A friend of mine wrote this on their FB timeline earlier today..

‘Be prepared! Some tricky energies around today, and we getting close to full moon’ he wrote, and then he pasted this from an Astrology website>>>
May 11, 2014
“The Moon is in Libra all day, and we are emotionally sensitive to imbalances in our relationships and in our environments. Venus opposes Mars today, and there can be conflicts stirred in our relationships, with tendencies towards impulsive decision making. Our desires can be difficult to understand, or difficult to satisfy. Some of us may be stirring up problems in order to fulfill a need for excitement, while important relationship issues can come to a head for others. Mercury squares Neptune today, complicating matters further. We may find it hard to follow facts, directions, and instructions under this influence. Perceptions may be confused, unrealistic, or too idealistic to carry weight. Conversations may be vague or misleading.” CAFEASTROLOGY.COM

I took advice and took it easy, doing a lot of paperwork instead of human connections that could go wrong….
Admin is ok to do when you want it to have it a bit boring I think.. I do not mind doing it, but then I do not do it that often anyway… so I maybe should like it a little bit more than I actually do….

Intense and calm, I love it when a lot of things do  happen, but I can not live without pause now and then too. And I do believe and read astrology, advice things like this above now and then.. and I like it, specially when it guide me. Put things into context . Todays music. Vem ska man tro på with Thomas Di Leva, it’s all about questioning and who to believe in…
Recorded and filmed in New York 1987

I dedicate this to my friend who had to rush to help her friend who had a psychological meltdown tonight…. Life is hard and we all walk on a fine line and we are lucky when we have friends to help us out and, or can take some pause and time out from hectic life. Du e bäst lg!

during this blog challenge I have often typed it up before midday, but today I didn’t feel like it, so most of the day went and now it’s only 30 minutes before midnight and the blog post became a bit more of a Diary… Hey. That was day 11. A slow Sunday for me.


11 May 2014

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