Wotever Sex, so far

Over the last weeks we have written notes and messages for people and things who have passed, People, ideas and stuff we have lusted after. And tomorrow we will write notes about people, stuff and things we are thankful for.

For the Forth year running we take part in Hot August Fringe with fresh, thought provoking and amazingly sexy stuff. We invite some of our favourite Performers and give them free hands to work within our theme, and this year it is:

LIFE – what is a good life, what sort of Queer Life do we strive for? Are we happy? Life Skills for QueerBrains…..

LUST – my lust, your lust everyBODY lust? Lust that scare and lust that hurts, in lust we love and trust…

DEATH – one thing that is so human. We are all gonna die. What is death, how do we celebrate the ones who died. Straight Death vs Queer Death. Bed Death and Beds Alive…

Three Tuesdays that are connected and clever, Different and Diverse. Erotic and Potent. Queer and Normal.

plus More Films, Music and Party!

The first two weeks have been filled with amazing acts, words and celebrations with Sophia Blackwell, Brian Lobel, Stav Bee, Rhyannon Styles, Rubyyy Jones, Faggot, Arkem, CN Lester, Jacqueline Appelbee, Snakeboy and much more Rubyyy Jones.  

Wotever Sex 2013 Photo Paul Grace
Wotever Sex 2013
Photo Paul Grace

This week we do the last one with even more LOVE, LUST and Celebrations. On stage 20th August is Rosie Lugosi, Duncan D’Nut, The DreamBears, Gemski, Adam All, Listen. – Audio Porn, Miss Cairo Mascara , Meth Any, Rubyyy Jones with her Fierce Family

Wotever Family Photo with prof. Sara Davidmann – Interaction

Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Show start 7.30

Entry £7 or £5 HERE


We did a party for UKLGIG in May

…and this is the message I got from them.

Dear Ingo,
UKLGIG is extremely grateful for your amazing support for our 20th anniversary party. It is the general consensus that it is the best party we have ever had. One of the reasons for this is that there was a mix of ages, classes, races, genders and sexualities who all happily mixed with each other. Everyone’s enjoyment was enhanced by the cutting edge entertainment and the excellent DJ. The management you provided before and on the night was fantastic and it could not have been the success it was without you.


it was always our intention that as many as possible of those we work with could attend and this could not have happened without support. It is gratifying that you and the others understand the importance of this and hopefully you saw that their presence made it the exciting event that it was.

We and our clients are very grateful to you fot making the night so enjoyable for everyone.

IMG_7518-me IMG_7607-me IMG_7535-meKind Regards,

Erin Power
Executive Director www.uklgig.org.uk

Ingo is always up for using all their experience in helping out and creating special events for you and your workspace. If you ever need a hand with creating a welcoming and exciting atmosphere. Do not hesitate to contact them on woteverworld [at] gmail [dot] com

IMG_7511-me IMG_7512-me IMG_7501-me

Wotever Sex last night…

Rubyyy Jones, Wotever Sex
Photo: Paul Grace

When we do it together, nothing can stop us.
When Beauty gets on stage, share stories and move us so much we have to take a break and just be for a moment.
Wotever Sex: Filled with Cream last night was one of those nights. London need to wake up and appreciate the beauty they have within! Mega Super Massive Smooches and LoveFilled Balloons to CN Lester for not only amazing music but also for the most glittery cupcakes, Arkem doing RVT proud, as Arkem in RVT wearing Arkem at RVT… Mind boggling on the smaller scale. Films of beauty and Lust in Ingo‘s special Queer Feminist Pornos, Applewriter with so much creaminess the nipples grew hard and we all needed a break to breathe. Beautiful!
Rubyyy Jones with more tales from the outside, the need of family and how DragQueens saved her life! And then Shoes…. I want shoes too we cried! SnakeBoy, SnakeBoy Hips don’t Lie, these are extraordinary hips and they shake, move touch and make the room so hot and steamy…. What a Night! Wotever Sex last night was indeed LUST! Plenty of LUST!

As always the crew did a FAB job with smooth moves, flowery displays and great tunes! Thank YOU For it all!
Let’s do it again! Let’s do a show next week (20th Aug) that end this years Wotever Sex series with packed rooms and with a massive BANG!

Till then!
Thank You and Bless this QueerLustFilledLife!

If you like what we do, and have a few quid making noise in your pocket. Feel free to Donate HERE for Wotever World upkeep and many more events in the future.

Wotever Sex:: Filled with cream

Queer Cabaret

Start 7.30 and then we roll!

CN Lester – Music
Arkem – Performance, A RVT Poem!
Vikki Chalkin – Accademic Performance
Jacqueline Appelby – Erotica
Lick It! – Film by Ingo
SnakeBoy – BellyDancing
Rubyyy Jones – Life Skills & Thoughts, Performance

Wotever SexDJ inbetween, before and after: DJ JoBunny

Come and be part of it all!

For the Forth year running we take part in Hot August Fringe with fresh, thought provoking and amazingly sexy stuff. We invite some of our favourite Performers and give them free hands to work within our theme, and this year it is:

LIFE – what is a good life, what sort of Queer Life do we strive for? Are we happy? Life Skills for QueerBrains…..

LUST – my lust, your lust everyBODY lust? Lust that scare and lust that hurts, in lust we love and trust…

DEATH – one thing that is so human. We are all gonna die. What is death, how do we celebrate the ones who died. Straight Death vs Queer Death. Bed Death and Beds Alive…

Three Tuesdays that are connected and clever, Different and Diverse. Erotic and Potent. Queer and Normal.

plus More Films, Music and Party!


Tuesday 13th
At Royal Vauxhall Tavern
Doors 7pm
Entry £7

Wotever begin…

Wotever begin…

July, nothing is happening, plenty of lazy summer days are flowing past and I am horny, need a challenge, have separated and been to San Francisco got inspired, missing some flexibility and queerness here in London  and just celebrated my fortieth birthday…

Around this time ten years ago me and my friends Sam and Col was fired up by the prospect of doing an event, a night where we could invite all kinds of people too. It was important for us that we should be open for all people we liked, no matter if they were dykes, straight and/or trans*. We came from different set ups and with different goals and ideas, and me, as the driving force with plenty of experience from running events in Sweden def took the lead.

We had a name for the event ‘Club Whatever’ the name that came to me after me myself been called ‘Sir, Madame…..Whatever’ by a genderconfused barista. The idea behind the club was that some of us were a bit male and a bit female and walked the line from one gender to another as easily as we expressed our sexuality and love for a variety of people and genders…

We had a venue, two guys had opened up a winebar near where I worked at the time (Gay’s the Word) and they were keen to increase their attendance and bar takings a Saturday evening early August when Bloomsbury was quite and almost deserted. Nothing to loose for them, And nothing to loose for us. Invited DJ was Caroline of WANC fame, Wanc, this Women’s Anarchist Nuisance Café that ran various events and evenings for women was a big inspiration. I liked their politics and set up, but I have always felt more at home in a mixed environment. But, Carro is a mean DJ that I’ve know for a long time, so she was a given playing tunes our first events. Col and Sam did the door and I hosted and took care of the people who arrived…

At this point I was living in a shared house in Islington with a big garden, great for meetings and set ups, and we sat there and discussed what we should do and who should do what. I had no computer so we used the local internet café heavily. So heavy that the owner allowed us to install an early version of Photoshop onto one of his computers… and then we had to use this one for altering images and make flyers. Col, designer and computer wizard, came up with the more Aussie spelling of Whatever, so we became WOTEVER from the start…

Ingo & Jacq in Warsaw, queering up Le Madame

And the symbol that looks like a shadow figure with a hunch standing in front of the moon became our identity, our poster… No gender and with plenty of chances to show off my favorite color orange. And we used the font Curlz..

The first evening we opened the doors and truly enjoyed the plethora of people who turned up, we flirted, some had sex in the toilets, we danced and we had a great time…  The idea of a space where we could have plenty of Fun and Feel Free, crossing not only the general hetero-normative borders of what and with whom we wanted to flirt with, we even broke the Butch-Femme boundaries and became more, we made sure the gay and dyke separatist became friends and in the mix we were free to flirt with whomever and whatever we so wished.

After the first event we was asked if we wanted to do this again, and quickly I said yes. I liked it! Col and Sam agreed as both had enjoyed the attention they both got too… Working and being part of wotever have always been driven by lust, much more than hunger for fame or money. Lust and Politics are and have always been our driving force, so much that I almost bankrupted myself over it…

Already at the second time there were people there we had no idea who they were, ie people had heard about Club Wotever and word by mouth had made the rumor about our genderbending night spread across London..

At this second Club Wotever night we had the pleasure to welcome Josephine to our stage for the first time. She had arrived already at the first event with some of my acquaintances, and told me that she was a dancer, and would happily dance for us. And so she did, she did Gender Violence, the piece that has become her trade mark and given number whenever she ask me what I would like her to perform. Josephine also came with academic credentials and as a writer and word smith extraordinaire she have helped me so much! It was Josephine who drafted the manifesto we quickly made sure that we had. The manifesto who made sure we know why we do what we do and what guiding stars we follow whenever we need to reflect upon events and happenings. The manifesto have changed very little over these years, we still follow it and share it whenever we can, or feel the need.

Pride Parade Stockholm After our Queer All Stars float
Pride Parade Stockholm. People after our Queer All Stars float

Wotever have always been a organic bubble with various people dipping in and out when they have time, need or feel like it. Very early on Col decided to leave the set up and another year of Club Wotever events Sam decided to leave too.  I kept on going as with this little odd set up I felt I had a chance to share and create things I believed in. It was open, but yes it was open from my point of view and many times I think it have pissed people off. But as this was started and driven by lust, the idea was, join in, take part or if you want do your own events. London is free and very big! The luxury of creating these things in London is of course that there is such a mix of people around and it’s a flow of amazing people moving in, arriving, coming out, creating stuff and do things… so, yes Wotever is my baby. I created her, but she have def been brought up by many…. so many…


We have always loved to Dress Up!
We have always loved to Dress Up!

But how did we survive all these changes, all this chaos? With shitloads of power and happiness I would say. But, also with plenty of help from great collaborators. One person that I think have a key to why it survived is Zem, she came to that second event we did, a phd student in visual anthropology and she was looking for a project, something that tickled her and that she could do her phd on. She followed us for a year and she made the film Mirror Mirror, a historic document following and filming Wotever, me, and the performers Lazlo, Josephine, Maria and Jacq both on and off stage. Now in hindsight we have agreed that in hard times we sort of supported each other, ie I did Club Wotever so she had something to film. And because she needed to film I did Club Wotever..

But what are the key to surviving on no funding, plenty of voluntarily work and being so known out there in the world that many performing queers make sure they stop by at Wotever on their tour…

I pretty much have said yes to most things suggested, and this have created a very mixed set up – looking back on it I could wonder what my drive really was…  For me it was Education and Equality.

Wotever Sex Brilliant thought provoking shows from the best!
Wotever Sex Brilliant thought provoking shows from the best!

Wotever became more than just Club Wotever when we did Cabaret Wotever that toured in Stockholm, Leicester and Warsaw. That was when we travelled as a troupe with a set of great and amazing performers to said cities in the early days of 2004-2005…. We did big shows at Hackney Empire here in London and I started up Bar Wotever with Al. The idea of Bar Wotever, was to create a midweek event where LGBT and Queer artists, writers musicians and performers could show their acts and numbers for a LGBT and Queer Wotever audience. Back then London had no ‘middle range stage’ for this sort of  performances… Just image if you are mega big in your home country/city but do your first gig in London and have no audience, but you are queer and would love to sing/perform for an audience that gets you and your references…Over the years we have been very fortunate to work with many big names, amazing artists and Performers. We have seen people develop new skills and grow on our stage. And Bar Wotever is a community where many have leant new skills, shared their thoughts or community news on our stage, Given or heard one of our many Wotever Talks,  as well as eaten some nutritious and cheap vegetarian food from our Love Soup team. Bar Wotever have since 2009 been on every week at Royal Vauxhall Tavern. A venue that have won Best Venue Awards left right and center, a space where the setting is amazing and glamorous with music hall in their walls. It is perfect for this and it is a truly unique situation that we have access to this.

Australian Blow Waves get RVT dancing!
Australian Blow Waves get RVT dancing!

At RVT we have also created Wotever Sex events these last four years. These events are all about Sexual Education and Entertainment, with curated shows around a variety of topics. The last years we have done this during Hot August Fringe to reach out to pretty much anyone who enjoy this sort of things in London. We also set up our market stalls and invite people to our Queer Fayre, a daytime family friendly market where a variety of useful and beautiful things are sold, or eaten.


Sign of Love
Sign of Love

Wotever is my baby, and a few years back there was so many different things happening and I needed to create an umbrella name and Wotever World was born. Under Wotever World, me and the now around 30 people strong crew, create a variety of events in the spirit of Lust and Curiosity.

We do, Female Masculinity Appreciation Society, Wotever Stockholm, Queer Fayre, SWEAT, Various events at Ritzy, Hackney Attic and many other venues all over London and elsewhere.

BAR WOTEVER is as from NOW, under the umbrella The Queer Embassy. For the first time EVER we are a charity, we have a board board, so we can keep Bar Wotever a free entry event and open for everyone.

My baby is TEN, and she is just in the beginning…

Live and kicking, here is where you find us!

Wanna celebrate with us?

2 Aug Wotever Stockholm PARTY!

13 Sep Top Hat Party London!

See many performances, Talks and party films on our own YOUTUBE channel







wotzit – PRIDE Saturday

A special wotzit with a packed line up!
Only GREAT tunes!

We Rock Retro!
We Rock Retro!

Make sure you pop in to Retro Bar Pride Saturday for a drink, use the loo, sway to the tunes, and a sit down and rest your marching feet, meet up with new and old friends. We play the music between 4-11…. Come and Join us!

4:00-8:00 Wotever SuperSet
8.00 – 8.30 Ingo
8.30 -9.00 DJ Malteazer
9.00 – 9.30 Joe Pop
9.30 – 10.15 DJ Jo Bunny
10.15- 11.00 Ingo

Entry Free. NO Dress Code!

Call for Submissions – Wotever Queer Film Fest 3!

Call For Submissions – Wotever Queer Film Fest 3!

We’re currently accepting submissions for our third Wotever Queer Film Festival, to be held on the 27th August. Submission deadline August 7th.

As always, we’re looking for shorts (3-15mins) of any genre on a Queer theme. Other than that, our only criteria is that they must be in keeping with our Wotever ethos and as such will not consider submissions that are racist, trans*/homophobic, religiously intolerant, ableist, sizeist or in any way prejudiced or exclusionary towards a particular group or identity.

We welcome films that push the boundaries of queer thinking and ideology, are thought-provoking and progressive. Saying that, we also appreciate a nice queer-meets-queer love story, slap stick comedy or music video we can dance to.

We’ve been delighted with the diversity of the films we’ve shown over the last year and would like to continue to encourage queers of all backgrounds, nationalities, origins, identities and abilities to submit work. However, we know we can always do better and so if you feel that you have been under-represented thus far, send us your film and we will show it; send us your suggestions and we will listen. Alternatively, share this with your friends, lovers and family and let’s get the word out to as many corners of our wonderful queer community as possible.

For submissions, questions, suggestions or queries contact Theresa at woteverfilm [at] gmail [dot] com

Sweat Summer

Time has come for yet another of our popular meet ups in a slightly more kinky and sexpositive surroundings. This is for you who like to get together and meet other amazing, friendly and liberated people.

The  evening is what you make it to be, the sauna is hot and so is the people attending.

SWEAT London is a play space for women, transmen, transwomen, intersex and genderqueer people (whether assigned female or male at birth).

We welcome people who are respectful in the way they communicate with others, open-minded, friendly and unjudgmental.

blueWe’re in our favourite space in a great venue in South London which has play spaces, a sauna and steam room. Newcomers are very welcome as well as more experienced players. We run an ice-breaker thing early in the evening which is popular.

Please email sweatlondon [a] gmail [dot] com to join the mailing list and find out how to get tickets. Please note that unless you are already on the mailing list we will ask you to tell us a bit about yourself.

Hope to see you there!


Thursday 4th July, 20:00-00:00 (icebreaker & meet and greet 20:30)

please note, you have to be ‘vetted’ before you even get info how to get tickets. and that we only sell tickets in advance, on line,  for this event. All to make it as secure and safe as possible. 

Wotever Stockholm: Twist and Swirl!

14 June, 20-01
Bonden Bar, Bondegatan 1c, Stockholm 
FREE ENTRY all night!

Wotever in June is all about twisting, swirling and twirling, and maybe dirty dancing! Not one, not two, but three fabulous DJs will tonight provide the soundtrack for your tangos, lambadas, slowdances and head banging. Think of the fabulous glitter of the ballroom queens, or skin tight body suits of the modern dancers. Think of well-choreographed numbers with top hats and canes, or grinding hips to heavy beats. Or just come as you are and dance like no one is watching!

Strutting their stuff on stage tonight is none other than the delectable and delightful Miss Meadows, showing us why Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend. In fine company, we have Kim, doing his turn by showing us his stand up in style. And finally Josephine will be popping and locking and trying to figure out how to actually dance to dubstep for your delight and amusement.
Wotever Stockholm 14 Juni
Your DJs for the night also offer and unique spin of the turntable, as we introduce newcomer DJ Raven Star, alongside Max who will be joined with a guest appearance by the Sweaty Betty’s dancing ensemble. And finally to play us into the wee hours, the big cheese themselves, Ingo all the way from London, will rock your socks right off!

As always, all of this is completely FREE entry all night long at the Bonden Bar. Wotever is an open space where encourage everyone to come as they are or want to be. This means no dress code (though we adore you to dress up), and no door policy (anyone and everyone is welcome). However, everyone is asked to respect everyone’s right to be there and to be as fabulous as they are.

Wotever is a space that encourages play and innovation, and we are very excited that tonight features some brand new artists that we are very proud to present to you. However, if you are keen to strut your stuff on stage or provide the soundtrack for our lives, simply get in touch and we will help you to show off your fabulous selves!

the three meet ups…


When we created this video, we had held three events named Female Masculinity Appreciation Society already. We have met up, arm wrestled, knitted, giggled and danced. We have had conversations and seen shows…we like FMAS A Lot!

See video here, with a soundtrack by Beyonce and Andre 3000: Female Masculinity Appreciation Society

On Friday we held no 4 we held meet up number 4! RVT was packed with brilliant people who totally got involved. On the dancefloor and with eachother….

One can wonder why we do like to do these events so much… Is it because we want to highlight an invisible and rarely celebrated group in our society? Is it in opposition to something else? Why are we not doing a Female Femininity Appreciation Society event? So far we haven’t but I think we will in the future, just because we can! When we are at it, why not use our sense of humour and continue having fun, celebrating that we are indeed here, queer and alive! The society are forcing us into boxes, gender stereotypes and ‘how to behave’… Wotever started as a WE DON’T WANT TO BE BOXED IN!!! We are this, that and everything inbetween… For all who 100% are happy as who they are, meeting up with others who do enjoy who they are is a luxury indeed…. and for you who feel like you wanna belong and be part. Please do! You are so WELCOME! Our Door is open for you!

And yes, we like it! And we will do more, as long as you join us!

Next Female Masculinity Appreciation Society meet up take place September 13th at RVT.  This might also be when we celebrate Club Wotever and our 10 year anniversary… so, it will be special!