Want a Stall? Queer X Fayre

Crafts Market

Saturday 7th December

Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Queer Fayre is an institution amongst all of us queers/LGBT people who like hand crafted, home made and very special stuff… Here you find things you might not see at any other crafts market, cards with trans positive messages, baby t-shirts for kids with two mummies, dog hats, vintage gay porn and /or a variety of LGBT books…

This Saturday we, open the doors for our Biggest Crafts Market so far!

With Food, and Fika of course.
RVT have the bar open for all your drink needs.
This is a Queer Family event where all ages and dogs are welcome.

A Few stalls left, If you want a stall, you have to sell hand-crafted stuff you are proud to display and share!

Stalls are still only £10, but please note. ONLY handmade things…

Link to book a stall: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/8755119799

Book it NOW!

Cover Photo: Art Work Joe Pop, edit Ingo

Happy Shopping!

Ingo x

Circus Orgasmuz

CO_NTA Circus, a smart collection of sexy smart people, many who have been on stage with us many times, They are the best! A space with two floors, where the top floor can be an area where you meet up, mingle, talk, see visuals that inspire and hear music you like… The evening start with a great show by sassy sexy Fierce Family, lead by Rubyyy Jones and more. An unique performance by Artist Stav B, doing her piece  ‘Give me something’ for us.

Plus plenty of Games, Play and Wishes

Reading BedTime stories for us are the amazing author/s extraordinary Jonathan Kemp & J Applebee, both have worked many time with Wotever and both are amazing readers, Erotic Writers and Hot as fuck! You are indeed in for a treat with these two by your bedside….

Down stairs there will be a big space for play, a special splosh room, food fight for the brave and messy lovers.
BDSM & Kink, without attitude…

A Circus highlighting the fun and creative sides of LGBT & Queer… Pain & Pleasure
Visual Art, films made queer pornographers and photographers.
This event is a possibility and it will happen again at The Flying Dutchman, one of Londons friendliest and most open venues.

Circus Orgasmuz is open for all LGBT & Queer people, in all shades of Fabulous. It’s a Night to Remember, to enjoy and love… It is an Adventure, and you would be sad if you missed it.
It’s run by the people behind Wotever World, klub fukk & Sweat, and it is very special!

Friday 29 Nov, 9-1am
Tickets, In advance £8-£12, on the door £15
Dress Code: Fierce
Theme: Thank Fuck Im here and this Fabulous!!

A Circus extravaganza mixing all things good!

Here you can see some ‘clean’ images from the last one, snapped by AbsolutQueer Photography


Circus Orgasmuz ART SHOW





Circus Orgasmuz ART SHOW
‘Thank Fuck we are here and now’
Empowering images of Queer bodies and expressions.

Wotever World will once again do a combined party/show/art event down at The Flying Dutchman (http://www.flyingdutchmanlondon.com/)

You will see work by these Artists tonight.

Absolut Queer
Alda Villiljós
Allan Taylor
Amanda Chanfrau
Anya Hanson
Carolyn Cowan
Craig Leo
Erika Trejo

Gilivanka & Barbara
Gita Buga
Isabel Becker
Joe Pop
Kitty Stryker
Krissy Mahan
Magdalena Bielanska
Matthew Stradling
Monika Bancyr-de-Angeli
Roberta Orlando
Rod Doyle
Samantha Miller
Yui Karlberg

Title of the event: Circus Orgasmuz Art Show
Theme: ‘Thank Fuck we are here and now’, empowering images of Queer bodies and expressions.
Date: Friday 29 November, 6pm-9pm
Art: curated by Ingo, producer of Wotever World and displayed via Projections in Upstairs Bar.
Cost: This is a Free event, open for all +18

Between the hours 6-9, only the upstairs is open, and it is a free event where YOUR art/Photos will be specially screened. With a short info sheet for all visiting art lovers, as THIS also is the time when South London Arts People are here looking….

This is the foreplay for
our Very Special PARTY, CIRCUS ORGASMUZ, that take place after the Art Show. More here: http://woteverworld.com/circus-orgasmuz/

Joey’s Journey

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Joey now when they start a new journey in higher education, and I would like to thank them for all these years they have been such a big part of Wotever World and Bar Wotever specially. Here I collected a few good bits and asked Joey a few questions before they leave.. Best of Luck Joey, you have been amazing to work with! Love, Ingo x

944177_10151457509307587_1582625286_nName: Joey McKillop

How/when did you first get in touch with Wotever World, and what event, When did you get involved? I got involved through Community News, maybe half a decade ago, but it was another year before I joined the crew, first as a compère, then an apprentice tech, then as a journeyman tech in my own right.

Have being involved in Wotever opened other doors for you? Wotever opened doors into the performance side of the community. I have now teched gigs for The Cutlery Drawer, Lashings of Ginger Beer Time, and CN Lester’s Transpose. I’ve since landed a part-time job as a stage tech in the theatre at my college, working on shows for theatre students.

Anything special you wanna say to others who think of going, being part? If you want to get involved then I say go for it! You can ride this crazy train as far as you want to, if you’re willing to put the work in.


This is what Joey wrote, and read on stage at Bar Wotever back in 2010

To my sixteen year old self,

you won’t want to hear it. You never want to hear it, and you only really listen to yourself. A good thing, then, that it’s you who is writing this letter. You’ve made some good choices and some bad choices, but that’s alright. Try not to make too many millstones for your neck with your choices.

The solution is a false one, in that you cannot fix what isn’t broken. Learn to enjoy your teenage years in peace. In two years, you’ll find that at your core you are an unstoppable force of nature. You’ll enjoy that force for another 5 years before reigning it in when you realise the damage it has caused. A little serenity now might prevent you from having to cage your soul in your early twenties. You won’t be dead by then. In fact, you’re looking at a long and semi-healthy life. Stop cracking your knuckles before you give yourself early-onset arthritis. Don’t start cracking your neck. Don’t stop exercising or you’ll regret it. The only thing that holds a fire in check is the amount of air and fuel it can burn.

Your libido will remain just as formidable into your mid-twenties as it is at 16. It’s a part of you and one of many conduits to your inner passion. Just don’t let it become your main conduit. Find other passions, lots of them. Make some fucking birdhouses or something! Never look to other people to validate you; or shallow, ignorant arrogance will consume your self-esteem more than once. Never let yourself be used, you’re worth more than that. Anybody who claims to know your animus better than you do is a liar and a danger.

You have issues, sure, but you also have a roof over your head and food on the table. You’re not always weird because you’re damaged. Usually, you’re weird because you’re autistic. Learn to tell the difference between the former and the latter, embrace the latter as a part of you, force others to do the same, and the former becomes insignificant. The sooner you stop sleeping with that knife, the sooner you can address your vulnerability issues. You’re still driven more by fear than by surety, and you’ll have more fun once you make the change. Discuss all this with your Mam. She’s rooted in the 1970’s and all that that entails, but she has grown a lot since then and will continue to do so.

Don’t go to college just yet. Live a little first and see some of the world. Broaden your horizons and never allow any one topic to occupy the focus of an entire day, or longer. You’ll see France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark and the Czech Republic in the next seven years. It’s called Czechoslovakia just now, but Eastern Europe is still a very protean thing. Go to college as an adult and everything will be in context. You won’t view yourself in terms of the subjects you take and what your degree will be. People who identify as their job are just as daft as people who identify as their race, their religion or their sexuality. These things are parts of you, but you are greater than the sum of your parts.

Don’t blow your bike licence on stupidity as it’s not worth it. You’ll never be Valentino Rossi and besides, the best adventures allow time to appreciate the scenery. Sports bikes are for eejits, whereas V-4 naked bikes are more fun, easier to handle and more attractive to women. Get yourself a GSX-F 600, streetfighter it and shiny-up the motor. Seriously.

Learn about love. Learn to understand what it is and what it means. Learn that you are capable of it, even if you don’t recognise it when you see it. I said before that you have a soul, but it is something you will not recognise until you feel it weakened and tamed. You also have more emotions than just fear and rage. You’ll find that, actually, your strongest emotions are courage and love. Learn to experience them, to feel them. Learn what it is to be human. Your dad will die in the next few years. You suspect this already as his health wasn’t that great to begin with. Before he does, take the time to discuss music with him. You have the Clash and the Beatles in common, who knows what else? When he does go, learn to grieve. Grief is love, and to grieve is to be connected to your humanity. Stoicism is your handicap.

Finally, I leave you with these words: To thine own self, be true.

Yours with much-belated love, Joey



Joey also did a passionate speech for the ‘IT GETS BETTER’ Campaign in 2011

See the youtube video here: It Gets Better

Bar Wotever Tuesday, run by the community for the community, specialising in Queer / LGBT Arts and Culture

We love cinema venues



Queer ExperimentsFor no other reason, that we do love it. Wotever goes well with cinema.. we have always felt at home in a cinema setting, and over the years we have been to many, set up, done our stuff… In a cinema.

Soon we are back with our Queer Experiments night at Hackney Attic, top floor of Hackney Picturehouse in …. Hackney. We will do show, talk and create a Wotever Cabaret filled with lovely, scary and mind blowing thoughts. WoteverworldSlide3

please come and see us where we feel at home…..

Here is a video from another gig we did at Hackney Attic, in the video you can see Tabitha Benjamin & Dorian Wood interviewed.<——- Just click on image


Queer Experiment

Queer Experiment 
A Wotever Cabaret

Queer ExperimentsA Show with some of the Smartest and Sassiest WordSmiths, CabaretMakers and BalletBoys…
Wotever create space beyond the boundary, and this evening we Experiment with ‘Queerness & Belonging’

Line Up:
Desmond O’Connor – His bittersweet lyrics and insanely catchy melodies never fail to shock, charm and entertain

Elizabeth Hotson – award winning comedian bring one of her characters, Julie Jones, with her tonight, and anything can happen..

Nathan Dean Williams – Nathan tells stories… In guises… with surprises… ‘A filthy, twisted Alan Bennett for the jilted generation’ The Fix Online

About Wotever Cabaret:
‘Erasing all boundaries and stereotypes from the blackboard this innovative night featured a wealth of the smartest, sexiest and most unique performers who encourage different ways of gender expressions.’ QX

Wotever World is an LGBT & Queer Arts & Culture group and have created stuff on stage & screen since 2003.

Venue: Hackney Attic, Hackney Picturehouse
Date: Thu 21 November
Time: 20:30, doors from 20:00
Entry: £7

Hand me Down

Wotever Stockholm Hand Me Down!

19th of October 20-01

1390552_10151929334837505_890093404_nThis month Wotever Stockholm has a vintage flair of the second hand variety!

Think thrifty as you swap in the new for the old. On your way to us tonight, perhaps stop in at your local charity or vintage shop for inspiration. Someone’s discarded bridesmaid dress can be your ballgown for the evening. And that 70’s disco suit certainly deserves another outing.
If formal wear is not your thing, there’s always plenty of sportwear, hats, and all those shoes!

Be unique, be second or third hand, be Wotever!

Performances tonight will have an equally eclectic flair, handing down thoughts, cares and stories with words, song and dance. Watch this space as we will be introducing our lovely performers soon!

Come and be entertained and stay for our DJs playing both the old and the new into the early hours of the night.

As always, Wotever Stockholm is entirely FREE, and has no dress code, and everyone is welcome!

Hot Rock Gets us Going

We sounded and looked so hot last night at Bar Wotever! Great evening with our all new sparkly house band, Battle of You, a group of talented and super sweet musicians. If it feels good. Do it!

Battle of You
Battle of You

They brought with them a great set up of music and words, the evening Rocked and we got the party feeling by all the balloons in the room. Around 3 000 balloons in blue, yellow and hot pink was hanging about…

Seth Corbin band played some of our favourite tunes and The Cut Outs Rocked the house down being super tight with great voices. Spoken word by Jake Hawkey gave us time for reflection to his words softly spoken. Having a room filled with rock lovers all quiet and listening to words about hard times and suffering is a skill, and Jake def had it. Plus the love stories…

All who was on stage at Bar Wotever last night.
All who was on stage at Bar Wotever last night.

The main attraction Battle of You came on and delivered a brilliant set, heavy on bass and super strong vocals. I’ve loved Mel’s voice ever since the first soundbite was sent to me as a ‘can we come and play’ request a few years back. I am so proud and happy that these talented musicians, great people have have chosen Bar Wotever as their new ‘home’ we will make this house Rock for sure!

Bar Wotever continue to be an exciting exploration of Community, Performance and Shared Longings and ideas.

One could classify it as any other regular pub night with some stuff happening on stage, and ‘I just popped in after work for a pint’ if one so wish, but the strength within Bar Wotever is so much more than that if one care to look. The collaboration and care taken of performers who come and start out, get a space to be themselves and grow is also happening on the floor, not only on stage, but as you could see last night if you were lucky enough to be there and witness it, it was a true schoolbook example of how we need to take care of each other, support one and other and our talent and skills.. The band, Battle of You, contacted me, Ingo curator and director of Bar Wotever back in 2011. They were still at Uni, looking for gigs of their new band, two female friends, with strong vocals and a sound cloud link. I booked them, and they came and played their third ever live gig at Bar Wotever. Since then I have followed them, and they have been back and played with us many more times, plus all around UK and London… they have established themselves, found back up musicians they seem to gel with, they are tight, smart and with great tunes. Last night they entered the stage, with a night they had put together, they entered the stage at Bar Wotevers home, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, as our first ever Residential band.  We have seen them grow and we have been there… Bar Wotever look after the LGBT & Queer artists we work with and who want/need it..

Party Debris after a Great Night
Party Debris after a Great Night

Living in this fast flowing world, it is easy to think, just as ‘coming out’ is the end of one drama, you are now ready and free to be and live as you want, one forget that you keep on growing, and we who have gone beforehand, found our spaces need to give back, share our knowledge and skills with others. So, Bar Wotever keep the community spirit going and are open, not only for new fresh ones, but also encourage all of us who have been around for a bit, to join in, share, learn and keep on growing…

So, see you a Tuesday down at Bar Wotever, a true unique event in the London Queer Calendar.



Porn Made Easy

Many know that I really like to film, shoot videos and/or create films.
Over many years I have had the fortune to work and be part of many creative scenarios where we have been able to shoot what we want, without anyone telling us what it should look like. Our bodies are beautiful, our expressions whilst being in sexual situations is powerful, sensitive and encouraging….
2009_0508klubfukk010025I  started to do these films at klub fukk, as a creative way of being able to show ‘our kind of queer sexuality‘ on the big mega plasma screen in the venue…. then we showed the films there, and sometimes in other sexy situations, amongst other queer sexy spaces. The aim for these films have never been to share them wider than amongst the people who are in them, with people who go to the same events & clubs as the participants…
Over the years I have been asked to create more and more films with people who are interested, want to be in front of the camera, be part of the set up, showing off, sharing their stories and fantasies… and always with the knowledge that if not ok with the film, it will be deleted and never ever shown anywhere. So far, I have done this for five years, and never ever have anyone seen them self in a sexual situation on film, in front of my camera, and thought they were wrong, their body awkward, to big, to ugly… Everyone can se their own beauty and I know know as well, that seeing oneself in a loving situation, being in charge, lust-filled, horny, eager and powerful whatever part one have in the sexy scenario we shoot, empower people. Make them feel stronger, more beautiful and powerful!
These films started as sexpositive queer ditties, but are more and more becoming films of power, how to own our own body, being object on our own terms for our own people…
This is What I do and feel very proud of.
I am doing Workshops and Travel to shoot these films nowadays.
You can book a full day Workshop for your group, with or with out filming or screening of a mini film festival (all those films have special license from the participants to be shown by me at my events). So let me know if you are interested in being part, make this move forward, become a tool more people can feel good about…To book me, Ingo. Please, email. woteverworld [at] gmail [dot] com
And yes, we still call it Porn, as it is a bout sex, sexual encounters between consenting adults. Porn as We Want It!
In the meantime, Im doing one workshop/taster in Stockholm during Wish Conference..
Saturday 28 September
10:30 am-12:00 pm Porn made Easy
Description: What porn do we want? What porn would we like to do? Missing out stuff you find hot, funny, sexy, smart and juicy with in the pornfilms you see? This lighthearted, funny and fabulous workshop is all about creating the porn we want and deserve. With bodies like ours and set ups we recognise and desire..
We create scenarios, film it and look at it. 
After the workshop films will be destroyed if you so wish…. or, kept and shared at WISH and/or SWEAT (Ingo’s sexclub in London). They will ONLY be shown at these places! 
Later in the evening during the conference there will be a Film Festival with selected films (all ok’d by participants) will be screened.
More about the event and how to book HERE




Creme de la Femme

Wotever Stockholm proudly presents Crème de la Femme.

Wotever StockholmTonight we celebrate all things femme-inine and all those who appreciate femme in all its queer forms.
High femme, biker femme, super femme, butch femme, femme butch, femme femme, Wotever femme!

Tonight we cherish the sense of power given by a pair of stiletto heels and black leather boots a like, the self-esteem both a winged eye-liner and dark blue lipstick can bring forth and the notion that femme is radical, queer and kick ass!

We believe that femme comes in infinite varieties and forms and has no dress code.

Femmes of all identities, genders and sexualities are welcome and so is EVERYONE else!

On stage we welcome the fantabulous Alexander Alvina Chamberland, the delectable Max Zachs and our very own Wotever co-organiser Christine Bylund. Whilst our DJs will keep you moving and grooving til the early hours!

Wotever is an open queer space for anyone and everyone no matter how they identify, so long as they respect everyone else’s right to be there. You are encouraged to dress up, down and sideways and come as you are or want to be – but there is no dress code and no entry cost!

Friday 27 September, 20 – 01

Bonden Bar, Bondegatan 1c, Stockholm

FREE Entry