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You know that feeling…..

I woke up this morning feelin’ Happy.

I know there are a lot of things to not feel happy about atm, but I could not help myself.

Before I went to bed last night I found out that another queer hangout I have enjoyed over the years (Kafe Copacabana, Hornstull in Stockholm) had closed down. I do not know the full story and hopefully the lovely owners and Patrons are happy with this decision… But for all of us who met there when in town, who sat there writing and spending hours over the coffee and toasted sandwiches… for us they leave a hole. A massive  queer comfortable hole… As usual when things close, end and stop.

I woke up this morning feelin’ happy as Wotever is happening…

Yes, It does and I do not mean any disrespect to anyone doing stuff and then it does not work out… OOOhhhh myyyy so many times I’ve struggled and felt despair about events with no people and or when I myself have taken upon myself the role of Producer, PR Person, Technician, Compere, Door person and DJ in the same event… just because there wasn’t enough people to help and or not enough money to pay more people… I can not count the times when I’ve thought, ‘I end this and stop doing Wotever, and take a proper 9-5 job again’ It is HARD to run stuff and struggle every time you have to make ends meet…. it is!


Wotever World is what I’ve created and I felt happy this morning because I have the luxury of waking up in Spain, on Holiday – my first holiday in over six years. Wotever have kept going and what with having events happening all the time, and absolutely noo money to myself, holidays haven’t happen since I quit my full time employment and went freelance… It has been a luxury one could live without.

Me and the beach But now I have one, all provided by two guardian angels who offered me to go and stay in their apartment on the Spanish coast. For a minimal fee… I just needed to pay my flight and voila – I had it.

I have been here now for more than a week and on Friday I will travel back home.  Rested, relaxed and with so much happiness and headspace. It has indeed been a luxury holiday for me, a time to think. To plan and to look back. Reading and being inspired… It has meant TIME. A luxury indeed. Thank YOU J & A!

I woke up feelin Happy because the other night I spoke to my brother via skype. Im happy because I have the best blood family in the world. My two brothers are very different from me and have chosen very different ways of living, but do recognise me as one of them, and our parents are still here alive and very happy too – enjoying being old age pensioners, retired with all the new skills, eons of time for hobbies they have got (ok – my parents took up ten pin bowling when retired – and are now so good that this is taking up all their time, and they do compete and are both topranked in Sweden…… parents hey 😉 ) Im happy because they are and I am and my brothers are… we all take the day as it is and do enjoy the little things…

I’m happy as Im at the moment reading a book where the main character learnt about Northern Soul in the latest chapter – and here I am, typing away to Northern Soul 101 on my itunes… Inspirational, and so lucky that my computer decided to work again, at the beginning of this holiday it totally died…. mega crisis! but after a chat to the experts  – I will hand it in when back – we do little every day and tip toe around it and it seems to work. So, Im Happy I have this to write on! Carefully typing……

So, what to do later today…..

Keep Happy I think, continue to dress as I do. The other day me and my non binary gender representation was indeed causing questions on the beach…. Me in baggy shorts, big T and with floppy hair was referred to as ‘The kid’ as in, ask the kid by the beach bar ordering a coke when three women wanted to know who was the beach chair seller..

Calling me the kid is quite funny as me with my many years (I’m 51) are def no kid anymore (Im the Daddy – but only for people within the know!)… but it also showed what you are seen as when people can not read you… Male, Female…. ? My face is without facial hair and rather smooth, and my fatty body is def very non descript… so… The Kid?! Who knows, they might have been partially sighted or such so I should not joke too much – but it had me thinking….

Today I will do a few bits and bobs to keep it all rollin’ then later on, I will go down to the beach for the afternoon sun… and after that climbing back up to this little heaven. For a night with some great DVD’s and or such….

If you are in London tonight, go and say hi to Bar Wotever! This evening it’s packed with great Live Music provided by Mel and Kill from Battle of You and the guests they have invited. It’s a night to explore new, young, fresh music at the ‘Legendary Bar Wotever’ as Metro wrote the other day 😉

You should give Maria a massive hug as she is managing and look after the event when Im away, Im so Happy there are so many amazing People looking after Wotever so I can have this holiday! Thank You Maria, Dr J, Liam, Joey, Harry, Kevin, Jonathon, Mel and Kill! You are all Marvellous!! Thank YOU!

And Im Happy because on Friday I will be back in London, ready for the winter and all that it involves of more events, bigger acts and more people to collaborate with….

I’m Happy as Wotever World is still here and stronger than ever.

Thank You!

Here is a video with me interviewing Mel from Battle of You at a previous event…

When I’m back I hope I see you!

We keep on Creating…

Sitting and organise this autumn.

10672190_10153164060760760_7141298860512624501_nIt will be one of the busiest so far if all goes well.
Wotever World is a concept that is created by all of us.
Wotever Create – Create Wotever!

But it is also a very well oiled machinery with a crew who add hours upon hours to make this happen. Week after Week…
We have done this for many years and it is an organic amoeba hard to grab, and get to know.
Dip In. Dip Out. We only do it because it’s Fun! And still very Important! It is for all of us who at some point or everyday feel a bit Whatever… Not 100% this or that… we are flexible, we move about and we are stronger together when we do it. ALl our journeys have started somewhere and are on their way towards something… Concious or not – who knows…

We just DO!


And you can join, with your ideas and passion if you want…

10641238_730014109256_1441001806388302351_nI want to say a massive Congratulations to Wotever DIY Film Festival that just finished their third annual festival. This year it was way  bigger than any before and the crew who made it deserve all the applauds in the world! Well Done Theresa, Tara, Puj, Skye, Jai,  Dru, Stephanie, Leanne and all others involved! It was Fabulous!


Wotever Sex has started…

Wotever Sex – part I ForePlay
5 August
Length 225 mins

pic Paul GraceI am wondering and would like to hear what the older gent and his company made out of last nights opening of Wotever Sex. They arrived on the dot we opened, had bought tickets in advance and was soooo ready! He proudly told me he had not been to RVT for 30 years and he then went and saw some drag acts…. He arrived via info on the interweb – and he said he was looking forward to it, he had chosen our show last night as it looked the most interesting (compared to what I have no idea). What did he make out of all the sauciness, queerness and gendered language we shared from stage?? Hollie Howitt’s amazing ‘Genitals does NOT Equal Gender’ saying the words cunt and cock so many times I think we broke some sort of record, the sultry (and funny) poetry from Jay Walker about bodies, Gender and Chocolate Cake. What did he make out of the four performers who in their own right chose what to read, in a sexy way? Rosie Garland who read from her latest novel Vixen, and Pretty MissCairo who read a chicken recipe in such a way we all got turned on, but yet slightly uncomfy. Jean Genet classic Querelle of Brest read again and for the first time loud byMisterMeredith Luke, a wank book from his early years, and then the conductor of the whole scenario Crimson Skye who Tipped into the Velvet of Sarah Waters classic with such subtle hand gestures and finger compositions we all gasped for air by each little movement and felt the stirring in the nether regions of our bodies.

Could he cope with the nakedness? When Selogadi Ngwanangwato Mampane in chains took to stage halfdressed and with an important message to share – I bet he did cope as well as we all did as this was brilliant performance art we felt honoured to be part of and have on our stage last night, and I bet by the end of the night and Lolo Brow’s piece of ‘Make Me a Man’ he was ready to embrace life with new fresh and very open eyes. I so hope he enjoyed it all as it was such a pleasure to share it with him, and all who came – took part and filled RVT with their bodies, minds and open hearts. This was ForePlay, we wanted you to get turned on, in tune with us all as what is more delightful than a room packed with strangers and lovers who all breathe in harmony and are ready ready for just a little bit more… a little bit mooooooore…..

I really hope he and his company enjoyed and felt they were part of something special.. and did we see them dance with us all on that stage – to Salt and Pepas Let’s Talk about Sex. Did we?

pic Hanna DarvillI bet tho that he loved the celebration of Liam’s Mum – who doesn’t love a son (in underwear – as it was underpants day) giving a purple cake with candles on to his mum on her birthday?? And saying ‘I Love You’!

So much to love.

So Much Happiness.
Thank You!

and as always – thank you to the slickest, best badass crew in the biz. Love you Kevin, Maria, Liam, Joey, Puja and Dr J! Also, mega Thanks to Royal Vauxhall Tavern for being a perfect canvas for our dreams and creativity.

It was a pleasure!
// Ingo X

One have to start somewhere…

Please note, this is all fiction and not based on me or anyone particular in my surroundings…

One have to start somewhere…

Let’s assume we are born, we grow up and all that, we have inkling that we are destined for big things, amazing things or at least to have a good life, fall in love and enjoy it a bit whilst we are around on this planet.
Let’s think this is ….. Sara, we can call her Sara, she grows up – she is the light in her father’s eye and turn out to be a great help and friend with her mum…

Then dad disappear when Sara is 10, he is nowhere to find. Sara and her Mum have to move, and fight for a different work and school life. The new school prove to be hard, but Sara and her mum fight and get on by quite ok dispise circumstances…

It is when the others start calling her name Sara realise that they do not like her and she start questioning herself… who is she really?? Puberty hit and slam down when she is the most vulnerable – Who is she?? Fuck why is every thing so hard… In school they call her lezza, they scream after her, many times she can’t play or be with the others when eating lunch or play outside/ Sara HATE school! She really HATE it! She does feel different, wrong, she is angry and she need to doooo soooomething!

c6b6291b2da16937e6a4b548863373bbShe start to hang with others who hate school. She find others who are called lezza… dyke…. Lesbian…poof…gay and homosexuals… queer. Odd beings… not the norm… she hang with them… then there is that bigger girl, the one that come on to Sara, hold her hand, stroke her cheek, ask how the day have been… the other one Sara start feel at home with… They fall in love and at 16 Sara comes out. She is a Lesbian… or Bi? She still have those crushes on boyband guys.. She look at them and think ….’one day…’
Years pass by and Sara is moving out from her mum’s, she is moving into a house with other dykes, there is always a lot of discussions, giggles, hugs and meetings… Sara is still not happy. She have had sex with many other young and not so young women now. She is so Lesbian. Wear lesbian badges and have lesbian hair…and then
One day
She start thinking… those guys in the boybands… did she really lust after them?? Or did she want to be like them??
She had heard of trans and she had seen transwomen walking by…. But she, trans?? No way – she was a lesbian. End of.

And then, jump to ten years later.

Sara is now Steve, have been on testosterone for 5 years, had the mastectomy but will not go further with surgery. He is starting to feel happy again, like when he was young and life was easier, so clear and obvious…

Ten year went by when Sara became Steve and those years were filled with questions, drama and insights. With coming out and explaining, mostly for himself. For a long time he did not engage with lovers, but lately he has started dating again…
He had to start somewhere….

And for a few year he refused to go to all the places and hangouts where lezzas dykes and others from his past might hang…

But don’t you worry, this is MY fictional story and I decide Steve eventuall ymiss all his friends and will be back…. and we will give him time.. 😉

We all need to tart somewhere.

We all do.
We are not born ready.

We are not born as the finished product and human being.

We move and develop
We test things

We believe in things whilst we test them
But never ever should we deny others to be certain of one thing… then come to insight and change mind and body.

Life is not always a long straight line from A – Z

We might do it in a different order all together, but one thing is clear. We have to start somewhere… So, please never diss ANYONE when they are on their journey… in a few months/years it might be you.

‘Wotever at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, for “drag kings, queers, women, mtf, femmes, trans, butches, queerbois, gay, drag queens, dykes, bisexuals, ftm, men, straight… Wotever”. Enough said.’ Wotever mentioned in the Evening Standard today.  And a chance for all who are starting, knowing, celebrating and/or just be themselves to find out about us.–la-eurovision-winner-conchita-9361637.html

I AM WHAT I AM – but I might change outside whilst time fly by…

My name is Ingo, I am 51 years old, dyslexic and with another language as my first, so be prepared it might be a bumpy ride and a grammar police’s nightmare. My thoughts are mine and I only represent myself. I run Wotever World as Gender and Drama is my Passion!

This was Day #13 of my Blog Challenge.

Sailor Princess

Last Night I went and saw Black, a show with and by Le Gateau Chocolat at Soho Theatre. It was about little Black, and growing up.. It was a lovely piece filled with Le Gateau’s AMAZING voice and presence.  Go and See It if you can! More Info HERE, the piece had a few moments where I got reminded about my own FairyTale of growing up, and I will here and now share it with you… It has been performed at various places and it was also under discussion of becoming a childrens book with illustrations of the late Brixton Brady. Sadly it did not happen before she passed.

It did  get illustrated tho by Jason Baker for a special edition of Transfriendly Zine a few years back.

This is my story

Sailor Princess – a fairy tale about growing up

Once upon a time in a country called Sweden there lived a princess who longed for adventure. She had lived 19 years with very little excitement or adventure in her life, and she understood that there must be more in the world than just taking care of all the animals who lived in their kingdom.

So, she decided to leave her mother, the queen and her father the king behind, and go out in the world to seek her future and some adventure.

She took a train to the west coast of Sweden, with a landscape so different from her normal wood filled surroundings.
Here the nature was full of cliffs and rocks a lot of water and more water, she ended up on an island.

A tiny little island it was, but it had been an adventure just to get into the boat which rocked and rolled along with the waves, so she was happy….
Thinking, this is a bit of adventure after all.

One of the first things she did on this little island was to take off all her clothes and have a swim in the clear and salty water.
It was a beautiful day and she swam far out making friends with some friendly seals.

On the other side of the island lived a young sailor.
He had been around the world fifteen times already and was now very tired of travelling, he liked to plant things and still be there when they grew up, he liked to see how tomatoes became red and the taste of cherries when they were getting sweeter in the height of the summer. He decided to stop sailing. He built himself a house with a big kitchen where he could cook different kinds of meals from vegetables he had grown in the garden.

In the evenings he liked to sit on the highest spot of the island and paint the sunset and the seagulls that flew by.
He could sit for hours.

One day in June, the Princess, who had found herself a job of selling postcards and lollipops to tourists visiting the island, met the sailor when he came to the shop to buy more paint.

He was the first sailor she ever seen, so she was staring into his brown eyes, letting the gaze move over his tanned shoulders, curly long hair and cute sailor trousers.

He on the other hand was busy not drooling, because he thought the princess was a knock-out. Her long strong legs, broad shoulders and big smile made his mouth all watery and he could feel his heart starting to race quicker and faster in his chest.

sailorprincessThey fell in love.

Two days later the princess had moved in with the sailor in his new built house. He was her biggest adventure and she became his home. Nine months later I was born.

The possibilities were endless when I first came, I could be a sailor princess for all I ever wanted, the sailor and the princess never stopped me from trying out new things.

I lived my first years as a cat and I tasted the flowers that grew in the garden.
I swam in the deepest water and cart wheeled all the way home back from the sea. I was their firstborn; I was someone they both liked to get to know a bit better, because none of them had any expectations on how a child should be.
I was a child, not a sailor or a princess yet, just a child. The princess gave me dreams of adventure and that it is always something else out there to discover and try.

The sailor taught me how to grow tomatoes and sit still for hours, just looking at the nature that surrounded us outside the house.

I left the island a long time ago, but I can always return, and when I do, the princess is out swimming and the sailor makes me salad from the tomatoes that grow next to the house he built.

Till this day, I am still their first born; I am a sailor princess who always seeks the adventure and know how to make a house.




Mum n dadDedicated to my adorable and Fabulous Parents


My name is Ingo (my parents gave me another name, but I have changed it to Ingo, as I decided it suited me better. Both my parents have also changed their names! My dad uses his middle name as his first, and my mum shortened her longish name to a more snappy and totally different version of it. So, I’m in good company re Name Changing), I am 51 years old, dyslexic and with another language as my first, so be prepared it might be a bumpy ride and a grammar police’s nightmare. My thoughts are mine and I only represent myself. I run Wotever World as Gender and Drama is my Passion!

This was Day #12 of my Blog Challenge.

It was an admin day..

A friend of mine wrote this on their FB timeline earlier today..

‘Be prepared! Some tricky energies around today, and we getting close to full moon’ he wrote, and then he pasted this from an Astrology website>>>
May 11, 2014
“The Moon is in Libra all day, and we are emotionally sensitive to imbalances in our relationships and in our environments. Venus opposes Mars today, and there can be conflicts stirred in our relationships, with tendencies towards impulsive decision making. Our desires can be difficult to understand, or difficult to satisfy. Some of us may be stirring up problems in order to fulfill a need for excitement, while important relationship issues can come to a head for others. Mercury squares Neptune today, complicating matters further. We may find it hard to follow facts, directions, and instructions under this influence. Perceptions may be confused, unrealistic, or too idealistic to carry weight. Conversations may be vague or misleading.” CAFEASTROLOGY.COM

I took advice and took it easy, doing a lot of paperwork instead of human connections that could go wrong….
Admin is ok to do when you want it to have it a bit boring I think.. I do not mind doing it, but then I do not do it that often anyway… so I maybe should like it a little bit more than I actually do….

Intense and calm, I love it when a lot of things do  happen, but I can not live without pause now and then too. And I do believe and read astrology, advice things like this above now and then.. and I like it, specially when it guide me. Put things into context . Todays music. Vem ska man tro på with Thomas Di Leva, it’s all about questioning and who to believe in…
Recorded and filmed in New York 1987

I dedicate this to my friend who had to rush to help her friend who had a psychological meltdown tonight…. Life is hard and we all walk on a fine line and we are lucky when we have friends to help us out and, or can take some pause and time out from hectic life. Du e bäst lg!

during this blog challenge I have often typed it up before midday, but today I didn’t feel like it, so most of the day went and now it’s only 30 minutes before midnight and the blog post became a bit more of a Diary… Hey. That was day 11. A slow Sunday for me.


Kings and Queen

Those Drag King dreams, the amazement to be on stage in drag… oooh how marvellous it was.

Me, GenderBending for Joey early 2000
Me, GenderBending for Joey early 2000

I kinda came into the drag kinging around 1997 and instantly fell in love.

On so many levels… I feel for a drag king. I loved being a drag king. And many of my best moments have been as a drag king..

I am still a drag king and last night at FMAS he came out a little bit… but only to do the floor and look after everyone else.

Im a bit tired today, so the blog is not long or specially thoughtful. More than, I heart Drag Kings…

Here, get inspired. Get started Do it if you want to… I guess I would not duct tape and create those abs… nothing a big tshirt, checked shirt, vest and or suit can hide… but this is now and LA, fierce kings. you GO!

Todays music, I want o break Free, as I so many times heard Kate practise to this…

Me and Kate doing Barcelona at Europride Stockholm 1998
Me and Kate doing Barcelona at Europride Stockholm 1998

I am still 51, and very very tired today after an amazing Female Masculinity Appreciation Society night where 300 of our closest friends popped in and said hi over a cocktail. One thing of getting older is that recovery takes longer and longer and considering I was on no alcohol last night it’s quite odd really … Anyway. Go Out and Grab the day!

This was day #10 of this blog challenge…

It’s not all about how long it is, it’s how you shake it! One day I will blog about my workshops and insights as a King, but now I need to rest a bit…

Hair is there


I have had Long Hair, Short Hair, Red Hair, Black Hair, Shaved head, Ponytails, Bangs, Cowlick, Crewcut, BedHair, Backcombed, Blonde Hair, plaits, tuzzled, everything on the top in a bun hair, Mohawk, Henna Hair, Mousy hair, parted in the middle, …. I have had hair! I still have hair…

My hair is naturally slightly wavy, with a few hard to negotiate kinks, but an absolute amazing ‘turn’ on the middle of my forehead that makes my fringe stand up almost automatically when perfect length, perfect as in not to long as it then becomes to heavy. I’ve come to terms with my hair. It is there.

Me and Daz this was before he made me blonde
Me and Daz
this was before he made me blonde

At the moment it is glorious blonde with dark roots, short on the sides with longish floppy bits on the top. Daz have done my hair for the last months. I love it! I feel me in it! He came to me and said – I think you should be blonder.

I was blond as a kid, and get slightly blonder in the sun.. but over the years it has become darker and darker to a kinda dark haired mouse kinda shade…

He said this to me at a moment I wasn’t feeling so happy with myself and where I was. Life felt hard and my foot was in pain and I felt quite miserable to be honest…

Having him do my hair kinda lifted my spirit, made me feel better in ways of feeling pampered, looked after and seen. That is a really amazing what doing things on the outside can do for your inside.

Most people have hair, and our hair represent us in how we want to be seen, dealt with, and how we feel. Our hair can make us feel sexy, smart and absolutely shite… Bad Hair days do not normally happen when you are happy and up do they?

The amount of times I have gone to hairdressers that have looked at me with pity, In my mind this is what they thought; ‘Poor fat mannish woman not using makeup or any feminizing things, clothing trying to hide her shape in those well worn jeans and black tshirt – I shall help her and make bangs, frizz the hair up oooh nooo not cut it shorter, than she will be mistaken for a man, and my job is to help her Look Feminine. Be a Glamourous Woman like all the glam women we see in the gossip papers I have spread around in the salon. I will help you to be pretty dear!’ This might be true or not, but sitting in that hairdressing chair – this is what I think they think about me…and many times I have had to say yes it’s ok just so I could get out of there  quickly…to go home and wash their products out and trim the ‘too long’ strands they left…

Then the barbers who on slow days are happy to get my money to do a military style army crew cut, 2 on the sides, 4 on top with a cowlick… but as soon as the salon/barbers are busy and filled with other men, I stick out and they look at me with glee…

Me and Cecilia after a hair trimming session
Me and Cecilia after a hair trimming session. Hers is shaved on the side you can not see…

Hair is there!

I want my hair as I want and many years I cut it myself, trimmed it with friends, we did eachothers hair as we wanted…

And you know that look and question if you then went to a hair place ‘Who did your hair last? ‘ as there were no schooled strands and styles parading on my head… ‘A friend’ you say and they give you  a snerky tutt.

A few years ago I was asked if I would let Klara and Grey come and do hair at a Queer Fayre, of course I said yes and I was sitting there, getting a cut done by people who I could express what I wanted and they did understand. They came and did pampering Wotevers and people started to understand how absolute amazing it was to go and have your hair done by people who did listen, understood that you needed hair to represent your inside…

Klara does my hair on stage at Queer Fayre
Klara does my hair on stage at Queer Fayre

Felix joined in and now there were three amazing people cutting hair at various Wotever events and elsewhere. A few years ago Klara started up and do Barberette, being an expert in barbering and trained beyond beliefs in hair and styles.
She is brilliant! Go and see her! Here is where you book:

And then Open Barbers with Greygory and Felix. They trained, went to school and are now really really excellent in what they do. They have done Open Barbers weekly for some years now, with hairdressing and social meet ups, sharing cake and styling tips. They are about to take the plunge and become their own, with a space and a salon to do hair for all of us who need and want to have hairdressers with more interesting conversation topics than ‘where are you going on holiday this year?’…….

Felix did my hair at last years Fringe Film Fest!
Felix did my hair at last years Fringe Film Fest!

Open Barbers need your help in this crowd funding appeal. You can donate money even if you might not be in the same city and or country, and by doing so you are helping this hair trend and hair understanding to spread far and wide and one day you might be as lucky as all of us are who have had the chance to see and be under their or other understanding scissor heroes!

Donate Here if you Care about Queer Hair! 

Todays Music: I got Life from the film Hair!


1. I had the biggest crush on this guy after seeing this film

2.  The Film was amazing! Revolt! Don’t do what they say you should do!

Tonight I open up  Female Masculinity Appreciation Society for the seventh time.You are Welcome!

My name is Ingo, I am 51 years old, dyslexic and with another language as my first, so be prepared it might be a bumpy ride and a grammar police’s nightmare. My thoughts are mine and I only represent myself. I run Wotever World as Gender and Drama is my Passion!

This was Day #09 of my Blog Challenge.


‘This really really stresses me out’ I thought and looked at the spinning wheel on my laptop trying to connect to the cafes ‘free wifi’ .
At the same time I ate my food one handed, clicking frenetically on the keyboard trying to get in touch with cyberspace…

As I sat in a cafe, waiting for a friend, I could not leave, and I had no book. No Ipod or what to doooo….no stimulation more than ME?

I can turn it around and not be stressed I thought. What if I can not connect with all the people who have emailed me, see the notifications on FaceBook or see who have retweeted me, and who is the people who retweet my blog posts really… I can’t find out as I can not stalking them online. Im down, don’t get connected. Im an isolated Island. In a busy café, with jazzy tunes in the background. After a brilliant meeting talking Buisness strategies and future plans for and with Wotever World.

So, time to think. To be in Now.

I finished my food.

And I thank, thinked, thought….

When Wotever started back in 2003, there was no facebook. But we had emails… and we quickly set up an email list by asking for peoples emails when the enter the club. It was a quick way to get info out. The amount of times I sat there trying to enter decipher email addresses who came back as failed mail as I did not know if there was an I or an l or was it the number 1 maybe….

Flyer with me on, a me as my Drag King Persona Red Viking Photo Kash Edit Me
Flyer with me on, a me as my Drag King Persona Red Viking
Photo Kash
Edit Me

Then there was myspace, a great portal to see and find out more of the people who became your myspace friends/pals/followers…And reaching people out there in the world. It was the beginning of seeing who was on tour and about to come to London… Queers who travel. We are many who move between countries, homes and various cities, and we can be as HOME in Stockholm as in Berlin, San Francisco as in London or elsewhere in a year.

And the websites with images we added… I started to add content to a space ending with .tk as it was free and I learnt how to do it. Adding Photos and text to a space where people could join in and connect even after the clubnights. The responses where always, ‘oh I wish there was something like Club Wotever in my city, village, hometown’ The photos we added were of the people who went and took part….

And thinking back like this, I realized how dependent Wotever is about the connections, the reach outs and even if we are still very very good at doing the actual parties and events live, Bear Wotever at Bar Wotever on Tuesday was a true hoot of flesh, charm and smart acts on stage and Brilliant friendly people in the audience. Be sad if you missed it as it was AMAZING!, we are also pretty darn good to stay in touch via the interweb and on line….. when it works.

Stay in Touch via our web outlets.
Join Us at our Parties and events when you can

When I asked people how to describe Wotever in three words recently, these were some of the words they sent me, online, via email: quirkily, crazily, inclusive, My London Livingroom! Queer Authentic, Bighearted, Queer, Flower Power, Rain bow… How would YOU describe it in Max three words? In Person and or On Line…

peaceful_ending_ii__by_arbebuk-d4typ9rWotever Would Not have Been and Happened for this long without Internet and International connections…

And me, I need to now and then NOT Be On Line. I have to remember this when I get stressed out and not connected.

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This is my Kind of Relax

My name is Ingo, I am 51 years old, dyslexic and with another language as my first, so be prepared it might be a bumpy ride and a grammar police’s nightmare. My thoughts are mine and I only represent myself. I run Wotever World as Gender and Drama is my Passion!

This was Day #08 of my Blog Challenge.

Sissy that walk

Sissy that walk..

Wot if I was big solid and built like a brickhouse? Deep down I always wanted to be a Drag Queen. I am a Bearded Drag Queen within.

I glorify stereotype crossovers and somehow Drag Queens always seem to be where it’s at. I am a Drag King, but I love the Glamour that I can have and be as a Queen…

Me getting a face by Darren, the most glorious Make Up Artist I know!
Me getting a face by Darren, the most glorious Make Up Artist I know!

Gender. Is given and expected to stay within a given frame. When growing up you get formed by media, family and within situations where you are – school enviroinment and leisure activities.. You learn behavior based on fictional and real people around you… you try to adjust YOU and who you are. You learn who you should fall in love with, based on your genitalia…..

It is all rather tiresome and at some places there are spaces were you can break all those assumptions if you grow up, if you survive and move to adulthood…

Me in Drag getting ready for a Dance Piece I did at Tate Modern...
Me in Drag getting ready for a Dance Piece I did at Tate Modern…

Starting all over with a new found set of ‘rules’ and assumptions, learning and taking what you need from that to be more you. A more honest and true you…. This will go on and on for many years in my case…

But who are you when the options are many and varied.

You Are Everything!

All in one Go or now and then, bit by bit…

One of my inspirations are RuPaul. I have followed him and his career over the last ten years or more… SuperModel on sky high heels, strict coach in ‘But I’m a Cheerleader’ acting a male role. I watch his RuPaul Drag Race, I have seen him give confidence and human survival strategies to men, women and all and beyond. I’ve seen him being slashed by people who don’t like him, and I’ve seen him OWNING IT! Strong and Glamazonian. I heart RuPaul = True!

‘We are all born naked and the rest is Drag!’ Is one of his many smart, clever and amazing catch phrases… It is true! We are born naked. We are brought up in Drag and we live hopefully in the drag we like best, feel most comfy sexy and amazing in! For everyday and party! And when we mix it up, borrow from ALL our Sources and inspirations. And we do it like Ru. OWNING IT!! Without shame or second thoughts.

Do not let others tell you what you are and should wear. And use those hips, belly and arms in your walk, smile and Own the World!

And then, Judith Butler! ‘Nobody is a gender from the start.’

It’s says it all really.

My name is Ingo, I am 51 years old, dyslexic and with another language as my first, so be prepared it might be a bumpy ride and a grammar police’s nightmare. My thoughts are mine and I only represent myself. I run Wotever World as Gender and Drama is my Passion!

This was Day #07 of my Blog Challenge.