I have had Long Hair, Short Hair, Red Hair, Black Hair, Shaved head, Ponytails, Bangs, Cowlick, Crewcut, BedHair, Backcombed, Blonde Hair, plaits, tuzzled, everything on the top in a bun hair, Mohawk, Henna Hair, Mousy hair, parted in the middle, …. I have had hair! I still have hair…

My hair is naturally slightly wavy, with a few hard to negotiate kinks, but an absolute amazing ‘turn’ on the middle of my forehead that makes my fringe stand up almost automatically when perfect length, perfect as in not to long as it then becomes to heavy. I’ve come to terms with my hair. It is there.

Me and Daz this was before he made me blonde
Me and Daz
this was before he made me blonde

At the moment it is glorious blonde with dark roots, short on the sides with longish floppy bits on the top. Daz have done my hair for the last months. I love it! I feel me in it! He came to me and said – I think you should be blonder.

I was blond as a kid, and get slightly blonder in the sun.. but over the years it has become darker and darker to a kinda dark haired mouse kinda shade…

He said this to me at a moment I wasn’t feeling so happy with myself and where I was. Life felt hard and my foot was in pain and I felt quite miserable to be honest…

Having him do my hair kinda lifted my spirit, made me feel better in ways of feeling pampered, looked after and seen. That is a really amazing what doing things on the outside can do for your inside.

Most people have hair, and our hair represent us in how we want to be seen, dealt with, and how we feel. Our hair can make us feel sexy, smart and absolutely shite… Bad Hair days do not normally happen when you are happy and up do they?

The amount of times I have gone to hairdressers that have looked at me with pity, In my mind this is what they thought; ‘Poor fat mannish woman not using makeup or any feminizing things, clothing trying to hide her shape in those well worn jeans and black tshirt – I shall help her and make bangs, frizz the hair up oooh nooo not cut it shorter, than she will be mistaken for a man, and my job is to help her Look Feminine. Be a Glamourous Woman like all the glam women we see in the gossip papers I have spread around in the salon. I will help you to be pretty dear!’ This might be true or not, but sitting in that hairdressing chair – this is what I think they think about me…and many times I have had to say yes it’s ok just so I could get out of there  quickly…to go home and wash their products out and trim the ‘too long’ strands they left…

Then the barbers who on slow days are happy to get my money to do a military style army crew cut, 2 on the sides, 4 on top with a cowlick… but as soon as the salon/barbers are busy and filled with other men, I stick out and they look at me with glee…

Me and Cecilia after a hair trimming session
Me and Cecilia after a hair trimming session. Hers is shaved on the side you can not see…

Hair is there!

I want my hair as I want and many years I cut it myself, trimmed it with friends, we did eachothers hair as we wanted…

And you know that look and question if you then went to a hair place ‘Who did your hair last? ‘ as there were no schooled strands and styles parading on my head… ‘A friend’ you say and they give you  a snerky tutt.

A few years ago I was asked if I would let Klara and Grey come and do hair at a Queer Fayre, of course I said yes and I was sitting there, getting a cut done by people who I could express what I wanted and they did understand. They came and did pampering Wotevers and people started to understand how absolute amazing it was to go and have your hair done by people who did listen, understood that you needed hair to represent your inside…

Klara does my hair on stage at Queer Fayre
Klara does my hair on stage at Queer Fayre

Felix joined in and now there were three amazing people cutting hair at various Wotever events and elsewhere. A few years ago Klara started up and do Barberette, being an expert in barbering and trained beyond beliefs in hair and styles.
She is brilliant! Go and see her! Here is where you book:

And then Open Barbers with Greygory and Felix. They trained, went to school and are now really really excellent in what they do. They have done Open Barbers weekly for some years now, with hairdressing and social meet ups, sharing cake and styling tips. They are about to take the plunge and become their own, with a space and a salon to do hair for all of us who need and want to have hairdressers with more interesting conversation topics than ‘where are you going on holiday this year?’…….

Felix did my hair at last years Fringe Film Fest!
Felix did my hair at last years Fringe Film Fest!

Open Barbers need your help in this crowd funding appeal. You can donate money even if you might not be in the same city and or country, and by doing so you are helping this hair trend and hair understanding to spread far and wide and one day you might be as lucky as all of us are who have had the chance to see and be under their or other understanding scissor heroes!

Donate Here if you Care about Queer Hair! 

Todays Music: I got Life from the film Hair!


1. I had the biggest crush on this guy after seeing this film

2.  The Film was amazing! Revolt! Don’t do what they say you should do!

Tonight I open up  Female Masculinity Appreciation Society for the seventh time.You are Welcome!

My name is Ingo, I am 51 years old, dyslexic and with another language as my first, so be prepared it might be a bumpy ride and a grammar police’s nightmare. My thoughts are mine and I only represent myself. I run Wotever World as Gender and Drama is my Passion!

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9 May 2014

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