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Wotever World provide spaces & platforms for Queer Art & Culture, Socializing & Dance Parties. We are all kinds of ages, have all kinds of backgrounds and we like different things, but we all want to change the world! Are you; A Performer, A Band, A Film Maker, An Interesting Person new to London, An LGBT Organisation struggling getting the L & G to meet the B & T?

Please get in touch or come to our events and have a friendly chat with us. Ingo is the Creative Director of Wotever World and also an Freelance Event Producer & Project Manager.

If you or your organisation need a bit of assistance, please get in touch. We can help you with: Creating Events, Workshops and how to create Diversity

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Email: woteverworld [at] gmail [dot] com

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  1. Hi ! I really think you would love my new creation with Lucy Edwards..I will post the blurb and include the 2 workshops I do in case you have a suitable event that can accommodate workshops of this nature ?? Hi I am Ali Cocks a Queer performer and Aerial instructor from west wales and I recently created a show for Aberration a LGBT cabaret event in sunny Aberystwyth Oct 2015 . Our show was a macabre success. It involved me as Baby Jane Hudson in an aerial hoop and Lucy Edwards (From the band ‘Well Oiled Sisters’ on piano and vocals as Blanche recreating Bette Davis’s ‘Ive written a letter to Daddy’. It also involved a short scene from the film, in which alcoholic Baby Jane realizes she’s an old lady…the audience was more freaked out than we had planned but it morphs into a comic act of a vain alcoholic lady on a hoop..which broke the tension lol !! I am contacting you about performing this act for your event as it is definitely right up your street..I do hope you will be interested. I will include some pics from the show. It was also featured in DIVA’s November issue. Please let me know if you are interested and if you have any up coming events we could be part of..our act is 8 minuets. Its very Cabaret, very Queer and produces a lot of laughter !!
    No rigging is necessary for this as I bring my own hoop frame (decorated with flowers and fairy lights) which I use for workshops.
    These are the dimensions-

    Aerial Hoop Frame
    Floor area for the Hoop frame is 11ft by 8ft -(365mm by 245mm)
    It is 8ft high (245mm)
    Accommodates 2 brightly coloured Aerial hoops

    Unless you have somewhere to rig an aerial hoop ?? Doesnt the RVT have that ? I have some great pics from this show..its very glam !……..Hear are the workshop info too……………………………………………………. Stage Pole
    Stage diameter 1600mm (5′ 3”)
    Stage height 110mm (4.3 “)
    Overall height 3m (10′)
    Useable pole 2890mm (9’5″)

    Aerial Hoop Frame
    Floor area for the Hoop frame is 11ft by 8ft -(365mm by 245mm)
    It is 8ft high (245mm)
    Accommodates 2 brightly coloured Aerial hoops
    Decorated with flowers and fairy lights.

    Workshops in Pole Performance
    Pole workshops are amazing to take part in and entertaining to watch. Participants are first shown a specific warm up that warms and conditions, in particular the core and upper body muscles. They are then shown how to do 3 or 4 spins on the pole with connecting movements that make them flow. If a student is strong and interested in further exploration they are guided into spectacular moves that will test their endurance and flexibility. It then gets more fabulous and seriously Challenging. But then, just whirling can be a pure joy. No previous experience required.

    Workshops in Aerial Hoop Performance
    Hoop Workshops really open your eyes and senses to a more aerial dimension, after the warm up you are shown the 3 basic mounts (2 of which are challenging but one is easy) then guided straight into the ‘Man in the Moon’ position where you sink into the curve and find your balance. A few exciting dynamic moves later and your swinging upside down and hanging from your ankles ..well that is if you want to !! Some just like to sit strike a pose and take a pic. The hoops are at a low height for beginner workshops with the mobile frame which is decorated with lights and flowers.

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