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Queer Fayre

Queer Fayre: where London’s LGBTQ community stocks up, sells out and shows off!

When Wotever World started Queer Fayre, it had no idea how successful the plucky little market for home-made queer goods would be. And yet as the community files through the storied spaces of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern again on Saturday, 5 November, it’s obvious that a need has been met that keeps being relevant, more than half a decade since it was first run there.

14732195_10154049424392291_7626405053113703003_nWotever World is one of the most community minded variety and event organisers in London, and the community really need a space to engage and exchange, run for us and by us! It’s a sad reality that disproportionately many London queers are barely scraping by, and being able to make and sell products is a vital lifeline for many.

But it’s also a bustling place to exchange ideas, come up with new things to make and pick up the cool objects we never knew we needed from our fellow LGBTQ people. From non-binary clothing to jars of jam, from humorous fetish accessories to whimsical postcards, this place is as mixed up and welcoming as the community needs it to be.

Some of the sellers are:

Bourgeois Boheme – Show Casing and Sell some of their Vegan Shoes

The Butch Institute – All our Favourite Jam and Marmalades

Cafe So VeganCafe So Vegan Queer Fayre – Providing Vegan food at Queer Fayre! Food, Snax and Cakes!

Cat Sierra – selling pins, patches and stickers

Denman Designs – selling handmade Denman Designs – bags, earrings, wallets, pouches

EthelWig -selling some quirky, queer cards – some festive, some happy vibez, some random! Prints too!

GlitzKraft – selling lots of handmade things.

GFW clothing – showcasing and measure for their Gender Free Clothing Company

Hanna’s Stuff Wotever Tshirt– Prints, Baby Clothes and Little Things

Purple Prose – Selling their much anticipated book about Bisexuality in Britain

Wotever World – Come and Get our Popular ‘I AM WOTEVER’ Tshirt + New Bar Wotever Queer cabaret Tee for a special Queer Fayre Price!

Welcome to visit the November edition of Queer Fayre!

5 November 1pm–6pm

Entry is a £2 min door donation. All door money goes directly to the LGBT Sanctuary house Bar Wotever pay the rent for in Uganda.

Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane

This is a Dog and Rainbow Family Friendly Event!


Ingo Chat with Lyndsay about QUEER FAYRE

Lyndsay chat Queer FayreQueer Fayre is Wotever World’s crafts market/indoor boot-sale for and by queers, where many meet and sell their ware and collections.

 Lindsay is a regular contributor at Queer Fayre and over the years we’ve met at many Wotever events, but Queer Fayre stays a firm favourite for her, she says, because it’s community, friendly, daytime and accessible, and with great opportunities to meet up with and make friends with people of all ages.

 Lindsay, a keen vintage collector of all things queer, has been to pretty much all of them since the start, and she always has a great story to tell about the items on her table. 

 Queer Fayre is also a highlight for Rainbow Families, as kids are allowed, it is dog friendly when at RVT and used as a social meeting spot for many during the daytime. And, as Lindsay says, “a perfect place to pick up great gifts made by the people selling it.” 

 Queer sellers for queer buyers. And over the years we have seen all sorts of craft you rarely see elsewhere. 

 Queer Fayre is held regularly at Royal Vauxhall Tavern, and has recently launched at Hackney Attic. 

Our next event is at RVT, Saturday 7 May, between 1-6pm. 

See Chat here

Handicraft and Vougeing

For you who do not know me Ingo, who run Queer Fayre and Wotever… I’m coming from North of Sweden where Handicraft is/was a lifestyle and a way of living… You Create what you need and use. I myself know how to knit, make pottery, am a silversmith and can sew. Skills I learnt as young. My mum is a keen knitter and her socks are the best as many of my friends know as she knits and send to them. My dad does woodwork, boxes and clever stuff, made all out of wood…

Here is a new video combining the best of what I like about this ArtForm. Crafty, Fabulous stuff created by from good sources, used in unique and Spectacular ways.

Never Ever have I been more happy to see a video on a friends timeline.

Thank You Christine Bylund (also brought up near where I grew up – but about 20 years later – now part of the running of Wotever Stockholm with Josephine Krieg)!



A few years back I started Queer Fayre here in London, both as an alternative Day Time, more family friendly day event. But also to show case Craft, and give space for Crafty people within our community.

Clever Queer People coming up with clever Queer Craft!

fingrpuppies by HannahPerfect for the Modern Queer in all our shapes and forms; Cards for all occasions, Happy Beard Day for the mate who has started Testosterone and finally have one, ‘Suck my Clit’ Panties for the outgoing Vagina wearing player. Hand creams, Lip balm, Fingerpuppies for the rainbow family…. We have seen a big variety of craft you simply can not find anywhere else…

Jo at Queer Fayre

It’s a celebration of Recycled clothes, books and music… Like whate every new/young queer need to know and own… Books to read… The amount of times people have squeeled of happiness finding leathertrousers in their size for a tenner, the book – long out of print but still on Universities reading lists… That replacement album of Barbara Streisand that your ex took in the move…..


All those things have and will continue to happen at Queer Fayre.

It is aa very relaxed Saturday packed with sweet things, like all our favourite Butch Jam, from The Butch Institute! It’s a Must!


Next Queer Fayer take place Saturday 4th October at Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Doors 1pm-6pm

The Bar is open, and there is strong Swedish Coffee and Cakes served during the day.


Here is a video from one of the first ones we did… Queer Fayre was still called Car Boot Sale back then and I got myself a new handbag…

Want a Stall? Queer X Fayre

Crafts Market

Saturday 7th December

Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Queer Fayre is an institution amongst all of us queers/LGBT people who like hand crafted, home made and very special stuff… Here you find things you might not see at any other crafts market, cards with trans positive messages, baby t-shirts for kids with two mummies, dog hats, vintage gay porn and /or a variety of LGBT books…

This Saturday we, open the doors for our Biggest Crafts Market so far!

With Food, and Fika of course.
RVT have the bar open for all your drink needs.
This is a Queer Family event where all ages and dogs are welcome.

A Few stalls left, If you want a stall, you have to sell hand-crafted stuff you are proud to display and share!

Stalls are still only £10, but please note. ONLY handmade things…

Link to book a stall:

Book it NOW!

Cover Photo: Art Work Joe Pop, edit Ingo

Happy Shopping!

Ingo x

From Water Melons, via Silver to Queer Fayre

A very long time ago, I was one of those Swedish young people who were Island hopping around in the Greek Archipelago a summer… I went with a friend and none of us had a lot of money to start off with, so to be able to stay a bit longer we took on odd jobs for cash, lodging and/or food. In Athens we painted a hotel, I brought & sold WaterMelons on the beaches, on Paros, we helped with cleaning the campsite toilets. I had also brought my silver stuff and macrame threads, so I was also selling ear rings and bracelets on the streets. We were travelling around on the Islands, Mykonos, Thira  and Naxos made it both, a beach holidays as well as a craft market, and we were selling our stuff to fellow tourists.

Making things, being proud of what you made is a really cool ground for QUEER FAYRE and what we stand for. Here people can sell stuff they have created with their own hands, a bit of imagination and spare time…. Selling what you’ve made to people who will send it further, give it as presents or just enjoy it themselves is so much FUN!

QF01 QF02 watermelonQueer Fayre also have stalls with food items, home baked cakes and cookies…. these come in all sort of flavours and you can buy and eat there and then, but also what many do – they buy cakes for later tea parties or dinners…. Once I had a couple coming who were over the moon that there were Swedish Chocolate Balls (Chokladbollar) and Dream Cookies (drömmar) for sale as they had just been in Sweden, tasted these there and fallen in love with the tastes. They cleaned me up so to speak…

If making stuff or eating isn’t your thing…. Maybe rummage through vintage clothing, books, music and things are more to your liking…. Queer Fayre always have a few stalls filled with what can only be described as ‘Car-Boot-Sale’ Second hand stuff… People clean out their closet, bring and sell. We have had people selling off full BDSM wardrobes incl toys, vinyl records, cabaret outfits as well as vintage toy collections and plenty of clothes & shoes.

Queer Fayre is a Day out and a chance to revisit loved crafts, skilfully  created cakes and cards. It is Daytime and it is a cafe for queers. Queer Fayre is at RVT, indoors and very FUN!

185874_10150159942925569_546100568_8550790_5754829_n 188584_10150162118192565_718202564_8359146_4844037_n 196816_10150159942850569_546100568_8550789_6583651_n_square_smallNext Queer Fayre take place Sat 21 Sep, between 2-6pm. Entry £2. All Welcome. This s a Queer Family event.                                                                                                           Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY London

Come. Shop. Share. Sell. Support. Enjoy.

Queer Fayre: Harvest

Welcome to another QUEER FAYRE

After a long and vibrant summer, we will reap what we’ve done. Sell what we no longer need, and share our crafty skills. All Sellers are highly amazing! You will find things you had no idea you need here!
There might be a BBQ, and there DEf will be FIKA. We are spreading the Swedish way of getting a coffee, mix it with some cake and plenty of chatting…

+ RVT keep the bar open for your refreshment needs

Saturday 21 September

Doors 2-6

Entry £2

Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, SE11 5HY London

All welcome!

Want to BOOK a Table?
Get it Now, via this link:Stalls only £10
Want to BOOK one?
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