I like a bit of drama..

Cinematic life lessons

One of my secret, guilty Out and Proud pleasures is movies. Films and Dramas. Love it! Over the years inspiration and education, understanding and friendships have come via shared love for and interest of visual moving images. Some of my best moments have been with and by films and here are a few of my favorites and why. List is based of what I remember today so, sorry to all of you films I’ve forgotten in this moment – this might get a sequel….

Go Fish – when I saw this I was living in in Stockholm, working at Rosa Rummet (like Gay’s the Word but smaller and now sadly closed down) I saw this black and white film on VHS and loved the ‘community’ described in the film, the feelin’ that hair length did matter for love…. And the DYKE feelin’. It was the first unapologetic Lesbian film I’ve seen, no one died in the end and they were happy, sad and very smart and funny. It felt like I saw me and my friends in a film for the first time… The need to be represented and seen is major and films help us create and understanding not only for ourselves but of others too. Most films done is still unashamedly straight and have a very simple plot script with few varieties.

Lesson: We need to be seen! Our reality matters!

Manhattan – Yes, I did love this film, but at the moment I find it hard to watch tho after all said and done by Woody Allen, a lot of suspicious and awful facts of his life. Looking at this trailer make me cringe now. But for many years this was a film I returned to many times for a bit of drama, New York taste (I still haven’t been to NYC but I’ve seen it over and over in soooo many movies….)

Lesson: Time might change how you see things

Women on a verge of a nervous breakdown – After I saw this the first time at the cinema, I went back and saw it again a few days later. Laugh out Loud fun and so screwed up. This was when I first fell in love with Pedro Almodovars films, colors, style and music. His twisted mind and slapstick comedy… Lately his films have become a bit too slick and polished, but I am still a devoted fan. Plus, in this film I completely fell in love with a Terraced garden. I wand to have a roof garden like this one day!!

Lesson: Grow things! It’s good for the soul and it calm the nerves

Tsotsi – I first saw this film when visiting Warsaw and my friend Kash. We had a day off, possibly after a show we done and went and saw a Photographic exhibition. The exhibition was held in the same building as a cinema that had this film on show and we both said we wanted to see it. So we bought tickets.. It had Polish subtitles and they spoke Tsotsitaals in the film, both language I do not know anything of. So I saw the whole film without understanding the words. But the visuals spoke millions and the drama built was heartbreaking. Then I’ve seen it again with English subtitles and got more of the context. But I really really liked seeing it without knowing the words. A certain kind of freedom when the story told in visuals are this strong and beautiful and important. Loved it!

Lesson: Language is only one way to understanding

Parks and Recreation – this ditzy of a comedy and running series just finished season 6 in US , you can see some of series 3? At bbc iplayer atm. So far they have done 111 episodes in total and I’ve seen them all. I would say I have laughed out loud at least once at 98 of these episodes.. When I had hurt my foot last year (tore a muscle) and had to be still for a while, I was given a link to see this online and I saw them back-to-back on pain killers, half a sleep and in pain. And It was brilliant. Now I dip in to them when I need a bit of quick fix of fun for half an hour.

Lesson:  A laugh makes pain easier to live with. Plus, together we make shit happen…

ps, the trailer below is a fan trailer and cut and paste job… Fans will love it and understand the inside joke…

Todays music: Harpo with Moviestar, as this was important and played on many of my first Mixed Tapes, and I danced to it at many school discos…

This was my Day #04 of the challenge. So far I have enjoyed it a lot! But ooh, it really does take time. This blog took me about two hours to write….

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My name is Ingo, I am 51 years old, dyslexic and with another language as my first, so be prepared it might be a bumpy ride and a grammar police’s nightmare. My thoughts are mine and I only represent myself.

Have you always been like this?

Have you always been like this? He asked.

Just a few minutes ago I had a knock on my door. I opened and there was an older gentleman and a younger one standing there, smiley and curious looking, asking if I would like to talk about the bible.
I said no
And then the older gent said. Have you always been like this?

What he meant by this had me thinking when I went back to the last of my breakfast coffee…..

Have you always been like this?
As in Have you always said NO to talking to strange men who uninvited knock on your door and wanna have a discussion?
Yes. If I do not have time or feel like it. I say NO.

Have you always been like this?
Maybe he meant by my look… I had jus had a shower so my hair was wet and slicked back. I was in football shorts, and a tshirt barefoot… Read male/female? Who knows…. But have I always chose to wear comfy loose fitted clothes when I am home and relaxed eating my breakfast. Yes.

Have you always been like this?
Let’s say I was read Gay, Queer or Whatever, and they read as obvious male and quite possibly straight. Have I always known that I have a mind of my own and can answer whatever I want and like. Fuck Yes I have always been like this!

Have you always been like this?
According to my mum, I haven’t changed much since I was two years old… and by this she refers to my strive and go get attitude. My parents have always encouraged me to go for and stand for what I want. Over the years they have suffered a lot of heartache and scary moments with me in the family but they have always stood by me one way or another. So have I always been like this? Yes. Say my mum.

The Church me and my grandma visited
The Church me and my grandma visited

Have you always been like this?
Of course not – many times I have questioned why and what in the bible and on a bigger scale really.. Im not belonging to an organized religion, but I went to church, protestant Christian (Swedish Church) with my grandma as we both liked the rituals and the singing. And if we were lucky the ornaments and flowers were out, making the church room look and smell pretty. When I was little it was as much entertainment one could have where I grew up. I did go to church as it was a meeting space for the locals (very Vicar of Dibley) . One of priests Börje Björklund, were an older gent who talked about local history and made us feel important. It felt safe and was fun. The basics of the bible where great – treat others as you want to be treated. Be kind to your neighbour and help those in need. These were things that I learnt from it. But then, when I was about 20 my mum told me that this priest was one of the biggest anti female priests in the country. Ie, I had liked and respected a guy who did not believe I and all the other females were equal and could do the same job as he had. That hurt and made me realize… People can be good and inspire on some levels – but you don’t have to believe in everything they stand for and therefor question peoples needs…..

Have I always been like this?
Not always but I learnt along the line and I will continue to learn as long as I live.

But hey,  does it not scream of some desperation by having to get up early on a Saturday morning and knock on strangers door to convince people to YOUR Beliefs? I find it in equal measures sad, annoying and pathetic. Let’s hope these guys come to their senses and start enjoy the day – smell the roses and live as they are and want. And maybe they do. We just have to all accept each other…

I closed the door by wishing them a Good Day and then I made a peace sign, and blessed them with a loud ‘Peace and Love’. That was all I could do really.

Have I always been like this?

Today’s Tune is an amazing song sung by an amazing guy and it was given to me by an amazing woman some years back. Thank You. Love It!

this was my Day #03 of my challenge to write a blog each day for thirty days, and it was  inspired by these two gents knocking wanna chat about the bible. For that I am grateful 😉

My name is Ingo, I am 51 years old, dyslexic and with another language as my first, so be prepared it might be a bumpy ride and a grammar police’s nightmare. My thoughts are mine and I only represent myself.

ps. Quickly, here is my top three favourite knocks on the door:

1. Friends coming over for dinner or games, or lovers for sex – you know, People you are expecting and have invited.
2. Mail too big to fit through the letterbox – specially mail with good news and info.
3. Food Deliveries.

So many good reasons for good knocks, but these might be my favourites.




Yes, No, I don’t know..

The right to change my mind and hold opposite opinions…

Over the years I have noticed within myself that I get less and less certain about stuff. There is always two or more sides on many things… this makes life more interesting but also more confusing. What If I’m not right, what if I should do it like that or like that instead….  All was so much more easy when I was 5. Then I knew for sure what I wanted and where I was going. ‘I want THIS! And I want it NOW!’

Options is a glorious thing, but oooh how they trick my mind and oooh how glorious this thing of age and time, things who looked mega important when I was 20 is not so necessary when Im 30, because then I need….

The list of changing stand points and moving about is one of the corner stones within what I do with Wotever. It is a strength to have a very flexible mind in many situations. Sometimes it might backfire but then I always look into – what do I really really want. And answer is nine times out of ten. Coffee. Or Liquorish tea or maybe a glas of red wine…. Ohh maybe a glas of water to start with and then I’m fine….. But seriously, I try to do and live everyday to the max, even if  I’m not really do much, as nowadays I also know that some days I need to function and create and be 100% ON. With my wondering mind and flexible opinions.

A few years back I did mark this standpoint ‘You can go That way OR That Way’ on my body with a tattoo. It is two arrows pointing in opposite directions with a small circle in the middle… Like on a compass.  It stands for all the things I like and that have colored my decisions that I’ve made so far. I can go and leave my home and area where I grew up and move to the city. I can keep working or study.  I can fall in love with someone who sees me and love me back or a nuthead who take me on a journey I never would have known otherwise. I can express myself  female and male and be ok with it.  I am in charge of my oppose opinions.  And I’ve learnt to treasure them all as cobblestones that  build my road, my way  forward (and back).

Once I was at a workshop and one of the facilitators said. ‘Let your feet do your talking’ meaning if you are not ok where you are you can walk away. Not always easy, I know. But for me it was one of these eureka moments… simple as that, let your feet do the talking, they take you in whatever direction you need and want. Don’t stand still if you are not happy or fulfilled. Move  them somewhere else,  test things, but also know that your feet  can take you back to what really was important and where you want to stay. For a Long Time. But know that when time is ready… you can get out and  move to new adventures…. Inside and out.

This was my Day #02 thinking… it might all be very different tomorrow

My name is Ingo, I am 51 years old, dyslexic and with another language as my first, so be prepared it might be a bumpy ride and a grammar police’s nightmare. My thoughts are mine and I only represent myself.

This Video makes me feel all is possible, because One Day We are Old… and we can only looking back to a life we lived…  I love it and it’s one of my most played in my itunes list.

ps. If you haven’t seen the  tattoo Im talking about, and you would like to. Please ask and I might show it to you next time I see you. X

Challenges and Expectations

Sometimes one need a challenge to be motivated… Right?

The other night I talked to my friend Stephanie, also a keen writer – who had set herself a challenge on writing a blog each day for at least 30 days. We have been writing together before but then mostly Queer Erotica, we even held a workshop in the topic (and will again if enough people are interested, hint hint). But back to the talk at Bar Wotever last Tuesday…

Stephanie: Ingo, you should also write a blog piece a day for thirty days.
Me: shakes head
Stephanie: It could be good to get the writing juices flowing
Me: Ok. and then I am aiming for a High Five
Stephanie: I do not do High Fives, but we can shake hands on it
Me: Gives Stephanie my hand
Stephanie: I expected your handshake to be stronger. It’s not weak, but I thought you would have a very strong Firm handshake….
Me: Story of my life. People ALWAYS expect things of me… ‘sighs’

And then we talk about expectations on handshakes and what they represent.. How we want people to be and assume things..
And that I will write about. Plus my music moods and tantrums…or whatever I have in my very complicated and short attention span’ed brain.

I accepted the challenge and this is my Day #01

My name is Ingo, I am 51 years old, dyslexic and with another language as my first, so be prepared it might be a bumpy ride and a grammar police’s nightmare. My thoughts are mine and I only represent myself.

Soundtrack of the day. Why? Because it always makes me happy and dream about vibrant places and people…


Wotever DIY Film Festival – Submissions Now Open!

Wotever DIY Film Festival – Submissions Now Open!

We are very pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions for the fourth Wotever DIY Film Festival, to be held from 30 August – 2 September. 
Submission deadline: 4th July 2014.

This is the fourth Wotever Film Festival and the biggest one yet, with films, discussions and more over the August bank holiday in multiple venues, and we want to screen your creations!

We are looking for shorts (3-15mins) and mid-length films (15 – 30 mins). We will consider some feature-length films although please be aware we have very limited space for these. All films need to be DIY or independent films of any genre on a Queer theme. We have a particular interest in films about queer people and queer culture reclaiming space. Other than that, our only criteria is that they must be in keeping with our Wotever ethos and as such will not consider submissions that are racist, trans*/homophobic, religiously intolerant, ableist, sizeist or in any way prejudiced or exclusionary towards a particular group or identity.

We welcome films that push the boundaries of queer thinking and ideology, are thought-provoking and progressive. Saying that, we also appreciate a nice queer-meets-queer love story, slap stick comedy or music video we can dance to.

This a film festival by and for the queer community, and we especially would love to see submissions from people who may feel under-represented in the queer community, such as people from QTIPOC, trans and disabled groups as well as people with refugee status. With this in mind please share this with your friends, lovers and family and let’s get the word out to as many corners of our wonderful queer community as possible.

For submission forms, questions, suggestions or queries contact Theresa and Tara at woteverfilm@gmail.com Please do not send your film until you have received a submission form.

The Dykeness, We Love You!!

Here are a few reviews that have come in over the last days. Since you played at Bar Wotever, we have walked around with various Led Zepplin classics in our head, screaming ‘Down with Matriarchy’ and checking if TFL started to get the transport to out of space sorted soon… The Dykeness, this is for you and all others that made last Tuesday’s Bar Wotever such an amazing evening.

The Dykeness Bar Wotever

We’ve often laughed at a Bar Wotever performance, but not usually so a bit of a wee comes out. We blame the Dykeness, possibly the funniest (and smartest) act to have ever strutted their 15 inch cocks on the Bar Wotever stage. Having made the commute from Zone 3,100002  to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, the Dykeness were here to Smash The Matriarchy by proving that cock-rocking masculinity was the supreme power in the universe…apart from when they were crying over ex-girlfriends…or having unrequited crushes on other members of the band…or worrying what their mums would say… Playing hits like Alice Cooper’s ‘Poison’, Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and Electric Six’s ‘Fire In The Disco’, the Dykeness provided a cheeky, irreverent parody of the concepts of masculinity behind those great rock anthems, and got the whole room either dancing or chucking their knickers at the stage.

That’s not to say the whole night was balloon cocks and spray on silver trousers. Katy Daisy Grant’s oh-so-beautiful, alt-folk was quirky, accomplished and ridiculously catchy while Ebony Rose Dark kicked off the evening with soul food tales and cabaret. Chuck in the longest Community News section Bar Wotever’s ever had, host Maria Kinsella’s admonishment to one audience member that ‘Rock and roll is never meaningless’, and you had one of our favourite Bar Wotever’s EVER.  by theresa heath


The Dykeness Bar WoteverI can’t explain how incredible Tuesday night at Bar Wotever was, but I’ll try. It may have been the best night I’ve ever had there, and that’s saying A LOT!

First up was Ebony Rose Dark, who got us in the mood with some smooth soul food and sultry dance moves. A member of the audience was invited to join her up on stage – it was just that kind of moment.

The MC told us to take a 15 minute break and “chat to someone you don’t know, hug someone you don’t know, grab a drink and even fuck in the toilets if you want – because Bar Wotever is that kind of place!” That basically sums up the atmosphere for me.

Kate Daisy Grant graced the stage next, with a tiny toy piano and a quirky pop tune. Songs like “Balls of Steel” and “Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead” were catchy and loads of fun to bop around to. Her lyrics were witty and she also had great banter with the audience. But her set was also balanced with haunting and emotive songs that showed of just how stunning her voice is. The purity of her tone is exquisite. She is such a talent and I felt so lucky to see her live – and in an intimate venue surrounded by queers of all stripes and colours.

If the night ended there I would’ve been happy enough. But it only got better.

Community News is usually just an interlude, but with more than 10 people lined up to share the latest I was struck by just how much there is to get involved with in London. There’s the Queer Fayre and the 40 Days for Life counter-protest this Saturday, circus artists performing at the Roundhouse on 22-27th April, plus Dyke March and Pride coming up. There are even gender-queer wrestling classes!! How else would you find out about those except at Bar Wotever? The directors of ‘Big Joy’ took the opportunity to share a very phallic James Broughton poem, “The Wonder”.  It was all pretty fucking special.

The Dykeness Bar WoteverThen something happened which I never could have expected in my wildest wet dreams. It was a glittering glam-rock explosion of spandex, penis balloons and whole lot of hip thrusting! Feminist comedy drag group The Dykeness were utterly out of this world.

Their slogan? “Fuck the Matriarchy”, naturally. The entire RVT rocked out hard to classics like “Poision”, “Whole Lotta Love” and “You Give Love a Bad Name”.

The frontman, Thrustin’ Hawkins, has more charisma than if Bon Jovi and Freddy Mercury had a love child. Within minutes there were panties thrown on stage. The other members included Dyke van Dick, Johnny B Wood and Billy Bob Big Johnson Johnson. I was crying with laughter at the homo-erotic repartee between them all.
Thrustin’: “Don’t get us wrong. This show isn’t a just thinly veiled attempt to make dick jokes. It’s about LOVE!!!”
The others: “Yeah it’s about love! …And dick jokes”

I can say without shame that I am a weak-kneed screaming fan of The Dykeness. They were incredible. If they ever play again ANYWHERE, I will be there, front and centre, panties ready to fly. by nicola jones

The Dykeness Bar Wotever




Totally blown away from the energy, sound and stuffed lycra last night. Bar Wotever was once again the birthplace of magic wonders and last night they came in gold, animal print and ROCKED THE HOUSE DOWN!! The Dykeness was born, they did their first gig ever and they were a hoot, a fantasy and utterly FAB!!

Ebony Rose Dark Bar WoteverThe whole night was a mega fucking beautiful mix! Ebony Rose Dark charmed us all with her food tales and movements, Kate Daisy Grant was wonderful as always. Community News was varied with Calls for Wrestlers, Pro Choice Demo, Dyke March, Pride Volunteers, Fundraisers, one is 17 May at Resistance Gallery, and much much more.. Big Joy, Radical Faery shared an amazing poem on stage with his friend and the crew worked hard, very hard …. Our DJ payed a tribute to Frankie Knuckles, and then, The Dykeness!! We laughed and loved the clever talk inbetween songs, and we loved the ROCK they provided, but most of all we totally loved their humour, skills and POWER!
RVT is still standing, but oooh how it got glitter bombed last night. by ingo

The Dykeness Photos by Hannah Lane

Video with clips from the gig HERE

The Dykeness Bar Wotever

With love from Berlin

BarWotever SnowMachine

This landed in my inbox yesterday. It’s so lovely I had to share it.

‘Dear Wotver-Crew,

I just wanted to thank you. To thank you a lot, in fact. I’m from Germany and i just came back from a week in London with some friends, a week that included tuesday’s Bar Wotever. It was my second time at RVT (last was in 2011, when a friend, who had lived in London for some time, recommended it…well, “recommended”…I think she said something like “if you’re there tuesday, you have have have have have to go to Bar Wotever, I will judge you if you don’t and you’ll be sorry if you don’t!!!!!” so of course we came) and the first time, I was so stoked that I insisted that we had to book our vacation this time to be around a tuesday. And so we were there this tuesday and I realized, again, that I love Bar Wotever really really much. Aside from the spectacular stage programm I feel like you’ve created a room where everybody can feel welcome, no matter who they are, what they are, how they are (as long as they’re cool). A place where everybody can truly be themselves. I love how many really different people there are at a wotever-evening and everybody is cool with that. For me, that’s what I wished the world was always like. A little utopia. I am part of a little queer-feminist group in Germany, we organized a ladyfest and some concerts and partys around the year and Bar Wotever is something like…the ideal we wish to accomplish. Sadly, queer partys in Germany are not nearly like that, even if we try. Better than “normal” parties, of course, but still. Why I tell you this? Because your little utopia gives me something to dream about, a goal maybe. Just to know that a place like this is possible gives me strength for keeping the work up. 

So, basically, I just wanted to show my enthusiasm and to thank you very, very, very much for creating this amazing night. I love it so much and I can’t wait to be back in London, on a tuesday, of course!
All the best from Germany and again: thank you very much!’ T

Thank You T, and specially Thank You for sharing your thoughts with us. Having people like you coming to our events makes it all worth it! And that you do your own parties is brilliant! Please stay in touch and see you again soon. At Bar Wotever! x

Hug Club

‘Can it be that after 9 years of Bar Wotever we have finally cracked it? It’s Not a Queer Club. It’s not a Cabaret Club, It’s a HUG CLUB!!!!’ I wrote on the Wotever World wall Wednesday morning. The morning after the day before, the day before that was our Birthday Celebrations!

The thinking came from all the hugs and affirmation, the familiar and the unknow, each hug was spectacular on that Night. Not a bad hugger in the room….

I’m coming from a family who hug a lot,  instead of giving up the right hand to shake when meeting a stranger, pretty much ALL in my blood family stretch our arms out ready to embrace and hug, if the stranger so wish.  Many times people have been surprised by this way of greetings, but we like it. So, when doing these events like Bar Wotever on Tuesday, Hugs are never far away.Most people do like hugs, but those who don’t, that’s ok too. Respectfully and consensual hugs is the key….

So, as there was our Birthday party, there was indeed hugs a plenty last Tuesday, as so many huggable people turned up…




This Hug was shared On stage in front of everyone – It lasted a loooong Time and it was a QUALITY HUG! You know, a hug when you just love… David had just shared a lot of intimate and insightful thoughts and reflections for us all and  in the room,  packed full of queers, energy just flew back and forth ….. ‘With Hugs we can for a moment feel a bit better, the touch and honest embrace that makes us for one moment do that kinda thing, the hard thing we most of the time are so afraid of as we running around this life to stay strong, show a sorted exterior and at least make people believe we know what we do and talk about… 

Then, a hug, and sharing heartbeats, breathing and for a moment not feel alone. The release and the comfort of a genuine hug – Priceless. 
This Hug in the pic happened on stage last night. It was Lovely, it was a great hug between two people who for a moment was THERE and THEN. 
Bar Wotever turned Nine, and we talked, laughed and hugged. 
Thank You!’
Pic by Miss Cairo Mascara
Huggers: David Hoyle & Ingo

1908228_10152052616673505_13008296_nMichael Twaits hosted and was utterly charming and professional, with no less than FIVE! sparkly dresses to show us! Plus he did the piece Stonewall upon my request – it always gives me goosebumps and as usual it made the room erupt! Roxy Stardust travelled down from Glasgow to sing about her love for Coffee, specially the latte boy named Trevor.  David Hoyle was giving a Wotever Talk about depression, creativity and he gave us the story how Divine David came about. It was brave, naked and so wonderful. Standing ovations and the roof raised for the Legend and a Queer Hero. There were singing from Krista Papista and our mega huggable and lovely Residential DJ Jo Bunny made us dance til closing time….

1913224_10152052613778505_1190613860_oIt was a packed RVT of Lovers, Friends and Newbies who were there, all together creating an amazing Birthday Celebration… Thank YOU! XXX

Voices & Quotes From People who were there. I wanted to collect them, as a memory and a moment in time where everything was Perfect and Amazing, something to look back to in days of doubt and worry…

‘Last night the hugs were electrifying! full of sparkle, full of love and full of joy!’

‘What a fabulous night at Bar Wotever. Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you for queer community. Thank you old friends. Thank you new ones. See y’all when I’m back from Australia x’

‘Thank you for having me, it was coming home.’

‘Thank you for yet another glorious evening of love, passion and queer spirit!’

‘Thank you for embracing me within this glorious community!’

‘Bar Wotever Rocked tonight, having their 9th B-Day with some great acts and of course the amazing David Hoyle. Happy B-Day’

‘Thank you for all your hard work too.  Was great to see so much love and support in the room.  xx’

‘Lastnight was a Fab’

‘Thank you for continuously opening my eyes and mind and helping me grow as a human being in a safe and friendly environment. Much, MUCH Love, Kxxx’ 

‘Congratulations to everyone at Bar  Wotever for creating an amazing night. What an amazing energy to take forward for the rest of the week.’

‘A fabulous night at Bar Wotever and an honour to be in such wonderful company and be part of the 9th Birthday celebrations. I love you Bar Wotever! I am also totally in love with Michael Twaits!!’

‘Dragged my sorry backside down to the RVT and was welcomed by a heap of wonderful friends and to top it all an inspiring talk from the wonderful David Hoyle! Cheers everyone, love you all x x’

‘There was so much love in the room it was bursting in the seams! Wotever is like a dose of chicken soup, a hug fest and amazing cabaret and entertainment.’

‘NINE queer years!!! Amazing!’

‘Barwotevers 9th birthday Was on fire last night soooo much family lust I am branded to my heart by all the Love shown by so many beautiful people to me.
My time there has been short a mere 7 years out of the 9 but it’s been intense thank you Barwotever for my part in the journey huge Love to everyone here’s to another 9 electric mad wonderful years!!! Xx (=^.^=)’


‘Have to Say What A Real Pleasure & Honour it was, to be Invited to be involved in Last Nite’s Bar Wotever 9th Birthday Celebrations. ALL Day I’ve been Wondering what to Say about it & Succinctly! So I’ll Say:- A Beautiful Event, attended by Truly Beautiful People & What was Created, was LOVE. Thank-You Ingo & ALL Bar Wotever Collective. To Me Last Night was A Challenge & A Break-Through!=ThanX Again, Happy Birthday & I Can’t wait For The 10th Birthday Celebrations = See You There! Lurve-David XXX. ThanX to ALL Friends & Supporters for BEING THERE! XXX’ David Hoyle

————-How some of us involved described it—————–

‘We are overwhelmed with all the Love felt in the RVT last night for our 9th Birthday!! It was a queer star studded event with beautiful creatures wall to wall and we had 4 count them 4 photographers to capture you all! DrJ Oscar Marchock Rosie and Luuuxor huge Love to a veteran of barwotever Dj Jo bunny they played foot stomping hits all night long!
The beautiful words of David Hoyle wove their way thru the club and struck us dumb with their truth and resonance Mega star Miz Kimberly came and sung us Happy birthday thank you to AJ for all the yummy cakes! 
Michael Twaits was our compere last night and dazzled us not only with a string of sparkly dresses but his performance piece stonewall as always brought the house down! 
We had Roxy Star dust all the way from Glasgow treating us to her desires for Taylor the latte boy please come back and do more! And the Dramatic vocal stylings of Krista Papista 
the raffle was a huge success with amazing prizes won and re gifted and the money raised will go to Queer African voices well done everyone who brought tickets thank you to Dru,Kerry and Neko for their charm and running around selling tickets
huge thanks as always to the fabulous crew some new some old all amazing Ingo Cando Liam Mercer Maria kinsella DrJ Neil Chakravarty Puja and Theresa
And lastly thank you to the audience last night you were smashing and electric see you all next week!! Xxx’


‘Thank you Thank You Bar Wotever last Night!
As we all know, it’s not easy to create this mix of events and people week after week in a big city like London where there is ALWAYS sooo much going on, and then there is time and money and oooh going out on a School Night, I better stay home and wash my hair….and queer, what is queer? Will I fit in, or why is there not more of * * * & *’s there…. always things to complain about and wanna have done different and time, who have time? Where is my Lust and where is the Passion? 

Tell you what. Fuck it! We Do It Anyway and we LOVE It! After all these years there is only one thing we know for sure… Make it or Break It! The best Crew in the world (♥) is passionate and loving, full of spunk and glitter! And we are you and do it with and for YOU as YOU are part of that spectacle that is Bar Wotever, our show and our music. 

First night of the rebranded and refreshed Bar Wotever was a Hit with Sparkly dresses and glorious songs, nipple tassels and heartfelt talk about depression. Vegan Fairy Cakes and Swedish Speed Raffle (chaos on legs!) + Community News and Happy Birthday songs! Bar Wotever was pretty Fab!

Thank You All who were there, who stood by us in the storms and who support and like what we do and bring, you who make this weekly Queer Night mean something! So Thank YOU! and see you all again for a different night, but the same…. next week. Special Love for Performance and Work last night, it would def not have been as amazing if it wasn’t for you; Maria KinsellaLiam MercerAlfonse DebonairJo GattenbergMichael TwaitsRoxyStardust BurlesquerDavid HoyleMzz Kimberley,Krista PapistaDru FrancalanzaPositive ChangeNeko Barrett,Oskar Marchock and Royal Vauxhall Tavern!’

Pictures by Lee Butler

Hyper Femme

1975153_10150365702409990_1213678530_n Bar Wotever, now in our Tenth year, giving space and place for us all to be who we are. Here is what our friend and regular Hollie posted on her facebook today,

‘The thing I love most about queer spaces is that I can express my hyper femme side without feeling like there are expectations of how I should act.

That, and urinals. I like urinals.’ Hollie Howitt

I asked Hollie to tell me a bit more what it actually means to her, that feeling she described, so she replied with  this;

1010557_10150365702389990_1450657403_nWotever World feels like going home. It is a space where you can go, and know that whatever you’re wearing, whoever you are there with, however you express yourself, you will be welcomed. Entertained. Accepted. The thing I love most about queer spaces like Bar Wotever is that I can express my hyper femme side, or my butch side, or my slutty side, without feeling like there are expectations of how I should act, or who I ‘am’. It feels as though the usual presumptions about gender, orientation and our bodies are left at the door. This type of queer community is so important. Many of my friends and lovers don’t fit the constraints of the binaries we mostly get squeezed into outside of queer space; so having things like genderless toilets is pretty handy. Plus, you know, I like urinals.’


Bar Wotever
Royal Queer Variety Show

We work with some of the best LGBT & Queer Performers in London, UK and the World, plus encourage newcomers and beginners with great attitude and things to say. We also champion a big group of Residential Performers who are invited to our stage time after time, just because we totally adore them and their craft. Every event also host Community News for and with our London LGBT & Queer Community.
Live Music, Cabaret, Talks, Films and Spoken Word, we do it all!
This is a night for friendly and open minded people who know how to pay attention.

Bar Wotever – Queer Tuesdays at RVT