

Ok I know I did not get it!

BUT, I had things to say and I did

This is MY blog after all…. 😉

Lots a Love, and see you soon! As you know, Wotever is rocking and we are looking forward to a mega end of 2014 and a very vibrant 2015, where we are going to celebrate Bar Wotever’s Tenth year anniversary!! and much much more….

// Ingo x

I wore Blue Nails as a tribute to my Inspiration and Leading Producer Star, my cousin Eva Bergström, no longer with us, but always in my heart.
Blue Nails as a tribute to my Inspiration Eva Bergström, no longer with us, but always in my heart!

Plus, if you were there and saw me presenting and would like to book me for your events, I am open and available for outside work as a Producer, Host, Presenter and general HardWorking Theatre Bitch!

Get me on woteverworld [at] gmail [dot] com


It’s always nice to be asked…

A few months ago I was asked if I could help the Planet London women to present at their Awards Gala in November, and as they have always been very supportive and charming towards us and what we do – I of course said YES.

Great people in this community need support, help and knowing they are loved.

10251951_1540098696221154_4578598355593433496_nNow, the thing is, someone went and Nominated ME, Ingo for an award! As a Role Model of the Year,  no less… That is amazing, and thank you who ever did – and sent this amazing motivation ;

‘Ingo runs an inclusive space where you can go no matter how you ID. They just ask for respect and treat others how you want to be treated yourself. Cabaret, eclectic DJ’s, fayres, fashion shows, film festivals and much more. Treat others as you wish to be treated – equally!’

As I’m part of the most deserving and hardworking people in the biz category, this is amazing, and I am so looking forward to meet the others. As some of you who know me, I find it slightly embarrassing to be in this situation, but none less, I am Very Proud and Very Happy about it, and I will try to not make a fool out of me, winning or losing….. It is just nice to be asked and nominated. THANK YOU!

Plus, there are so many Categories where Wotever World, our events, Artists, DJs and Favourites are nominated. So, if you have time, I urge you to go in to the site and vote on the ones you like and want to give a little cyber recognition too..

Here is where you can place your Vote if you so wish:

Also Nominated are; 

Author of the year (established): Both Stella Duffy and V G Lee, both have been on our stage and collaborated with us, plus they are brilliant writers we truly enjoy to read!

Wotever DIY Film FestivalFilm Festival of the Year: Wotever DIY Film Festival!! This is amazing and Theresa’s & Tara’s  hard work with this years successful festival should def be recognised!

LBQ Comedian of the year: Here you see no less than three amazing women who have had us laughing and laughing somewhere at an Wotever event this year, Hannah Brackenbury, Lara A King and V G Lee.

LBQ Comedy Event of the year: Short and Girlie Show came  and took over a whole night at Bar Wotever whilst on their Spreading the Love Tour! Packed House and Many New Fans Won!

Musician of the Year: Our own and Only Resident Band Battle of You is nominated in a very strong group. Also nominated are Miri, who we adore and love to work with too.

Volunteer of the year: Setting up and doing stuff helping yourself whilst helping others is great, and Kerry Positive Change is doing this. Whilst spreading information and raising awareness.  They are the one I know most, but this is def a category you wish you could vote for each and every one! You are All Winners!

LBQ Business of the year: Our beloved friends and Mega Favourite bookstore Gay’s the Word is well deserved Nominated! Year after year they are there and support, smile and sell books we like to read! They should have a LIFETIME WINNER OF EVERYTHING nailed above their door! And the perks and sparkle that the film Pride gave to this bookstore as an important LGBT Institution is making me soo sooo happy!

Photographer of the Year: They are not in this category – but if we could we should def vote for AbsolutQueer Photography! They have taken millions of photos of us and our community over the years, and should def have an Award!

Cabaret & MC of the Year: The lovely Stephanie Goldberg, hostess with the mostess of FMAS, and Queer Femme Peculiar is up for this in a jungle of Drag Kings 😉

It’s a category we really like, but also where we miss a lot of the amazing performers we have worked with over this last year… We also would have loved to see Bar Wotever’s Queen of Everything Maria Kinsella here, plus force of nature Rubyyy Jones, Lolo Brow, Miss Cairo Mascara, Crimson Skye, or her drag king persona,  Duncan DoNut, and many many more… but this also shows that we have to create some sort of Wotever Award maybe… 

DJ Jo BunnyLondon DJ of the Year: Floorfiller and Popular Dance Tunes Guru DJ Jo Bunny is well deserved up for this. If you have been to any event this Bunny have played at, you also know you have danced! Proud Mary all the way! They are also one of our regular DJs at Bar Wotever and FMAS, plus many other events we create at Wotever World. ‘They give good Dance for the Money!’ Missing on this list is a lot of other mega Fab DJs we like and work with, plus our second regular DJ at Bar Wotever and FMAS, Hug the DJ!

London LBQ friendly venue of the year: Our HOME venue Royal Vauxhall Tavern is up for this! And yes, it is totally LBQ friendly, welcoming and do shows, have events and play parts in films (latest Pride included a very moving scene, filmed at RVT!). We are Here and We are Queer!

FMAS007London most Creative Clubnight/Event of the year: This is a very fun and sparkly category with a lot of great nominees, including our own Female Masculinity Appreciation Society! Our ‘Gentlmans Club Ethos’ and sparkle seem to go a long way. People are encouraged to dress up and socialise as in the olden days here. Plus, we are now a short film too… premiered and screed at Wotever DIY Film Festival earlier this year… And if you want to experience this, our next one is this Friday 10th Oct! It is all about Glam!

There are many more categories where you can vote and share your love. When listed like this you also see the variety and how much really DOES happen here in London! And you know that there is much much more than what’s listed or not… So, keep going out and do stuff, help people, meet people and Dance! Staying in, is def not the way to meet new people who will be friends, lovers, camrade and collaborators.

London Rock! And, so do we apparently 😉

THANK YOU Planet London!


Wotever Family
Wotever Family

plus, IF you like to Nominate and do these things, Independent is Calling for Suggestions to their Rainbow list. IF, you would like to place my name there, Ingo Andersson, Wotever World. This would be great work wise! As you know Wotever have been going on for a long time now, and we are providing a great space and places where Queers meet here in London and elsewhere in the world. Being on THIS list would actually help me, and Wotever to reach further in 2015. That is also the year when our Bar Wotever will celebrate TEN YEARS of weekly events, packed with LGBT and Queer Art & Culture!

Here is the Link:

And my name is, Ingo Andersson.  But good thing is that you can cast votes many times of a big variety of people!! So, support your community and name some who deserve to be recognise and feel a little bit of love…

Thank YOU! 😉


Interview with The Dykeness

Interview with The Dykeness, before they go on stage at Female Masculinity Appreciation Society, 10th October. They played Bar Wotever earlier this year and was an instant hit. This is what we said, wrote about them then, here are their answers to some of our questions……

The Dykeness Interview

How and when did you all meet and decide to become a band?

Thrustin’ Hawkins: My gift to the universe is music. And we’re just a band of really nice guys, making music about what it’s like to be a guy, with other guys. But not in a gay way.

Johnny B. Wood: I needed a strong male role model so I don’t grow up into an independent breadwinner like my mom. So I started following Thrustin’ around.

Thrustin’ Hawkins: I couldn’t get him to leave.

Billy Bob Big Johnson Johnson: My folks came up from the South of Space during the great Uranium Rush of 3025, and while I was passed out at a drive-by on Mars these guys picked me up in their spaceship and got me to play this here bass machine.

Dyck Van Dick: I think it’s important that music has a social cause. As your Earth Lord Kanye West bravely said, ‘Pop a wheelie on the Zeitgeist, I’m gonna start a new movement.’

Thrustin’ Hawkins : We don’t know what a Zeitgeist is, but it sounds like some bullshit a woman would say, so we are here to obstruct it. With a wheel.

The Dykeness Bar WoteverWhy do you play the music you play?

Thrustin Hawkins : We know how hard it is to be a dude here on planet earth, so we’re making it real clear that we also have Very Deep Feelings, About Stuff, and that’s why we make the music we do.

Johnny B. Wood: We wear our fedoras so the Hot Earth Chicks know we’re nice guys.

Dyck Van Dyck: Our new album is an autumnal, mellow meditation on love, life, and getting laid.

Billy Bob Big Johnson: High five !

Thrustin’ Hawkins: Yes ! So, to answer your question – we met, all wearing these fedoras here that are the intergalactic driving symbol for ‘Approaching Nice Guy!’, and we are here to give you Hot Earth Chicks some hot, pumping, glam rock ‘n roll!

The Dykeness Bar WoteverWhat do you do in your spare time, ie when not on stage?

Johnny B Wood : Let’s just say it involves Hot Earth Babes.

Thrustin Hawkins: Johnny, you haven’t met any Hot Earth Babes.

Johnny : Let’s just say it involves Hot Earth Babes, that I haven’t met yet.

Billy Bob: Loving the ladies.

Dyck Van Dick: Mostly I read Kierkegaard.

Thrustin’ Hawkins: Well life is a stage. When I’m not stage, I pretend I’m on stage. That’s why I’ve converted my bathroom into a live-streamed television channel.

Do you have a message to your fans planning on coming to see you at FMAS 10 oct?

Dyck Van Dick: Be excellent to each other and party on dudes.

Billy Bob Big Johnsson Johnsson: The North of Space is too gentrified. Don’t park on an asteroid if you see a Space Waitrose.

Johhny: Mom, will you pick me up at half past nine?

Thrustin’ Hawkins: Look, we’re just regular guys, and what see is what you get. And what you get is what you see, and what you’re gonna see, is what you’re gonna get, with a coating of spandex and glitter, and we have a special discount for Hot Earth Chicks: You get a free lascivious stare with every entrance. Rock and rooooooooll!

Dyck Van Dick: Thrustin’, put the microphone down.

Thrustin’: Sorry

See them, believe them and Welcome to FMAS #09 which also include a Live PA from Stelar Rey and DJ Jo Bunny & Hug the DJ.
10th Oct, 8pm-1am, RVT, £8, in adv tickets £6 Here



ps, one of the boys is celebrating their birthday this evening and this is what they want, help if you can. ‘To get their sextoy of choice for their birthday – Ray need to raise £80! ‘

Handicraft and Vougeing

For you who do not know me Ingo, who run Queer Fayre and Wotever… I’m coming from North of Sweden where Handicraft is/was a lifestyle and a way of living… You Create what you need and use. I myself know how to knit, make pottery, am a silversmith and can sew. Skills I learnt as young. My mum is a keen knitter and her socks are the best as many of my friends know as she knits and send to them. My dad does woodwork, boxes and clever stuff, made all out of wood…

Here is a new video combining the best of what I like about this ArtForm. Crafty, Fabulous stuff created by from good sources, used in unique and Spectacular ways.

Never Ever have I been more happy to see a video on a friends timeline.

Thank You Christine Bylund (also brought up near where I grew up – but about 20 years later – now part of the running of Wotever Stockholm with Josephine Krieg)!



A few years back I started Queer Fayre here in London, both as an alternative Day Time, more family friendly day event. But also to show case Craft, and give space for Crafty people within our community.

Clever Queer People coming up with clever Queer Craft!

fingrpuppies by HannahPerfect for the Modern Queer in all our shapes and forms; Cards for all occasions, Happy Beard Day for the mate who has started Testosterone and finally have one, ‘Suck my Clit’ Panties for the outgoing Vagina wearing player. Hand creams, Lip balm, Fingerpuppies for the rainbow family…. We have seen a big variety of craft you simply can not find anywhere else…

Jo at Queer Fayre

It’s a celebration of Recycled clothes, books and music… Like whate every new/young queer need to know and own… Books to read… The amount of times people have squeeled of happiness finding leathertrousers in their size for a tenner, the book – long out of print but still on Universities reading lists… That replacement album of Barbara Streisand that your ex took in the move…..


All those things have and will continue to happen at Queer Fayre.

It is aa very relaxed Saturday packed with sweet things, like all our favourite Butch Jam, from The Butch Institute! It’s a Must!


Next Queer Fayer take place Saturday 4th October at Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Doors 1pm-6pm

The Bar is open, and there is strong Swedish Coffee and Cakes served during the day.


Here is a video from one of the first ones we did… Queer Fayre was still called Car Boot Sale back then and I got myself a new handbag…

Am I welcome?

There is a new klub fukk coming up soon, and I get a lot of requests from interested possible punters.

Usually I get questions like ‘ I’m a ….(gender) …. (sexuality)…. Sub – would I be welcome?’  I rarely get questions from people describing themselves as Switches and/or Tops… goes figure… Answer is normally  Yes, as most respectful LGBT BDSM people are very welcome to klub fukk.

Today I got one I haven’t seen much of before…

‘Please send me some more information about Klub Fukk… how many women do you get there? I am a …. (gender)…. (sexuality)…. (Role)…. so happy with all sorts, but the trailer was sort of man heavy so just trying to find out if I’ll be out of place”

‘…but the trailer was sort of man heavy…’

READY?! from Wotever World on Vimeo.

I made the trailer – I know exactly how many men there is in it and how many who are not men… (answer is you can say about 80% of the people in the video does NOT ID as men)

Being Queer, Female,  Visible, and the problems we are having…
The above is a Comment abt the kf trailer.
Is it the actions done in the vid? The Toys we use?
The disguises we use or our fetishes…?
When Women Behave Differently! Not Expected.
If we say Woman friendly and the skirt you hook up to your hips is a kilt, the legs are muscular because of training and your cock is made of rubber… how much woman are you then if you get a blow job by a skinhead with bound down breasts hidden in a Fred Perry shirt and mega big kick ass boots… How much is the scene Women Friendly? ‘this scene is actually filmed as part of a bigger project/porn film called CuntCruising’

How many Women go to klub fukk?

And how do we Express ourselves as Women?

When at a sex club? Run by and with and in awe of Women – ALL KINDS OF WOMEN, Lesbian, Bi, Trans  and Queer Women AND men and trans*…

Where we are allowed to be allsorts of our dreams and fantasies. When we do what we want to do because we feel good about it! We feel strong, sexxy and hot as fukk!

And Women?

Being on the border I would say Im there and my  gender is F – but I’m so much more Trans and on a different kind of F. Im packing. I fukk. Im the Daddy.

———- IF you are interested in the next event, please email klubfukk [at] gmail [dot] com for more details. Or look at the event 17 October on this website———————–

You know that feeling…..

I woke up this morning feelin’ Happy.

I know there are a lot of things to not feel happy about atm, but I could not help myself.

Before I went to bed last night I found out that another queer hangout I have enjoyed over the years (Kafe Copacabana, Hornstull in Stockholm) had closed down. I do not know the full story and hopefully the lovely owners and Patrons are happy with this decision… But for all of us who met there when in town, who sat there writing and spending hours over the coffee and toasted sandwiches… for us they leave a hole. A massive  queer comfortable hole… As usual when things close, end and stop.

I woke up this morning feelin’ happy as Wotever is happening…

Yes, It does and I do not mean any disrespect to anyone doing stuff and then it does not work out… OOOhhhh myyyy so many times I’ve struggled and felt despair about events with no people and or when I myself have taken upon myself the role of Producer, PR Person, Technician, Compere, Door person and DJ in the same event… just because there wasn’t enough people to help and or not enough money to pay more people… I can not count the times when I’ve thought, ‘I end this and stop doing Wotever, and take a proper 9-5 job again’ It is HARD to run stuff and struggle every time you have to make ends meet…. it is!


Wotever World is what I’ve created and I felt happy this morning because I have the luxury of waking up in Spain, on Holiday – my first holiday in over six years. Wotever have kept going and what with having events happening all the time, and absolutely noo money to myself, holidays haven’t happen since I quit my full time employment and went freelance… It has been a luxury one could live without.

Me and the beach But now I have one, all provided by two guardian angels who offered me to go and stay in their apartment on the Spanish coast. For a minimal fee… I just needed to pay my flight and voila – I had it.

I have been here now for more than a week and on Friday I will travel back home.  Rested, relaxed and with so much happiness and headspace. It has indeed been a luxury holiday for me, a time to think. To plan and to look back. Reading and being inspired… It has meant TIME. A luxury indeed. Thank YOU J & A!

I woke up feelin Happy because the other night I spoke to my brother via skype. Im happy because I have the best blood family in the world. My two brothers are very different from me and have chosen very different ways of living, but do recognise me as one of them, and our parents are still here alive and very happy too – enjoying being old age pensioners, retired with all the new skills, eons of time for hobbies they have got (ok – my parents took up ten pin bowling when retired – and are now so good that this is taking up all their time, and they do compete and are both topranked in Sweden…… parents hey 😉 ) Im happy because they are and I am and my brothers are… we all take the day as it is and do enjoy the little things…

I’m happy as Im at the moment reading a book where the main character learnt about Northern Soul in the latest chapter – and here I am, typing away to Northern Soul 101 on my itunes… Inspirational, and so lucky that my computer decided to work again, at the beginning of this holiday it totally died…. mega crisis! but after a chat to the experts  – I will hand it in when back – we do little every day and tip toe around it and it seems to work. So, Im Happy I have this to write on! Carefully typing……

So, what to do later today…..

Keep Happy I think, continue to dress as I do. The other day me and my non binary gender representation was indeed causing questions on the beach…. Me in baggy shorts, big T and with floppy hair was referred to as ‘The kid’ as in, ask the kid by the beach bar ordering a coke when three women wanted to know who was the beach chair seller..

Calling me the kid is quite funny as me with my many years (I’m 51) are def no kid anymore (Im the Daddy – but only for people within the know!)… but it also showed what you are seen as when people can not read you… Male, Female…. ? My face is without facial hair and rather smooth, and my fatty body is def very non descript… so… The Kid?! Who knows, they might have been partially sighted or such so I should not joke too much – but it had me thinking….

Today I will do a few bits and bobs to keep it all rollin’ then later on, I will go down to the beach for the afternoon sun… and after that climbing back up to this little heaven. For a night with some great DVD’s and or such….

If you are in London tonight, go and say hi to Bar Wotever! This evening it’s packed with great Live Music provided by Mel and Kill from Battle of You and the guests they have invited. It’s a night to explore new, young, fresh music at the ‘Legendary Bar Wotever’ as Metro wrote the other day 😉

You should give Maria a massive hug as she is managing and look after the event when Im away, Im so Happy there are so many amazing People looking after Wotever so I can have this holiday! Thank You Maria, Dr J, Liam, Joey, Harry, Kevin, Jonathon, Mel and Kill! You are all Marvellous!! Thank YOU!

And Im Happy because on Friday I will be back in London, ready for the winter and all that it involves of more events, bigger acts and more people to collaborate with….

I’m Happy as Wotever World is still here and stronger than ever.

Thank You!

Here is a video with me interviewing Mel from Battle of You at a previous event…

When I’m back I hope I see you!

We keep on Creating…

Sitting and organise this autumn.

10672190_10153164060760760_7141298860512624501_nIt will be one of the busiest so far if all goes well.
Wotever World is a concept that is created by all of us.
Wotever Create – Create Wotever!

But it is also a very well oiled machinery with a crew who add hours upon hours to make this happen. Week after Week…
We have done this for many years and it is an organic amoeba hard to grab, and get to know.
Dip In. Dip Out. We only do it because it’s Fun! And still very Important! It is for all of us who at some point or everyday feel a bit Whatever… Not 100% this or that… we are flexible, we move about and we are stronger together when we do it. ALl our journeys have started somewhere and are on their way towards something… Concious or not – who knows…

We just DO!


And you can join, with your ideas and passion if you want…

10641238_730014109256_1441001806388302351_nI want to say a massive Congratulations to Wotever DIY Film Festival that just finished their third annual festival. This year it was way  bigger than any before and the crew who made it deserve all the applauds in the world! Well Done Theresa, Tara, Puj, Skye, Jai,  Dru, Stephanie, Leanne and all others involved! It was Fabulous!


Wotever Sex has started…

Wotever Sex – part I ForePlay
5 August
Length 225 mins

pic Paul GraceI am wondering and would like to hear what the older gent and his company made out of last nights opening of Wotever Sex. They arrived on the dot we opened, had bought tickets in advance and was soooo ready! He proudly told me he had not been to RVT for 30 years and he then went and saw some drag acts…. He arrived via info on the interweb – and he said he was looking forward to it, he had chosen our show last night as it looked the most interesting (compared to what I have no idea). What did he make out of all the sauciness, queerness and gendered language we shared from stage?? Hollie Howitt’s amazing ‘Genitals does NOT Equal Gender’ saying the words cunt and cock so many times I think we broke some sort of record, the sultry (and funny) poetry from Jay Walker about bodies, Gender and Chocolate Cake. What did he make out of the four performers who in their own right chose what to read, in a sexy way? Rosie Garland who read from her latest novel Vixen, and Pretty MissCairo who read a chicken recipe in such a way we all got turned on, but yet slightly uncomfy. Jean Genet classic Querelle of Brest read again and for the first time loud byMisterMeredith Luke, a wank book from his early years, and then the conductor of the whole scenario Crimson Skye who Tipped into the Velvet of Sarah Waters classic with such subtle hand gestures and finger compositions we all gasped for air by each little movement and felt the stirring in the nether regions of our bodies.

Could he cope with the nakedness? When Selogadi Ngwanangwato Mampane in chains took to stage halfdressed and with an important message to share – I bet he did cope as well as we all did as this was brilliant performance art we felt honoured to be part of and have on our stage last night, and I bet by the end of the night and Lolo Brow’s piece of ‘Make Me a Man’ he was ready to embrace life with new fresh and very open eyes. I so hope he enjoyed it all as it was such a pleasure to share it with him, and all who came – took part and filled RVT with their bodies, minds and open hearts. This was ForePlay, we wanted you to get turned on, in tune with us all as what is more delightful than a room packed with strangers and lovers who all breathe in harmony and are ready ready for just a little bit more… a little bit mooooooore…..

I really hope he and his company enjoyed and felt they were part of something special.. and did we see them dance with us all on that stage – to Salt and Pepas Let’s Talk about Sex. Did we?

pic Hanna DarvillI bet tho that he loved the celebration of Liam’s Mum – who doesn’t love a son (in underwear – as it was underpants day) giving a purple cake with candles on to his mum on her birthday?? And saying ‘I Love You’!

So much to love.

So Much Happiness.
Thank You!

and as always – thank you to the slickest, best badass crew in the biz. Love you Kevin, Maria, Liam, Joey, Puja and Dr J! Also, mega Thanks to Royal Vauxhall Tavern for being a perfect canvas for our dreams and creativity.

It was a pleasure!
// Ingo X