Kings and Queen

Those Drag King dreams, the amazement to be on stage in drag… oooh how marvellous it was.

Me, GenderBending for Joey early 2000
Me, GenderBending for Joey early 2000

I kinda came into the drag kinging around 1997 and instantly fell in love.

On so many levels… I feel for a drag king. I loved being a drag king. And many of my best moments have been as a drag king..

I am still a drag king and last night at FMAS he came out a little bit… but only to do the floor and look after everyone else.

Im a bit tired today, so the blog is not long or specially thoughtful. More than, I heart Drag Kings…

Here, get inspired. Get started Do it if you want to… I guess I would not duct tape and create those abs… nothing a big tshirt, checked shirt, vest and or suit can hide… but this is now and LA, fierce kings. you GO!

Todays music, I want o break Free, as I so many times heard Kate practise to this…

Me and Kate doing Barcelona at Europride Stockholm 1998
Me and Kate doing Barcelona at Europride Stockholm 1998

I am still 51, and very very tired today after an amazing¬†Female Masculinity Appreciation Society¬†night where 300 of our closest friends popped in and said hi over a cocktail. One thing of getting older is that recovery takes longer and longer and considering I was on no alcohol last night it’s quite odd really … Anyway. Go Out and Grab the day!

This was day #10 of this blog challenge…

It’s not all about how long it is, it’s how you shake it! One day I will blog about my workshops and insights as a King, but now I need to rest a bit…

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