Call For Submissions – Wotever Queer Film Fest 3!

We’re currently accepting submissions for our third Wotever Queer Film Festival, to be held on the 27th August. Submission deadline August 7th.

As always, we’re looking for shorts (3-15mins) of any genre on a Queer theme. Other than that, our only criteria is that they must be in keeping with our Wotever ethos and as such will not consider submissions that are racist, trans*/homophobic, religiously intolerant, ableist, sizeist or in any way prejudiced or exclusionary towards a particular group or identity.

We welcome films that push the boundaries of queer thinking and ideology, are thought-provoking and progressive. Saying that, we also appreciate a nice queer-meets-queer love story, slap stick comedy or music video we can dance to.

We’ve been delighted with the diversity of the films we’ve shown over the last year and would like to continue to encourage queers of all backgrounds, nationalities, origins, identities and abilities to submit work. However, we know we can always do better and so if you feel that you have been under-represented thus far, send us your film and we will show it; send us your suggestions and we will listen. Alternatively, share this with your friends, lovers and family and let’s get the word out to as many corners of our wonderful queer community as possible.

For submissions, questions, suggestions or queries contact Theresa at woteverfilm [at] gmail [dot] com

18 June 2013

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