Those Drag King dreams, the amazement to be on stage in drag… oooh how marvellous it was.

Me, GenderBending for Joey early 2000
Me, GenderBending for Joey early 2000

I kinda came into the drag kinging around 1997 and instantly fell in love.

On so many levels… I feel for a drag king. I loved being a drag king. And many of my best moments have been as a drag king..

I am still a drag king and last night at FMAS he came out a little bit… but only to do the floor and look after everyone else.

Im a bit tired today, so the blog is not long or specially thoughtful. More than, I heart Drag Kings…

Here, get inspired. Get started Do it if you want to… I guess I would not duct tape and create those abs… nothing a big tshirt, checked shirt, vest and or suit can hide… but this is now and LA, fierce kings. you GO!

Todays music, I want o break Free, as I so many times heard Kate practise to this…

Me and Kate doing Barcelona at Europride Stockholm 1998
Me and Kate doing Barcelona at Europride Stockholm 1998

I am still 51, and very very tired today after an amazing Female Masculinity Appreciation Society night where 300 of our closest friends popped in and said hi over a cocktail. One thing of getting older is that recovery takes longer and longer and considering I was on no alcohol last night it’s quite odd really … Anyway. Go Out and Grab the day!

This was day #10 of this blog challenge…

It’s not all about how long it is, it’s how you shake it! One day I will blog about my workshops and insights as a King, but now I need to rest a bit…

10 May 2014

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