Circus Orgasmuz ART SHOW





Circus Orgasmuz ART SHOW
‘Thank Fuck we are here and now’
Empowering images of Queer bodies and expressions.

Wotever World will once again do a combined party/show/art event down at The Flying Dutchman (

You will see work by these Artists tonight.

Absolut Queer
Alda Villiljós
Allan Taylor
Amanda Chanfrau
Anya Hanson
Carolyn Cowan
Craig Leo
Erika Trejo

Gilivanka & Barbara
Gita Buga
Isabel Becker
Joe Pop
Kitty Stryker
Krissy Mahan
Magdalena Bielanska
Matthew Stradling
Monika Bancyr-de-Angeli
Roberta Orlando
Rod Doyle
Samantha Miller
Yui Karlberg

Title of the event: Circus Orgasmuz Art Show
Theme: ‘Thank Fuck we are here and now’, empowering images of Queer bodies and expressions.
Date: Friday 29 November, 6pm-9pm
Art: curated by Ingo, producer of Wotever World and displayed via Projections in Upstairs Bar.
Cost: This is a Free event, open for all +18

Between the hours 6-9, only the upstairs is open, and it is a free event where YOUR art/Photos will be specially screened. With a short info sheet for all visiting art lovers, as THIS also is the time when South London Arts People are here looking….

This is the foreplay for
our Very Special PARTY, CIRCUS ORGASMUZ, that take place after the Art Show. More here:

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