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A New Night is born!

In collaboration with The Horse Hospital and Wotever World!

Wotever World have lead and done Queer Experiments & Hackney Wotever over the years, but had (and wanted) to leave both the venues where these events where held at, due to their staffing policies, and refusal to pay their staff The London Living Wage . We might return, if and when things change.

Now we have found a new venue that suits us and these events with a mix of Culture, Knowledge, Sex and Education really well. THE HORSE HOSPITAL

Join us for our first event there FRIDAY 30th June at QUEER ART & CULTURE 

It’s a Soiree and Variety show/event lead by Ingo Cando, filled with Film, Talk & Show


On the programme this first event we are proud to welcome one of Brazils biggest rising Drag King star Wendell Cândido! They have brought the groundbreaking Film  ‘King On, Brazil’ by Director Luiza Folegatti with them, plus they will do a short Performance and be part of the Q & A for afters.

Plus, We have an extra special performer all the way from Melbourne Australia! Jess McKerlie is a performance artist based in Melbourne, part of the 2015 PACT Collective.

Gender SpannerJessica’s first solo show, GENDER SPANNER has been touring Fringe Festivals across the world for the past two years and has recently done a stint at Brighton Fringe AND was Nominated for a Brighton Fringe Award!


QUEER ART & CULTURE,  Friday 30 June

A review show of what’s happening in our Queer World NOW!
Lead by Ingo Cando, Artistic Director of Wotever World

Sit down & show start at 8pm, Doors & bar open from 7.30 – late
Tickets £8 in advance, £10 otd

The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, WC1N 1JD London

Accessibility; please see The Horse Hospitals INFO

Kings, Queens and Inbetweens

12931237_901115209986524_5156078820591298846_nQUEER EXPERIMENTS

Welcomes you to a Film Screening!


Sometimes being on stage is the place where we can be most ourselves is something we have said time after time.
Tonight we look at performance in a wider sence, as community, space to grow and as a place for political voices. But also, what happen when we retire from performing and the strong Family Bonds we create with each other.

Filmed in Columbus, Ohio, US this is a fun, fabulous and frank look into ourselves and our lives as Kings, Queens & In-Betweens.


Wednesday 30 November

Doors: 7.30
Screening start: 8pm
Length 90 mins
Live Performance +
Q & A after screening with Adam All, Gingzilla, Fiona Blair and more tbc, all people within our Drag culture here in London and elsewhere.

Hackney Attic is fully accessible
Entry £12 / £10

Adv Tickets

KINGS, QUEENS, & IN-BETWEENS is a documentary on drag queens and kings in Columbus, Ohio. (to be completed in 2016)

‘Through personal stories of kings, queens, and transgender performers, the film ripples out to cover larger themes: what drag is & means… the definitions of family (biological and chosen)… Columbus as a vibrant creative city in the middle of a political swing state… LGBTQ rights & discriminatory policies like the anti-marriage law… and ultimately, the difference between sex, sexuality, and gender.

Notably, KQIB will be the first feature doc to include the entire gender performance spectrum – kings, queens, and “in-betweeners.”

This documentary (directed by Gabrielle Burton & produced by Five Sisters Productions) captures how such terrific performers tackle the complexities and pathos of gender expression, personal identity, and human rights — all with humor, great music, big hair, and duct tape.’

From Thick Skin to Femme Armour

‘I am so very thrilled to announce my “From Thick Skin to Femme Armour” Europe Tour. This tour is an absolute dream come true, a dream 15-year old me conjured & secretly cherished, a dream older me relentless continued believing in.’

Wotever World present From Thick Skin to Femme Armour. Written and performed by Kama La Mackerel in her  London show on this tour. Kama’s current project, From Thick Skin to Femme Armour, seeks to visibilize and honour trans femme of colour resistance across history and in contemporary everyday life.

12717371_763056220491153_1608526728918667102_nKama La Mackerel is a Tio’tia:ke/Montreal-based community organizer, movement builder, writer, poet, story-teller, curator and multidisciplinary artist whose work focusses on narration and cultural production as modes of anti-colonial resistance. More about Kama
Tonight’s Queer Experiments will be dedicated to Kama La Mackerel and her piece, From Thick Skin to Femme Armour.

This is a lesson. This is inspiration!
This is love and collaboration.

Queer Experiments is an evening with talks, show and art by specially invited performers, writers and thinkers. Comedy. Performance art and visuals. Expect the unexpected. This event also see support from London Performer Lasana Shabazz

Event: 22 June, doors 7.30 with a  8pm start at Hackney Attic. Entry £8.


Wotever Talks


Talks about what makes us tick!

Wotever TalksWelcome to our series where we create a platform and share Queer Knowledge!

Things we know, are passionate about and think others would benefit from knowing. This is inspired by TED talks, which we are big fans of.  Topics should be very varied and the reasons for talking about them should be personal and passion. Queer Issues (your PhD?!), Body Activism, Food, Hobbies, What you work with…. Talk about what makes YOU tick!

Sharing is caring, and no matter what you will talk about, or what’s your field of expertise I am sure you will inspire and make people think. And that is Never Ever a bad thing!!

Would you like to be part?

What would you talk about? Want to share?

Talk can be anything up to 15 minutes. Normally with a short Q&A after.

Dominic Davies gives a talk and insight to Pink Threapy
Dominic Davies gives a talk and insight to Pink Threapy

Most of the filming/talks will take place at Bar Wotever, our Tuesday events at RVT, but some can be filmed elsewhere too, depending on time and set ups etc.

Videos will be uploaded firstly on our youtube  and vimeo channel under their own Wotever Talks umbrella. But will also be shared in collaborations with other queer web based magazines/blogs and social media.

Fancy a spot? Want to be part of this?

Please email: woteverworld [at] gmail [dot] com with proposal of what you want to talk about, a bit about you and when it might suit you.

The legend Michael Brown who came and talked about LGBT history with us. Sadly he passed away 81 years old this summer, but we can still hear him in our recorded videos from his fabulous talks. R.I.P dear Michael.
The legend Michael Brown who came and talked about LGBT history with us.
Sadly he passed away 81 years old  in 2013, but we can still hear him in our recorded videos from his fabulous talks.
R.I.P dear Michael.

Since we started this in January 2013 we have had so many amazing talks on such a variety of topics like, Jammology, Pink Therapy, Bear Community, Capitalism, BDSM, LGBT History, Polyamory and the moving and touching story of ‘My Child Came out as Trans*’

Topics Vary as much as our Community is filled with a variation of humans… Share what makes YOU tick!

Thank You in advance!

Wotever Create – Create Wotever!