‘This really really stresses me out’ I thought and looked at the spinning wheel on my laptop trying to connect to the cafes ‘free wifi’ .
At the same time I ate my food one handed, clicking frenetically on the keyboard trying to get in touch with cyberspace…

As I sat in a cafe, waiting for a friend, I could not leave, and I had no book. No Ipod or what to doooo….no stimulation more than ME?

I can turn it around and not be stressed I thought. What if I can not connect with all the people who have emailed me, see the notifications on FaceBook or see who have retweeted me, and who is the people who retweet my blog posts really… I can’t find out as I can not stalking them online. Im down, don’t get connected. Im an isolated Island. In a busy café, with jazzy tunes in the background. After a brilliant meeting talking Buisness strategies and future plans for and with Wotever World.

So, time to think. To be in Now.

I finished my food.

And I thank, thinked, thought….

When Wotever started back in 2003, there was no facebook. But we had emails… and we quickly set up an email list by asking for peoples emails when the enter the club. It was a quick way to get info out. The amount of times I sat there trying to enter decipher email addresses who came back as failed mail as I did not know if there was an I or an l or was it the number 1 maybe….

Flyer with me on, a me as my Drag King Persona Red Viking Photo Kash Edit Me
Flyer with me on, a me as my Drag King Persona Red Viking
Photo Kash
Edit Me

Then there was myspace, a great portal to see and find out more of the people who became your myspace friends/pals/followers…And reaching people out there in the world. It was the beginning of seeing who was on tour and about to come to London… Queers who travel. We are many who move between countries, homes and various cities, and we can be as HOME in Stockholm as in Berlin, San Francisco as in London or elsewhere in a year.

And the websites with images we added… I started to add content to a space ending with .tk as it was free and I learnt how to do it. Adding Photos and text to a space where people could join in and connect even after the clubnights. The responses where always, ‘oh I wish there was something like Club Wotever in my city, village, hometown’ The photos we added were of the people who went and took part….

And thinking back like this, I realized how dependent Wotever is about the connections, the reach outs and even if we are still very very good at doing the actual parties and events live, Bear Wotever at Bar Wotever on Tuesday was a true hoot of flesh, charm and smart acts on stage and Brilliant friendly people in the audience. Be sad if you missed it as it was AMAZING!, we are also pretty darn good to stay in touch via the interweb and on line….. when it works.

Stay in Touch via our web outlets.
Join Us at our Parties and events when you can

When I asked people how to describe Wotever in three words recently, these were some of the words they sent me, online, via email: quirkily, crazily, inclusive, My London Livingroom! Queer Authentic, Bighearted, Queer, Flower Power, Rain bow… How would YOU describe it in Max three words? In Person and or On Line…

peaceful_ending_ii__by_arbebuk-d4typ9rWotever Would Not have Been and Happened for this long without Internet and International connections…

And me, I need to now and then NOT Be On Line. I have to remember this when I get stressed out and not connected.

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Over and Out!

This is my Kind of Relax

My name is Ingo, I am 51 years old, dyslexic and with another language as my first, so be prepared it might be a bumpy ride and a grammar police’s nightmare. My thoughts are mine and I only represent myself. I run Wotever World as Gender and Drama is my Passion!

This was Day #08 of my Blog Challenge.

8 May 2014

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